Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Menü / Int. Wettbewerb

MuVi Award

In 1999 Oberhausen introduced the world’s first festival prize for music videos made in Germany. The impulse to create this award arose out of the observation that music videos had increasingly managed to emancipate themselves from their purely illustrative and advertising function, transforming themselves into a completely independent form of visualisation. Today, music videos have proven themselves to be an independent short film genre that even managed to survive the decline of its midwife, music television. This programme gathers together all the works nominated for the 2016 MuVi Award, supplemented by two artistically outstanding international videos.



running time 64'

All Day

Andreas Hofstetter, Germany, 2015, 4'

There is a good girl. And there is the Internet. This might seem weird but this might be real.


Mario Pfeifer, Germany/USA, 2015, 5'

“Blacktivist” reflects on police brutality, selective enforcement, and the right of self-defence. Scenes reminiscent of the aesthetics of conventional music videos...


Jan Bonny, Germany, 2015, 7'

Tired of being despised by his colleagues – a bunch of lowbrow office machos – Mr. Lorenz opposes them and designs his own evening adventures. Free from all...

Ego Mein Alter

Mariola Brillowska, Germany, 2015, 3'

At the Alter Ego High School, snogging teachers address the pupils by the names of the alter egos of their exalted parents. The authoritarian mother blows the...

Ghost Track

Katharina Langer, Germany, 2015, 2'

An abstract dream documentation that gives space to the intimate, hidden and suppressed ghosts of the psyche.<span></span>

If I were a Sneaker

Ted Gaier, Schorsch Kamerun/Timo Schierhorn, Katharina Duve/Timo Duve, Germany, 2015, 5'

The lyrics illuminate the juxtaposition between Europe’s closed-door immigration policies and the free global movement of consumer items. Visually, we are invited...


Julia Rublow/Xenia Lesniewski, Germany, 2016, 3'

At indefinite places beaches evolve, and for unexplained reasons, the two protagonists are telling the Archimedean story with an ritualistic gesture. Waves of...

Organ Movement

Guillaume Cailleau, Germany, 2016, 10'

Waves tie relentlessly…tying / Big and blue, I wander / Timelines devolve / I am looking under / While the water breaks / A shuffled arc.<span></span>


Susanne Steinmaßl, Germany, 2016, 3'

An adaptation of the story of ‘Michael Kohlhaas’, set in the club context. A visual drug trip that eats its way through the Internet and seizes upon pop-cultural...

small vertigos

Jo Zahn, Germany, 2016, 4'

An ensemble of playground equipment, a 20-minute break and the joys of dizziness create an involuntary choreography.<span></span>

Space Cowboy

Lennart Brede, Germany, 2015, 3'

A chubby, red-headed, mini-anarchist is about to become your idol. A sweaty, round-faced, pre-teen boy is our protagonist. Walking amongst ruins in his trackies,...


Elektra Stoffregen, Germany, 2015, 5'

No praise for the competent housewife: 1 vacuum cleaner, 1 old butcher’s shop, 1 latex chambermaid, 1 misogynistic text, and 10 kilograms of confetti.<span></span>...


14:48 (Elefant Remix)

Steffie Van Cauter, Belgium, 2015, 3'

For each day, Steffie Van Cauter drew an animation film. It is from this archive that several different projects have been derived: image compositions for...

Avant Garde (Da Da Da)

Torsten Kretchzmar, USA, 2016, 2'

As politicians fail to lead their nations into the future, Torsten Kretchzmar proposes his radical vision of giving an avant-garde artist the ultimate power to be...