Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Making Discoveries (Children's Cinema)

Here, we experience childhood as a time of experiment, exuberant fantasy and pleasure, a time when we gather experiences and get to know ourselves better. But childhood is also a time when taking decisions is an act fraught with obstacles and hindrances that are not always unconnected with serious issues and sad experiences.

This programme invites children and adults to go on a journey through this diversity. It tells of a lethargic summer afternoon or the loss of a loved one, of climate change or the exciting feeling when one overcomes fear to soar to new heights. A programme for children of 8 and over in which several young people set out to make fresh discoveries.




running time 55'

Ice Spider

Cheryl Rondeau, Canada, 2018, 3'

This experimental short is about the Arctic Wolf Spider, a genus of arachnid common across the North. Climate change has resulted in larger populations and...

Heidi beim Geräuschemacher

Christian Frei, Switzerland, 2016, 14'

Anuk Steffen plays the title role of the new Heidi film. She takes the audience to a mysterious studio, where she adds the sound to a scene from one of the first...

Plody mraků

Katerina Karhankova, Tschechien, 2017, 10'

The Story of a little Furry, who will make a great discovery by overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Die Übergabe

Leonhard Hofmann, Germany, 2018, 12'

Two car rides and a location in the middle of nowhere. A seven-year-old boy is about to see his mother for the first time since his parents' divorce. He waits for...

Ma Mama (Toto Bona Lokua)

Katy Wang, United Kingdom, 2017, 3'

Two lovers explore a patterned jungle world and meet some animal friends along the way.


Suzana Botosi, Brazil, 2018, 3'

Elzo uses his imagination to enjoy a day in the backyard.


Gurli Bachmann, Germany, 2018, 5'

A tomcat is looking for his lost friend. He thinks he can see him in the clouds and starts a cloud collection. He collects until he notices that he has been...