Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

German Competition

Five works from the 2019 German Competition that chiefly take consumer culture and the media as starting points for critical reflection. In 2017, the female panda Meng Meng amazed the world by sometimes walking backwards in her enclosure in Zoo Berlin. Kerstin Honeit documents the media hype and draws connections between Meng Meng's resistance and other forms of public protest. “FragMANts” edits together excerpts from YouTube videos until the single components produce entire bodies of modern consumers who exult in capitalism with shouts and cheers. In the work by Gossing/Sieckmann, the camera takes an elegant dive into the belly of a deserted cruise liner while sailors' widows speak about luxury, colonial souvenirs and love at a distance. The animation “The Magic Dimension” goes to cemeteries and unknown waters to take up contact with the subconscious beyond the everyday world of things. Finally, in Kristina Kilian's examination of the film “Allemagne Neuf Zero,” she strolls through a ghostly East Germany with Jean-Luc Godard.




running time 78'


Kerstin Honeit, Germany, 2018, 8'

Since 2017 the two giant panda bears Meng Meng and Jiao Qing have been hired out to the Berlin Zoo from China. Unfortunately for the Zoo, this profit seeking...


Art Collective Neozoon, Germany, 2019, 5'

The people in the video 'FragMANts' worship their consumer goods like religious cult objects. The religion venerated here is that of capitalism, which reveals...


Miriam Gossing/Lina Sieckmann, Germany/Netherlands, 2018, 20'

Interviews with seamen's widows form the basis for a loose narration between the poles of distant love, fake luxury and colonial artifacts. Shot on 36-hour ferry...

The Magical Dimension

Gudrun Krebitz, Germany, 2018, 7'

„You can always be in two places at once, did you know? The real world and the magical world." The voice on the phone whispers in your ear -there's a way to alter...

Which Way to the West

Kristina Kilian, Germany, 2019, 36'

Jean-Luc Godard shot a film in Germany 28 years ago. A young female director retraces his steps through Germany. She is 28 years old and searching for answers...