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© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

The Podium series forms an ideal complement to the competition discussions, spontaneous conversations and Q&As at the Festival, offering a place where scholars, artists, curators and authors can come together to discuss current issues relevant to the short form, whether aesthetic, economic, political or technological. Daily from 10 am – 12 noon, Festival Space - Elsässer Str. 17.

Social media before the Internet 

12 May


The Theme programme will be augmented by a panel discussion with activists and practitioners who have accompanied the development of participatory media all the way from video activism to Web 2.0. Given the forms often taken by online dialogues today, the panel will ask the question of what kind of progress has really been achieved here – and how current developments may have been foreshadowed by the early, high-spirited media experiments.

Curator: Tilman Baumgärtel.

Architectural icons and/or places for art?

13 May


The media frequently report on the latest icons of cultural architecture. But what happens once the grand opening is over? What is it like to work in these new buildings equipped with the same old budget for staffing and operations? How is artistic work evolving within the new architecture? The panel, moderated by Ulrike Rose, will discuss factors for failure or success between investments into hardware (concrete) and software (programmes).

In the expanded field

14 May


We are witnessing a renewed interest in elusive and temporary art practices by museums and galleries. Historical trajectories and recent developments in performance art or expanded cinema are being revisited, exhibited and collected. Led by Marta Popivoda, the Podium will ask how the exhibition of such works relates to different spaces, their institutional frameworks, histories and architecture? Does this enable a shift both in our perception and the cultural reprogramming of art institutions?

Artist web series

15 May


TV is coming back big time, especially in the form of web series. A specific new sub-genre are artist web series that address the art world’s problems of inequality, commodification, institutional and structural shortcomings and the role of artists in all this, usually balancing between bitter mockery and visionary critical thinking. Led by Estonian curator and art critic Rebeka Põldsam, this Podium will discuss the issues, contexts and production of web series with artists from Europe and America. Examples will be screened at various festival locations.

Cold War politics revisited via pan-African magazines

16 May


The “Electronic Textures” research project at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art examines ways of reading history from the point of view of pan-African, tricontinental magazines. An electronic publication will be prepared in cooperation with filmmakers, artists and authors that will explore new ways of relating text, image and sound. Annett Busch will present the first results in Oberhausen.

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