Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Artist Film

The question of what constitutes art in film has long been decided by the art industry that sells it. This programme is thus intended to again direct more attention to an artistic perspective. The films bring together the points of view of border crossers, stateless people and outcasts. “Borderhole”, for example, is set in a mythical border region between Colombia and the USA, “Stabat Mater” at the non-location of an abandoned hotel full of forgotten guests. In “Versus”, a young black man, alone in a European city, delves into the dark sides of his mind, into his ego. In “Moon Over Da Nang”, a marble astronaut explores connections between the first moon landing, the Vietnam War and present-day city planning. “One Hour Real” turns apparently familiar spaces into alien places of virtual reality. In “Unfinished Business”, an exiled artist blurs the borders between past, present and future and revolts against his imminent end by re-staging fragments of his life.



running time 83'

Moon Over Da Nang

Bjørn Melhus/Bjørn Melhus, Germany, 2016, 15'

The moon, the first moon landing, and the Vietnam War and its media treatment are linked with the globalised present day in Da Nang by means of interviews and...

Stabat Mater

Josef Dabernig/Josef Dabernig, Austria/Switzerland/Germany, 2016, 15'

Hotel guests look restrained, sedated in the diffuse light of the service provider's shimmering cage. A network of joists, pilasters and fluting exposes the...


Mbabazi Philbert Aimé/Mbabazi Philbert Aimé, Switzerland/Rwanda, 2016, 6'

Alone in a European city, a young black man dives into dark corners of his mind, into the self.


Nadia Granados/Amber Bemak, Mexico, 2016, 14'

‘Borderhole’ takes place on a mythical border area between Colombia and the United States. We investigate the relationships between North and South America using...

One Hour Real

Miriam Gossing/Lina Sieckmann/Lina Sieckmann/Miriam Gossing, Germany/Netherlands, 2017, 12'

In its unbiased observation of the coulisses and façades of a contemporary free-time phenomenon - real-life escape games - this film raises questions of...

Unfinished Business

Bojan Fajfric/Bojan Fajfric, Netherlands, 2017, 18'

In an old Kunstzaal the distinction between past, present and future is unclear ‒ time has broken down. An artist intensely resists his last days by remaking...