Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Artist Film

This year‘s Artist Film programme brings together some of the most interesting filmmakers currently working at the interface between film and art. In the work by Jayne Parker, magnolia branches grow into the empty cavity of a cello while the piece “Blues in B” is played. In “Patterns of the Conquerors”, the distance to the filmed material is the key when experts in design history comment on a book containing various patterns used in 19th-century South Asian textile handicrafts. With Dimitri Venkov, history and space are turned upside down to create the intergalactic vision of a city. Jens Pecho examines film sequences in which stunt artists met their death during filming. Finally, war and traumatisation are the big themes of the visually stunning and sensuous work by Chikako Yamashiro that concludes the programme. Six films in which patterns and textures repeatedly play a special role.




running time 82'

The Oblique

Jayne Parker, United Kingdom, 2018, 10'

The music, 'Blues in B-flat' by Volker Heyn, performed by cellist Anton Lukoszevieze, provides the framework for 'The Oblique'. The title comes from an instruction...


Romeo Grünfelder, Germany, 2018, 2'

A full-length curtain moves only in parts and unnoticeably; the reason remains unclear. Only the title and the sounds in the film hint at what is behind it. The...

Patterns of the Conquerors

Sascha Reichstein, Austria, 2017, 21'

In 1866, John Forbes Watson compiled a book featuring various patterns used in South Asian textile handicrafts to show them to his British compatriots. These...

Gimny Moskovii

Dimitri Venkov, Russia, 2017, 14'

To tell a history through architecture and music, the film matches the styles of Moscow's 20th and 21st centuries buildings with electronic variations of the...

Three Casualties

Jens Pecho, Germany, 2017, 7'

The video 'Three Casualties' is an investigation of three movie scenes, showing stunts that lead to the deaths of the stunt doubles performing them. In some cases...

Tsuchi no hito – 2017 gekijyoban

Yamashiro Chikako, Japan, 2017, 26'

A migratory bird drops dropping. A man listens to a voice sounding from the inside of the dropping. A seed made of poem is inside. He tries to dig a hole to plant...