Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


SPINOZA'S VISION [REDUX] is a sound work produced for the cinema auditorium by Dalia Neis and Andreas Reihse (additional voices by Kathia Rudametkin, and Khaled Barakeh).

SPINOZA'S VISION [REDUX] travels between science and fiction: a sound seance invoking Spinoza’s lens grinding ancestry in the Iberian peninsula, tracking Spinoza’s optical sensibilities and permeating influence across space and time. It builds from a previous sound work for the cinema, entitled Celluloid Corridors, in collaboration with Mohamed A. Gawad. Whereas Celluloid Corridors meanders into the labyrinth of the cinema archive and the singularity of place, this work explores the possibility of an unfilmable script beyond the parameters of film history: imagine a film in which Spinoza the protagonist goes back and forward in time, and travels sideways, from the gothic laboratory of the enlightenment to the sun-lit noon day heat of the Iberian desert? Imagine the Spaghetti Western rewritten from the perspective of a deeper past, a place in which its locations were permeated by Islamic scholars and mystics, a place from which Spinoza springs? These sound seances are interventions into the cinema space; they are transformations of word, text – almost two-dimensional objects – into three-dimensional waves and particles with time as a further dimension. They are 5.1 surround productions* meant for screening in cinemas. Although they have no picture information – not even black (nor green, nor Blue) – they remain celebrations of the possibility of cinema, and celebrations of images evoked in the mind of the viewer, from the darkness of the cinema seat. (D.N. & A.R.)


*here, for compatibility reasons, a stereo-mix)

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