Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

New Acquisitions

Action 1: Lucid, Imperial Beach

Bernd Schoch, Germany, 2018, 7'

Another beach. A disintegrating image. Noise and sound. A red wall is blown up.

Beyond Beach

Clara Winter/Miguel Ferráez, Germany, 2018, 14'

A pre-apocalyptic pastel daydream. We aren’t relaxed, we aren’t carefree, we’re pathologically unable to care.

Bigger Than Life

Adnan Softić, Macedonia/Germany, 2018, 30'

'Bigger Than Life' is a music film in four acts. The focus is on the fabrication of national history through architecture and urban planning. 'Skopje 2014' is the...

Carolee, Barbara and Gunvor

Lynne Sachs, USA, 2018, 8'

Three renowned artists discuss their passion for filmmaking. From 2015 to 2017, Lynne visited Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Hammer and Gunvor Nelson, who have...


Romeo Grünfelder, Germany, 2018, 2'

A full-length curtain moves only in parts and unnoticeably; the reason remains unclear. Only the title and the sounds in the film hint at what is behind it. The...


Jakob Grunert, Germany, 2018, 10'

‘Copyshop’ accompanies Berlin-Köpenick rapper Romano on a voyage of discovery to Hong Kong, where he reviews his past as a copy shop employee in Berlin. It’s all...

Creature Companion

Melika Bass/Melika Bass, USA, 2018, 31'

In the American suburbs, two women mysteriously and sensuously entwine in this slow-burning, saucy, abstracted fable on the longing and labouring female body.


Dante Zaballa, Germany/Argentina, 2017, 1'

The song by Tall Juan dedicated to all those people who live in the street. Made with acrylics, pastels and pencil on paper.


Ulrike Göken/Jo Zimmermann, Germany, 2017, 4'

The video for the piece ‘Damenbartblick’ by Schlammpeitziger is a collaboration between the artist duo Schlammpeitziger from Cologne,Germany, and the artist duo...


Iskender Kökce, Germany, 2018, 6'

The music of STATION 17 subtly drifts into your consciousness, not leaving you alone for a moment with all the things and the unusual, human peripheral phenomena!...


Daniel Freitag, Germany, 2017, 4'

In a silver catsuit and with a cigarette Sandra Hüller plays a superhero, whose glorious days seem to be long gone. The personal song deals with love, missed...


Nikita Diakur, Germany, 2018, 2'

Puppets on strings rave, eat and fly.

Gikan Sa Ngitngit Nga Kinailadman

Kiri Dalena, Philippines, 2017, 27'

A woman mourns the drowning of a young communist revolutionary that took place years ago. She sinks into herself and recreates a story that coalesces memory,...

Gimny Moskovii

Dimitri Venkov, Russia, 2017, 14'

To tell a history through architecture and music, the film matches the styles of Moscow's 20th and 21st centuries buildings with electronic variations of the...


Eva Stefani, Greece, 2017, 11'

Molly is a dog woman who wanders around the city making bubbles. It’s a national holiday and Molly walks in all fours among parades, people in uniform and ancient...

In Waves

Boris Dörning/Gregor Kuschmirz, Germany, 2017, 5'

Kuschmirz and Dörning with their dancing puppets have a whirl inside a dark museum. The audience has left. The exhibits spring to life ‒ prompted by the music of...


Kiyama Mizuki, Japan, 2018, 2'

The borderland between sleeping and waking is the moment when the daughter melds into her father.


Oliver Pietsch, Germany, 2018, 5'

The video is based on found footage of showering people of both sexes.

Magnificent Obsession

Su Zhong, China, 2018, 25'

The movie has been made all by myself in five years. Each part of it is trying to express different feelings but they are all about the obsession of contemporary...

mais triste que chuva num recreio de colégio

Lobo Mauro, Brazil, 2018, 14'

Scenes of the refurbishment of Maracanã in 2012 for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The television narration of the humiliating defeat of the Brazilian soccer team...

Matsu ga eda wo musubi

Murata Tomoyasu, Japan, 2017, 16'

The twins are separated by a Tsunami. A snow globe connects the present and the past. While going back and forth between the present and past, the dead twin girl...

My Mamma Is Bossies

Naomi van Niekerk, South Africa, 2017, 3'

My mum’s bonkers. Out of one eye she cries Puccini, out of the other she reprimands me.

O Jezu

Betina Bozek, Poland, 2017, 3'

The reality presented in the film ‘Oh God’ might be described with terms such as inertia or chaos. The characters lack any willingness to take action, they are...

The Oblique

Jayne Parker, United Kingdom, 2018, 10'

The music, 'Blues in B-flat' by Volker Heyn, performed by cellist Anton Lukoszevieze, provides the framework for 'The Oblique'. The title comes from an instruction...


Judith Hopf, Germany, 2018, 2'

A boy's tentative percussion playing sets the architecture of John Heijduk into motion against contemporary, restorative architecture projects in Berlin's Mitte...

Patterns of the Conquerors

Sascha Reichstein, Austria, 2017, 21'

In 1866, John Forbes Watson compiled a book featuring various patterns used in South Asian textile handicrafts to show them to his British compatriots. These...

Saladdin Castique

Anssi Kasitonni, Finland, 2018, 5'

A man walks through the forest and tries to find berries. Instead, he finds an empty French dressing bottle. A genie comes out of the bottle and grants the man...

Das satanische Dickicht - DREI

Willy Hans, Germany, 2017, 21'

Camping ground, suntan lotion, plastic crocodile, watermelon, cannonball diving, football, water-ice, kissing, sausages, Birkenstock, car journey, desire,...

Season of Goodbyes

Philippa Ndisi-Hermann, Kenya, 2018, 14'

"The seasons had not decided on their endings and beginnings, so we lived in the space between." A letter to a loved one exploring the unity and separation that...

Die Tage

Yannick Spiess, Germany, 2018, 19'

'The Days' tells the story of an elderly woman in Switzerland and follows her through her daily life.

Take A Stand, But What To Wear?

Klaus Erich Dietl/Stephanie Müller, Germany, 2017, 10'

OK DECAY appreciate the side notes and provide assistance to bankruptcy in passing. They dive ‒ right into discomfort. ‘Take A Stand, But What To Wear? Paperthin...


Markus S Fiedler, Germany, 2018, 3'

Particles, fabric, echoes of outlines, IRL footage and cosmic dancers accompany the music composed by Andreas during a residency in Teheran. Movements, aesthetics,...

Three Casualties

Jens Pecho, Germany, 2017, 7'

The video 'Three Casualties' is an investigation of three movie scenes, showing stunts that lead to the deaths of the stunt doubles performing them. In some cases...

The Train, the Forest

Patrick Buhr, Germany, 2017, 3'

A train ride reveals strange incidences.

Tsuchi no hito – 2017 gekijyoban

Yamashiro Chikako, Japan, 2017, 26'

A migratory bird drops dropping. A man listens to a voice sounding from the inside of the dropping. A seed made of poem is inside. He tries to dig a hole to plant...


Dennis Todorović, Germany, 2018, 7'

An actors’ tutorial about crying fake tears on camera. Ten actresses don’t only explain, how to make oneself cry in ten easy steps, they also give their best to...

Um filme para Ehuana

Louise Botkay, Brazil, 2018, 26'

Within the largest forest of the world, in the village of Watorik, lives a Yanomami community at the border between Brazil and Venezuela. We spend time with the...


Alexandra Gulea, Germany, 2018, 13'

In the Jiu Valley, once a traditional Romanian industrial area, parents now take long ways to get to the West wherever they find work. They return too rarely. They...