Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Which Way to the West
original title Which Way to the West
German title
English title Which Way to the West
director Kristina Kilian
country Germany
year 2019
genre Fiction
running time 36 minutes
festival year 2019
competition German
Jean-Luc Godard shot a film in Germany 28 years ago. A young female director retraces his steps through Germany. She is 28 years old and searching for answers about her german identity and the art of filmmaking. Godards Film is a film about ghosts and history. Does she become a ghost in her own film?
market catalogue yes
distribution yes
archive yes
format language U/T Ton Signatur
URL English German 2019-3822
DCP English German Stereo #19-V-10502-dcp
BluRay English German Stereo #19-V-10503-blu (pf)
DVD English German Stereo #19-V-10504-dvd (pf)