Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

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Here and There

We take a new look in this thematic programme of both documentary and fictional works at the living conditions of migrants in today’s Germany. Kicking off the selection is Irfan Akçadag’s beautiful observation of the “The Happiness” his father felt when attempting to take a photo of himself and his daughter at her place of work. Four young Cologne Muslims negotiate complex religious issues in a classical Romantic landscape of yearning – the German forest – in Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay’s “Before the Gate of Ijtihad”. Undine Siepker’s portrait of a multicultural allotment garden culminates in the conclusion: “The Germans nurture their gardens with hard work and dedication, and the Turks just throw something on the ground and it grows like mad!” In “Three Notes”, Jeannette Gaussi artistically improvises on the few remaining photos from her childhood in Afghanistan. Khaled Mzher for his part has invented extraordinary imagery for his documentary-like fiction short “Wada’ (prediction)” about a Syrian living in Germany who suddenly starts to worry about his family back home. All of the films here were produced in Germany, most of them directed by young German filmmakers who immigrated to Germany some time ago or are the children of immigrants.



running time 70'


Irfan Akcadag, Germany, 2011, 6'

A short documentary about the happiness of Irfan Akcadag‘s father.

Vor dem Tor des Ijtihad

Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay/Mehmet Büyükatalay, Germany, 2013, 16'

In Islamic law autonomous adjudication is called “Ijtihad”. Four young Muslims are put in this situation when a confession during a harmless trip leads to an...

Ali sein Garten

Undine Siepker, Germany, 2010, 14'

“Germans make a big fuss while the Turkish just throw something into the ground and it grows like mad!” Korean, Turkish and East Prussian migrants have put down...

Three Notes

Jeannette Gaussi, Germany, 2006, 4'

Twenty pictures have remained as the only evidence of my early childhood's home - evidence of an almost forgotten home. When I look at these images I have the...


Khaled Mzher, Germany, 2014, 28'

Ibrahim is a refugee who has been living in Berlin together with his wife and son since the 80s. He recently struggles with his feelings of responsibility towards...