Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Menü / Int. Wettbewerb

Saving Pop Culture 3

Following the successful two DVD compilations of German video clips from 1998 till 2007 the next chapter of the story opens, once again in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute. We are presenting 18 clips from 2007 until 2015 that take a stand against the conformity of today’s music video.




Running time 62'

One Minute Soundsculpture

Daniel Franke, Germany, 2010, 1'


Martin Eichhorn/Daniel Spindler, Germany, 2013, 4'

Corresponding to the playful, quirky and pleasantly eccentric music by Jan Roth, the video for his piece “Einundzwanzig” is a colourful, mixed-up chain of...

Zum König geboren

Daniel Franke/Martin W. Maier, Germany, 2009, 4'


Oliver Pietsch, Germany, 2011, 3'

Dot (Michael Fakesch)

Jörg Petri,

Germany, 2007, 4'30''

Easy Or Not

Dietrich Brüggemann, Germany, 2013, 4'

Two people fight for space in one sweater.


Timo Schierhorn/Katharina Duve, Germany, 2011, 5'


Pussykrew, Germany, 2013, 4'

Graf (Lithops)

Karl Kliem,

Germany, 2009, 4'

Investor, Der

Ted Gaier/Timo Schierhorn, Germany, 2013, 4'

There Will Be Singing

Phillip Sollmann/Jutojo , Germany, 2010, 6'


Johannes Brugger, Germany, 2014, 4'

A musical underdog encounters a lonely woman. Amid the ecstasy of the music, something big comes into being, of tender ephemerality and close intimacy. Big show...

Die Seitenlehne (Lena Stoehrfaktor)


Germany, 2010, 5'

Videotape (Radiohead)

Wolfgang Jaiser/Claus Winter,

Germany 2008, 4'30''

Lost and Found

Klaus Lemke, Germany, 2014, 4'

Some music is so full of diffidence and delicacy that you have to leave it alone. Or assail it from behind.

Denken Sie Groß

Till Nowak/Timo Schierhorn, Germany, 2015, 4'

A motivational guide to megalomania. In the video a 10 year old boy gives an internet tutorial on how to make an award winning music video. Using 3D animation...

uni acronym

Carsten Nicolai, Germany, 2011, 6'


Thomas Draschan, Germany, 2009, 2'