Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

original title ИО
German title
English title Syndrome IO
director Art Union Marmelade , Egor Sevastyanov
country Russia
year 2018
genre Fiction
running time 20 minutes
festival year 2019
competition International
Youth, power and thirst of love connect three characters. Each of them loves his own and his own way. They are ready to do anything for love so their love is holy.
market catalogue yes
distribution yes
archive yes
format language U/T Ton Signatur
URL Russian English 2019-6783
DCP russisch englisch Stereo #19-V-10532-dcp
BluRay russisch englisch Stereo #19-V-10533-blu (pf)
DVD russisch englisch Stereo #19-V-10534-dvd (pf)