Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Children and Youth Film

We also have programmes for hire that are suitable for children and young people. You are also welcome to let us put together an individual programme for you. Detailed information on the individual programmes can be obtained from Carsten Spicher.

Programme 1 - Making discoveries (from 8 years), 55 min.

Still from Plody mraků

Here, we experience childhood as a time of experiment, exuberant fantasy and pleasure, a time when we gather experiences and get to know ourselves better. But childhood is also a time when taking decisions is an act fraught with obstacles and hindrances that are not always unconnected with serious issues and sad experiences.

This programme invites children and adults to go on a journey through this diversity. It tells of a lethargic summer afternoon or the loss of a loved one, of climate change or the exciting feeling when one overcomes fear to soar to new heights. A programme for children of 8 and over in which several young people set out to make fresh discoveries.

Programme 2 - Doing the right thing (from 10 years), 62 min.

Still from Losers

A multi-faceted programme that highlights a phase in life when you are clearly still a child, but old enough to be confronted with choices and problems. A programme full of remarkable young people on their way to adulthood.




Available only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as DCP, Blu-Ray and DVD.

Programme 3 - "The fire red play mobile" and more (from 6 years), 34 min.

Still from Pip and Bessie

The Czechoslovak-born filmmaker Vera Neubauer animated six short films in the early 1970s. Five episodes around the friends Pip and Bessie were rediscovered and restored. The programme also includes her later Woolly films, in which everything is made of wool. Annie and her world were created with the knitting needle. A short film programme without dialogues.

Programme 4 - Stories without words (from 6 years), 33 min.

Still from Flocons et carottes

Without words but with clear messages, the programme convinces with its variety of topics - be it family or friendship. Exciting and instructive, it is ideal for a teaching unit and is also easy to understand for viewers with little or no knowledge of the German language.