Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Supporting films

In addition to borrowing short-film programmes, you can also schedule single short films as supporting films and hire them from us. If you do this regularly, we will support you with a new bulk discount. You can borrow 10 short films a year from us (with one screening each) for 220 euros; 20 short films per year (with one screening each) cost just 350 euros (in each case plus transport + 7% tax if applicable). The German Federal Film Board (FFA) has also been encouraging the screening of short films as supporting films in Germany for several years with a subsidy of up to 80% of the verified costs for film rentals, advertising and transport.


We have put together a selection of works that function well as supporting films from the acquisitions of the past five years.

489 Years

Hayoun KWON, France, 2016, 11'

The film is transcribed according to the testimony of a former soldier in South Korea, Kim. It gives us access to the demilitarised zone and immerses us into the...

Ali sein Garten

Undine Siepker, Germany, 2010, 14'

“Germans make a big fuss while the Turkish just throw something into the ground and it grows like mad!” Korean, Turkish and East Prussian migrants have put down...

All Day

Andreas Hofstetter, Germany, 2015, 4'

There is a good girl. And there is the Internet. This might seem weird but this might be real.

Animal Year

Su Zhong, China, 2016, 7'

‘The Animal year’ is a story about fate and has been inspired by my personal memory. This is my forth work and as usual I finished the images, the sounds and the...

Beyond Beach

Clara Winter/Miguel Ferráez, Germany, 2018, 14'

A pre-apocalyptic pastel daydream. We aren’t relaxed, we aren’t carefree, we’re pathologically unable to care.


Mario Pfeifer, Germany/USA, 2015, 5'

“Blacktivist” reflects on police brutality, selective enforcement, and the right of self-defence. Scenes reminiscent of the aesthetics of conventional music videos...


Céline Keller, Germany, 2019, 2'

A woman hurls lightning bolts


Jan Bonny, Germany, 2015, 7'

Tired of being despised by his colleagues – a bunch of lowbrow office machos – Mr. Lorenz opposes them and designs his own evening adventures. Free from all...


Jan Köster/Alexander Lahl, Germany, 2019, 5'

When the mayor of a little village decides to take in forty refugees, a wave of dislike and hatred befalls him and his family. The short animation tells of a fight...

Chanel Nr. 2

Christoph Blankenburg, Germany, 2017, 3'

It is not clear what is up and what is down. Gravity is suspended. Only the moment provides orientation – in brief, we are left clueless.


Romeo Grünfelder, Germany, 2018, 2'

A full-length curtain moves only in parts and unnoticeably; the reason remains unclear. Only the title and the sounds in the film hint at what is behind it. The...


Renata Gasiorowska, Poland, 2015, 8'

A young girl spends the evening alone at home. She decides to have a sweet solo pleasure session, but not everything goes according to plan.


Jakob Grunert, Germany, 2018, 10'

‘Copyshop’ accompanies Berlin-Köpenick rapper Romano on a voyage of discovery to Hong Kong, where he reviews his past as a copy shop employee in Berlin. It’s all...


Eren Aksu, Germany/Turkey, 2015, 7'

They find themselves captivated by the never ending cityscape and sink into a contemplation on urban decay. Living in a concrete jungle is their future.

Crab Day

Phil Collins, Germany, 2016, 11'

'What a simple world. And beneath all the undercurrents.' (Brenda Chamberlain) Crab Day is a short film made to accompany Cate Le Bon’s eponymous album released in...


Dante Zaballa, Germany/Argentina, 2017, 1'

The song by Tall Juan dedicated to all those people who live in the street. Made with acrylics, pastels and pencil on paper.


Ulrike Göken/Jo Zimmermann, Germany, 2017, 4'

The video for the piece ‘Damenbartblick’ by Schlammpeitziger is a collaboration between the artist duo Schlammpeitziger from Cologne,Germany, and the artist duo...

Das wird gut

Friedrich Liechtenstein, Germany, 2016, 4'

"Tall trees and an impressive woman are among the best subjects for vertical cinematic art” (Friedrich Liechtenstein). The state of being in love for the first...

Deconstructing Reality in the Making

Katharina Barbosa Blad, Norway, 2018, 5'

The glance is perception.The video deals with the bias of the room, the non-synthesizable identity. Each image is a mirror into another identity, a rectilinear...


Daniel Freitag, Germany, 2017, 4'

In a silver catsuit and with a cigarette Sandra Hüller plays a superhero, whose glorious days seem to be long gone. The personal song deals with love, missed...