Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


In this selection of the prizewinners at the 2018 Festival, shower scenes in Oliver Pietsch‘s exceptional found footage work first transport us into the strange heart of cinema. In Eva Stefani‘s film, an aimless drive through Athens intensifies into a unique and atmospheric vision of the city. “Um filme para Ehuana” observes the life of a Yanomami community in the Brazilian rainforest. In this encounter, the power of every small gesture reminds us that we are in the midst of the forest and its denizens. In melancholy images and with a laconic voice-over, Alexandra Gulea portrays a decrepit Romanian industrial area in which mothers have left their children behind to work in the West. Finally, the epic “Magnificent Obsession” uses the example of contemporary China to tell about the quest for enlightenment, and about the relationship between the individual and the community and how the individual can live in its reality.




running time 84'


Oliver Pietsch, Germany, 2018, 5'

The video is based on found footage of showering people of both sexes.


Eva Stefani, Greece, 2017, 11'

Molly is a dog woman who wanders around the city making bubbles. It’s a national holiday and Molly walks in all fours among parades, people in uniform and ancient...

Um filme para Ehuana

Louise Botkay, Brazil, 2018, 26'

Within the largest forest of the world, in the village of Watorik, lives a Yanomami community at the border between Brazil and Venezuela. We spend time with the...


Alexandra Gulea, Germany, 2018, 13'

In the Jiu Valley, once a traditional Romanian industrial area, parents now take long ways to get to the West wherever they find work. They return too rarely. They...

Magnificent Obsession

Su Zhong, China, 2018, 25'

The movie has been made all by myself in five years. Each part of it is trying to express different feelings but they are all about the obsession of contemporary...