Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Menü / Int. Wettbewerb

German Competition

Growing up is the central theme in this selection of works from the 2016 German Competition. In “Philosophize”, the lively camerawork of this film improvisation accompanies young people on their spontaneous experiences of insecurity and community. Teboho Edkins observes a young South African speculating on what goes on behind the scenes in a traditional initiation rite, skilfully interspersing the action with alienating special effects. A Super 8 home movie found at a flea market is the starting point for a complex reflection on the concealed aspects of family biographies in “Familiar Memories”. Marian Mayland for his part reminisces about a demolished apartment block in Manchester in a tumultuous mix of documentary material and counterculture happenings on the early techno and acid house scene. To wrap up, Marlene Denningmann surprises us with her playful examination of globalization, the internet and longing in the German countryside. The films in this programme highlight how deftly young German filmmakers are juggling with genres to come up with new insights.



running time 71'


Teboho Edkins, Germany/South Africa, 2016, 10'

High in the mountains of Lesotho, Mosaku is anxiously awaiting the return of his older brother from an initiation ceremony. The initiates spend five months in a...


Paul Spengemann, Germany, 2015, 15'

A group of 16- to 18-year-old friends is spending a weekend in the holiday home of their parents.

Familiar Memories

Pol Merchan, Germany, 2016, 3'

Based on a flea market find of Super 8 family archives. A father is placed at the center of the image, staging himself in front of the camera as a smug tyrant. A...


Vika Kirchenbauer, Germany, 2016, 3'

A video for Kirchenbauer’s music/performance project COOL FOR YOU. Following her research on enhanced vision via infrared technology in modern warfare, here she...

Driving Around Where the Crescents Used To Be. A Script

Marian Mayland, Germany/Switzerland, 2015, 15'

A short, essayistic pastiche, which meanders through the history of a neighborhood in Manchester, UK.


Eren Aksu, Germany/Turkey, 2015, 7'

They find themselves captivated by the never ending cityscape and sink into a contemplation on urban decay. Living in a concrete jungle is their future.


Marlene Denningmann, Germany, 2016, 12'

From the smallest towns into the big, wide web: the promise of fulfillment is an omnipresent one. ‘But are we really free in our desires?’ A field trip to...