Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Ei ainoastaan intohimosta
original title Ei ainoastaan intohimosta
German title
English title Not Just a Matter of Passion
director Johanna Lecklin
country Finland
year 2018
genre Experimental
running time 13 minutes
festival year 2019
competition International
The video comprises two parallel narratives. One shows two young girls playing a board game based on the 1918 conflict between the Reds and the Whites. In the other, a researcher is listening to an archive interview and viewing photographs taken at the time of the Finnish Civil War, the division that split Finnish society in two.
market catalogue yes
distribution yes
archive yes
format language U/T Ton Signatur
URL Finnish English 2019-1973
DCP Finnish englisch Stereo #19-V-10523-dcp
BluRay Finnish englisch Stereo #19-V-10524-blu (pf)
DVD Finnish englisch Stereo #19-V-10525-dvd (pf)