Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Art and Experiment

This programme brings together some of the most interesting filmmakers currently working at the interface between film and art. While Zhang Yuan points out the drawbacks to China's dizzying economic progress in “Dream Delivery”, Ho Rui An looks at student bodies as simultaneously collective and singular, as symbol and as reality. “The Shepherd”, for its part, calls into question the boundaries of language and fiction in order to convey its own reality. Johanna Lecklin combines documentary, narrative and performative elements in two parallel narratives about the Finnish Civil War. Maya Schweitzer, finally, navigates in the Mediterranean and shows the sea as an immaterial space that belongs to oblivion. The directors featured in this programme use sometimes very unusual techniques and aesthetic approaches; some have already shown their works to great success in galleries and art exhibitions.




running time 71'

Dream Delivery

Yuan Zheng, China, 2018, 9'

An exhausted delivery man is lying on a park bench, deep asleep. In a dream he finds himself in a Shanzhai park with his fellows: they have all turned into still...

Student Bodies

Rui An Ho, Singapore, 2019, 26'

Beginning with the students from Satsuma and Choshu in Bakumatsu-era Japan, ‘Student Bodies’ considers the student body as both collective and singular, metaphor...


Nina Yuen, USA, 2019, 6'

In 'Evelyn', Yuen performs a gender reversal on a masculine tradition to explore the radical potential of fragility, and round shapes with soft edges.

Ei ainoastaan intohimosta

Johanna Lecklin, Finland, 2018, 13'

The video comprises two parallel narratives. One shows two young girls playing a board game based on the 1918 conflict between the Reds and the Whites. In the...

The Shepherd

Kim Kielhofner, Austria/Canada, 2018, 6'

The Shepherd is derived from research into the work of Marianne Fritz, who spent most of her life working on a cycle of dense and complex novels she called “The...

L´Étoile de mer

Maya Schweizer, Germany, 2019, 11'

An experimental navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, underwater shots, silent movies, the author’s own video archive and underwater shots, faded-in texts and a...