Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

International Competition

This programme brings together some of the best and most interesting works from the 2017 International Competition. “Pichirilo” shows a group of young people in Bogotá who are about to leave their neighbourhood once and for all. The film presents a closely-drawn portrait of an entire generation. In “Sen toe”, the cleaning of a Japanese bathhouse playfully turns into a dance. Shalimar Preuss, in her turn, uses the title of a poem by Jacques Prévert and the body, spirit and soul of a real French family to relate how a young girl explores the world emotionally. “Animal Year” is the visionary animated portrait of a dystopian future of humankind. Boris Poljak documents young and old people on a beach in Split, affectionately capturing the cheerful vanity of existence. Finally, in “Forgotten Reason”, Peter Larsson shows us a forest as we have never seen it before. Overall, this programme gives viewers the opportunity to explore the intellectual wealth of current international short film production.



running time 88'


Daniel Sanchez Arevalo/Daniel Sanchez, Columbia, 2016, 20'

Maicol, Anyi, Jackson, Leidi, David and Rafael, a group of neighbourhood friends, are unhappy with their lives and decide to fix an abandoned car to escape. It’s...

Sen Toe

Akari Eda/Akari Eda, Japan, 2016, 7'

‘Sento’ is a Japanese public bath. This particular public bath features fascinating details such as a wall-size print of Mount Fuji, pop yellow plastic washbowls,...

Etrange dit l'ange

Shalimar Preuss, France, 2017, 18'

Seven-year-old Nina cannot be her aunt’s daughter. Nor can she be her father’s lover. In this world threatened by contamination, what then is Nina’s place ?

Animal Year

Su Zhong, China, 2016, 7'

‘The Animal year’ is a story about fate and has been inspired by my personal memory. This is my forth work and as usual I finished the images, the sounds and the...

Oni samo dolaze i odlaze

Boris Poljak/Boris Poljak, Croatia, 2016, 20'

The film takes place at a famous beach in Split in the first moments of sunrise. The entire image seems a bit surreal. On the one hand, young people, sleep...

Forgotten Reason

Peter Larsson, Sweden, 2016, 13'

‘Forgotten Reason’ is a stop-motion film about a group of lost bodies who wander through a forest towards an open field. A gathering with an unclear purpose takes...