Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

MuVi Award

In 1999 Oberhausen introduced the world’s first festival prize for music videos. The impulse to create this award arose out of the observation that music videos had increasingly managed to emancipate themselves from their purely illustrative and advertising function, transforming themselves into a completely independent form of visualisation. Today, music videos have proven themselves to be an independent short film genre that even managed to survive the decline of its midwife, music television. This programme gathers together all eleven works nominated for the 2019 MuVi Award.

The first prize was won by Aérea Negrot und Simon*e Paetau for their spontaneously produced “Trying to Forget You (Aérea Negrot)”, a work balanced between beauty and confrontational energy. “Nützliche Katastrophen (Die Goldenen Zitronen)”, which was awarded the 2nd prize, is a powerful interrogation of institutional and political power. Céline Keller won the MuVi Online Audience Award for her playful “Blitze (Donna Regina)”.




running time 66'


Céline Keller, Germany, 2019, 2'

A woman hurls lightning bolts

Grand Hotel Establishment

Ela Mergels, Germany, 2018, 1'

‘If you sleep with the same person twice, you are part of the establishment,’ was one saying of the ’68 generation. The established centre of society was a source...

Lost in Translation

Svenja Voß, Germany, 2019, 8'

The music video to the track 'Lost in Translation' by electronic musician Bas Grossfeldt weaves a poetic framework using a strict visual grammar. Svenja Voß has...


Christine Gensheimer, Germany, 2018, 3'

The camera moves in on a disturbingly normal home, closer and closer; the door opens as if by magic, and the camera flies through a maze of repetitive rooms. The...

Nation Of Defects

Klaus Erika Dietl/Stephanie Müller, Germany, 2019, 2'

Nützliche Katastrophen

Timo Schierhorn/Mense Reents, Germany, 2018, 3'

The music video ‘Nützliche Katastrophen’ shows a fantasy (personified by a couple) of Caligula-like power in an appropriate training context. This archaic...


Dietrich Brüggemann, Germany, 2019, 4'

The world is upside down.

Sollten Behinderte Bioeier kaufen?

Nikolas Müller, Germany, 2018, 8'

In his video, Nikolas Müller addresses the issue of inclusion and the balance of power between society, state institutions and people who are mentally ill. The...

Stories / Cairo Wonk / Ballache Mansions

Konrad Hirsch, Germany, 2018, 3'

Schamoni Film “recycles” for Schamoni Musik films from the own archive. “Stories/Cairo Wonk/ Ballache Mansions” is the first of nine clips for the LP “Sunken Foal...


Markus Fiedler, Germany, 2018, 3'

Dancing and the dancefloor as a space of community and transformation, as a prototype for an ever-changing, post-racial, non-binary, pro-gradient, pro-weird,...

Trying to forget you

Simon*e Paetau/Aérea Negrot, Germany, 2019, 7'

In the middle of the night, a broken farted finds music in the arms of beautiful strangers.


Deconstructing Reality in the Making

Katharina Barbosa Blad, Norway, 2018, 5'

The glance is perception.The video deals with the bias of the room, the non-synthesizable identity. Each image is a mirror into another identity, a rectilinear...


Sammy Baloji, Belgium/Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2018, 9'

"My love, can we attach the futile to the pleasant before it is reduced to a skin of sorrows?"