Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

L´Étoile de mer
original title L´Étoile de mer
German title
English title The Starfish
director Maya Schweizer
country Germany
year 2019
genre Experimental
running time 11 minutes
festival year 2019
competition International
An experimental navigation in the Mediterranean Sea, underwater shots, silent movies, the author’s own video archive and underwater shots, faded-in texts and a sound collage. This image-and-sound essay is about forgetting and the sea as a point of reference and reflection. The sea is a flowing immaterial space and thus seems conducive to forgetting.
market catalogue yes
distribution yes
archive yes
format language U/T Ton Signatur
URL French 2019-8490
DCP French Stereo #19-V-10484-dcp
BluRay French Stereo #19-V-10485-blu (pf)
DVD French Stereo #19-V-10486-dvd (pf)