Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


This programme includes almost all important prize-winners of the 2017 festival. The selection opens with “Second Chance Man”, an un-nostalgic found footage music video for the Tindersticks, which elegantly breathes new life into old archive material. The almost wordless Argentinian documentary film “Terrenal” poses the urgent question of who once owned the country and who took it over by force. Ayo Akingbade casts an exciting look at the realities and resistances in cities that are being more and more rapidly gentrified. Chai Siris, in contrast, uses an open air screening for a Thai ghost to show how memory is formed by history, spirituality and cinema. In the complex video collage “Die Herberge”, people and objects appear in a digitally generated post-apocalyptic panorama in which they become protagonists of a surreal chain of events. The impressive film “Qiu”, finally, is a cinematic tableau vivant of an ancient theatre in China that shows how the cycles of theatre, consumption and spectating in everyday life are burdened and limited by history. The film was awarded the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen.



running time 77'

Second Chance Man

Christoph Girardet/Christoph Girardet, Germany/France, 2016, 4'

Girardet's visual transfer of Second Chance Man, "a song about risk" (Stuart Staples), is part of The Waiting Room Film Project, a track by track interpretation of...

Terrenal (En oposición al cielo)

Ivan Jose Murgic Capriotti/Sofia Lena Monardo/Sofia Lena Monardo/Ivan Jose Murgic Capriotti, Argentina, 2016, 19'

Two ways of living in the same place put in relation show us a hostile environment whose experience is conditioned by those parameters.

Tower XYZ

Ayo Akingbade/Ayo Akingbade, United Kingdom, 2016, 3'

Accompanied by a lilting soundtrack, characters wander through London's concrete jungle as an unknown female voice reflects on the current state of the city and...


Philippa Ndisi-Hermann/Philippa Ndisi-Hermann, Kenya, 2016, 4'

The sea was the first to see us and so the sea will be the last to leave us. She washed us in its salty tears. The waves were hungry to pull us in and envelop us....

500,000 Pee

Chai Siris, Thailand, 2016, 16'

At the archaeological site in Lampang Homo erectus fossils were found 17 years ago. Now, nobody cares about this scientific discovery anymore. Only locals...

Die Herberge

Ulu Braun, Germany, 2017, 14'

In a place where a biblical landscape and western myths converge, there is a house, part biker hangout, part mountain farm. It welcomes all beings who traverse...


Yi Cui/Yi Cui, China, 2017, 13'

‘Late Summer’ captures a centuries-old Beijing theatre in its incarnation as a modern-day transient space.