Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

German Competition

History, migration, architecture, the National Socialist Underground: the works from the 2017 German Competition presented here engage with the current socio-political discourse in their country with unusual forms, performative elements and a very precise view of how things are. First up, Maximilian Villwock shows us, detached from any form of categorisation, how love becomes a power struggle when ego takes the upper hand. “El Manguito” uses drawings, photographs and quiet film images to come closer to the inhabitants of a remote Cuban mountain village, in the process unfolding the history of an entire country. “Fishing Is Not Done on Tuesdays” is a collage made up of archive material and self-produced images and sounds, with a house as protagonist. Kerstin Honeit, in contrast, invites workers to a coffee party against the backdrop of reconstruction work on the Berlin Palace for a grotesque performance of the demolition and reconstruction of nation-state myths. Finally, “Tiefenschärfe” examines traces in the locations in Nuremberg where the so-called National Socialist Underground committed three murders. Here, the pen becomes a camera and the camera becomes an actor while the film traces the unsettling impact of these attacks on society.



running time 81'


Maximilian Villwock, Germany, 2016, 13'

You against me. Us against the world. We do not get along anymore, but we long for each other.

El Manguito

Laurentia Genske, Germany, 2017, 18'

El Manguito is a small mountain village in the impenetrable forests of the Sierra Maestra in Cuba. Twelve people live here, cut off from the outside world: Idael,...

Fishing Is Not Done on Tuesdays

Lukas Marxt/Marcel Odenbach, Germany/Austria, 2017, 15'

‘Fishing is not done on Tuesdays’ casts looks at a place on Ghana's coast from various distances, motions and focuses. Landscape is a question of how far away one...

my castle your castle

Kerstin Honeit, Germany, 2017, 14'

"My Castle Your Castle" investigates the construction site of the rebuilt Berliner Stadtschloss as a place where national hegemonies supposedly transform into...

Chanel Nr. 2

Christoph Blankenburg, Germany, 2017, 3'

It is not clear what is up and what is down. Gravity is suspended. Only the moment provides orientation – in brief, we are left clueless.


Mareike Bernien/Alex Gerbaulet/Alex Gerbaulet/Mareike Bernien, Germany, 2017, 14'

‘Tiefenschärfe’ interrogates places in Nuremberg where the so-called National Socialist Underground (NSU) committed three murders between 2000 and 2005. It is a...