Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

German Competition

This programme with works from the 2018 German Competition centres on civil society, the globalised middle class and tourism. While Willy Hans, in calm black-and-white pictures but with subtle allusions to horror film, recounts how a small family with educated middle-class principles gradually falls apart, Yannick Spiess shows us the everyday routine and dedication to duty of a wealthy Swiss woman. In between, Nikita Diakur has dolls dance furiously in the courtyard of a prefab housing estate. In a free adaptation of Michel Houellebecq, “Beyond Beach” serenely imagines the lethargy and indifference of Western hedonists on Latin American beaches as a colourful daydream. In the work by Judith Hopf, a slender apartment tower trots out of the picture whenever things get too boring for it. And finally, in “Bigger Than Life”, the winner of the 3sat Promotional Award, music sets the tone of the film. It provides the playful structure for this survey of a chauvinist urban project that is intended to catapult Skopje up among the principal arenas of European history alongside Rome and Athens.




running time 91'

Beyond Beach

Clara Winter/Miguel Ferráez, Germany, 2018, 14'

A pre-apocalyptic pastel daydream. We aren’t relaxed, we aren’t carefree, we’re pathologically unable to care.

Die Tage

Yannick Spiess, Germany, 2018, 19'

'The Days' tells the story of an elderly woman in Switzerland and follows her through her daily life.


Nikita Diakur, Germany, 2018, 2'

Puppets on strings rave, eat and fly.

Das satanische Dickicht - DREI

Willy Hans, Germany, 2017, 21'

Camping ground, suntan lotion, plastic crocodile, watermelon, cannonball diving, football, water-ice, kissing, sausages, Birkenstock, car journey, desire,...


Judith Hopf, Germany, 2018, 2'

A boy's tentative percussion playing sets the architecture of John Heijduk into motion against contemporary, restorative architecture projects in Berlin's Mitte...

Bigger Than Life

Adnan Softić, Macedonia/Germany, 2018, 30'

'Bigger Than Life' is a music film in four acts. The focus is on the fabrication of national history through architecture and urban planning. 'Skopje 2014' is the...