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New Acquisitions

14:48 (Elefant Remix)

Steffie Van Cauter, Belgium, 2015, 3'

For each day, Steffie Van Cauter drew an animation film. It is from this archive that several different projects have been derived: image compositions for...

489 Years

Hayoun KWON, France, 2016, 11'

The film is transcribed according to the testimony of a former soldier in South Korea, Kim. It gives us access to the demilitarised zone and immerses us into the...


Bartosz Kruhlik, Poland, 2016, 22'

Adaptation: 1. Structural or functional evolution of an organism towards higher survivability 2. Process of an individual becoming better suited to environment and...

Akula Dream

George Barber, United Kingdom, 2015, 26'

1988: A Soviet submarine is on duty in the Atlantic. But Captain Pavel is on his own mission. ‘Akula Dream’ presents a plausible quasi-spiritual cult incident –...

Ali sein Garten

Undine Siepker, Germany, 2010, 14'

“Germans make a big fuss while the Turkish just throw something into the ground and it grows like mad!” Korean, Turkish and East Prussian migrants have put down...

All Day

Andreas Hofstetter, Germany, 2015, 4'

There is a good girl. And there is the Internet. This might seem weird but this might be real.

Ang araw bago ang wakas

Lav Diaz, Philippines, 2015, 16'

In the year 2050, the Philippines brace for the coming of the fiercest storm ever to hit the country. And as the wind and waters start to rage, poets are being...

Avant Garde (Da Da Da)

Torsten Kretchzmar, USA, 2016, 2'

As politicians fail to lead their nations into the future, Torsten Kretchzmar proposes his radical vision of giving an avant-garde artist the ultimate power to be...


Mario Pfeifer, Germany/USA, 2015, 5'

“Blacktivist” reflects on police brutality, selective enforcement, and the right of self-defence. Scenes reminiscent of the aesthetics of conventional music videos...


Jan Bonny, Germany, 2015, 7'

Tired of being despised by his colleagues – a bunch of lowbrow office machos – Mr. Lorenz opposes them and designs his own evening adventures. Free from all...

Centre of the Cyclone

Heather Trawick, USA/Canada, 2015, 18'

In the province of the mind there are no limits. However, in the province of the body there are definite limits not to be transcended. // John C. Lilly -...


Renata Gasiorowska, Poland, 2015, 8'

A young girl spends the evening alone at home. She decides to have a sweet solo pleasure session, but not everything goes according to plan.


Eren Aksu, Germany/Turkey, 2015, 7'

They find themselves captivated by the never ending cityscape and sink into a contemplation on urban decay. Living in a concrete jungle is their future.

Driving Around Where the Crescents Used To Be. A Script

Marian Mayland, Germany/Switzerland, 2015, 15'

A short, essayistic pastiche, which meanders through the history of a neighborhood in Manchester, UK.

Ego Mein Alter

Mariola Brillowska, Germany, 2015, 3'

At the Alter Ego High School, snogging teachers address the pupils by the names of the alter egos of their exalted parents. The authoritarian mother blows the...


Virpi Suutari, Finland, 2015, 25'

The film documents the style and elegance of grey partridge and pheasant hunting through a group of Finnish gentlemen hunters.

Familiar Memories

Pol Merchan, Germany, 2016, 3'

Based on a flea market find of Super 8 family archives. A father is placed at the center of the image, staging himself in front of the camera as a smug tyrant. A...

Finnish Midsummer 2169

Anssi Kasitonni, Finland, 2016, 9'

In the year 2169, there will be a solar eclipse during Midsummer’s Eve in Finland which will change the life of a certain female vampire bat.

Four Edges of Pyramiden

Ieva Epnere, Latvia, 2015, 20'

Four inhabitants of Pyramiden share stories, both sentimental and humorous, about their desire to go ‘to the end of the world’.

Ghost Track

Katharina Langer, Germany, 2015, 2'

An abstract dream documentation that gives space to the intimate, hidden and suppressed ghosts of the psyche.<span></span>


Irfan Akcadag, Germany, 2011, 6'

A short documentary about the happiness of Irfan Akcadag‘s father.


Pavel Medvedev, Russia, 2015, 20'

A story about the self-destruction of an uncontrollable political elite and its president in Russia.

I Think You´re a Little Confused

Iku Ogawa, Japan, 2016, 8'

One day, a letter takes a blood sausage to his friend, liver sausage. So, he sets off …

If I were a Sneaker

Ted Gaier, Schorsch Kamerun/Timo Schierhorn, Katharina Duve/Timo Duve, Germany, 2015, 5'

The lyrics illuminate the juxtaposition between Europe’s closed-door immigration policies and the free global movement of consumer items. Visually, we are invited...


Teboho Edkins, Germany/South Africa, 2016, 10'

High in the mountains of Lesotho, Mosaku is anxiously awaiting the return of his older brother from an initiation ceremony. The initiates spend five months in a...


Xiaowei Zhao, China (People's Republic)/China, 2015, 11'

The movie tells an individual’s feeling of wandering as well as how he gets lost in the desert of time and seeks the opposite bank. Time and time again, he returns...


Somebody Nobody, United Kingdom, 2015, 16'

JUS SOLI: the principle that a person's nationality at birth is determined by the place of birth JUS SOLI examines the Black British experience, questioning and...


Dimitri Venkov, Russia, 2016, 32'

A cinematic reenactment of a Facebook discussion among Russian and Ukrainian artists after the tearing down of the Lenin statue in Kiev during the Maidan protests....


Aryan Kaganof/Christo Doherty, South Africa, 2015, 18'

From 1968 to 1989, the apartheid government of South Africa fought a bitter war to maintain control of what was then ‘South West Africa’. It was fought with white...


Julia Rublow/Xenia Lesniewski, Germany, 2016, 3'

At indefinite places beaches evolve, and for unexplained reasons, the two protagonists are telling the Archimedean story with an ritualistic gesture. Waves of...

Mains Propres

Louise Botkay Courcier, Brazil, 2015, 8'

In the so called post-colonial era, the poor countries continue to be subjected ton the same group of countries that colonised them. In Europe everybody pretends...

Malevolent Mountains

Helen Michael, United Kingdom, 2015, 3'

Storytelling using a violence that is at once threatening and contained. Adopting the role of a trickster, the narrator is able to occupy space at the intersection...

Nimmikaage (She Dances for People)

Michelle Latimer, Canada, 2015, 3'

Both a requiem for and an honouring of Canada’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit women, Michelle Latimer’s ‘Nimmikaage (She Dances for People)’ deconstructs the...


Hitomi Ohtakara, Japan, 2016, 9'

This is the first letter addressed to you. A voyage to trace the vague images of memories.

Organ Movement

Guillaume Cailleau, Germany, 2016, 10'

Waves tie relentlessly…tying / Big and blue, I wander / Timelines devolve / I am looking under / While the water breaks / A shuffled arc.<span></span>


Katrina Daschner, Austria, 2016, 8'

Jellyfish drifting through the water. Sea anemones waving gently. Fragmenting close-ups of naked skin. Body sculptures that merge to form a hybrid film body.


Susanne Steinmaßl, Germany, 2016, 3'

An adaptation of the story of ‘Michael Kohlhaas’, set in the club context. A visual drug trip that eats its way through the Internet and seizes upon pop-cultural...


Paul Spengemann, Germany, 2015, 15'

A group of 16- to 18-year-old friends is spending a weekend in the holiday home of their parents.


Salla Tykkä, Finland, 2016, 15'

A short film about the difficulty of remembering and the importance of forgetting.

Shades of Safflower-dyed Celluloid

Kayako Oki, Japan, 2015, 10'

Grasp the colour of shades / That was brought from light passing through safflowers / It dyes particles, time, and a very tiny universe. A long ribbon of celluloid...


Vika Kirchenbauer, Germany, 2016, 3'

A video for Kirchenbauer’s music/performance project COOL FOR YOU. Following her research on enhanced vision via infrared technology in modern warfare, here she...


Volker Schreiner, Germany, 2015, 8'

A filmic triptych of three landscapes.

small vertigos

Jo Zahn, Germany, 2016, 4'

An ensemble of playground equipment, a 20-minute break and the joys of dizziness create an involuntary choreography.<span></span>


Richard Dinter, Sweden, 2015, 10'

Some memories exist in a borderland. They fill your thoughts; you’re gripped by a sensation of the unreal – ‘did that really happen?’ ‘Snow’ is about a mother and...

Space Cowboy

Lennart Brede, Germany, 2015, 3'

A chubby, red-headed, mini-anarchist is about to become your idol. A sweaty, round-faced, pre-teen boy is our protagonist. Walking amongst ruins in his trackies,...


Elektra Stoffregen, Germany, 2015, 5'

No praise for the competent housewife: 1 vacuum cleaner, 1 old butcher’s shop, 1 latex chambermaid, 1 misogynistic text, and 10 kilograms of confetti.<span></span>...

Telefon Santrali

Sarah Drath, Germany, 2016, 7'

Under the conditions of 2015, this film tells its story in an indirect way: We are in a telephone switchboard.

To Move Mountains

Mohau Modisakeng, South Africa, 2015, 3'

A single-channel film that explores themes of materiality, landscape and protest. Set against a stark landscape of black asphalt dunes, its protagonist performs a...


susan pui san lok, United Kingdom, 2015, 4'

Samples of 20 trailers and theme songs from various film and television adaptations of Jin Yong’s classic Wuxia epic ‘The Condor Trilogy’ (1957–1961).


Paz Encina, Paraguay, 2016, 7'

A man questions himself about the usefulness of his life after being sentended to house arrest in a dubious way.


Louise Carrin, Switzerland, 2015, 34'

Lisa, the authoritarian owner of a luxurious brothel has only one friend: Lena, an artless prostitute as unpredictable as she is lazy. The two women are filmed in...

Vor dem Tor des Ijtihad

Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay/Mehmet Büyükatalay, Germany, 2013, 16'

In Islamic law autonomous adjudication is called “Ijtihad”. Four young Muslims are put in this situation when a confession during a harmless trip leads to an...


Marlene Denningmann, Germany, 2016, 12'

From the smallest towns into the big, wide web: the promise of fulfillment is an omnipresent one. ‘But are we really free in our desires?’ A field trip to...

Zagreb Confidential - Imaginary Futures

Darko Fritz, Croatia, 2015, 13'

The film describes 50 years of urban development in a neighbourhood in Zagreb that was built in the 1960s. The heritage of modernism and utopian urbanism are...