Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Supporting films

In addition to borrowing short-film programmes, you can also schedule single short films as supporting films and hire them from us. If you do this regularly, we will support you with a new bulk discount. You can borrow 10 short films a year from us (with one screening each) for 220 euros; 20 short films per year (with one screening each) cost just 350 euros (in each case plus transport + 7% tax if applicable). The German Federal Film Board (FFA) has also been encouraging the screening of short films as supporting films in Germany for several years with a subsidy of up to 80% of the verified costs for film rentals, advertising and transport.


We have put together a selection of works that function well as supporting films from the acquisitions of the past five years.

Elvis: Strung Out

Mark Oliver, Canada, 2018, 4'

Disguised as a straightforward promotional music video, an iconic 1970 performance by a messianic Elvis Presley is transformed by editing and music into a dark...


Suzana Botosi, Brazil, 2018, 3'

Elzo uses his imagination to enjoy a day in the backyard.

Familiar Memories

Pol Merchan, Germany, 2016, 3'

Based on a flea market find of Super 8 family archives. A father is placed at the center of the image, staging himself in front of the camera as a smug tyrant. A...

feel nothing / 15 - 15

Zeljko Vidovic, Germany, 2017, 4'

A poetic experiment with body parts and emotions.


Nikita Diakur, Germany, 2018, 2'

Puppets on strings rave, eat and fly.


Art Collective Neozoon, Germany, 2019, 5'

The people in the video 'FragMANts' worship their consumer goods like religious cult objects. The religion venerated here is that of capitalism, which reveals...


Irfan Akcadag, Germany, 2011, 6'

A short documentary about the happiness of Irfan Akcadag‘s father.

Grand Hotel Establishment

Ela Mergels, Germany, 2018, 1'

‘If you sleep with the same person twice, you are part of the establishment,’ was one saying of the ’68 generation. The established centre of society was a source...

Die Herberge

Ulu Braun, Germany, 2017, 14'

In a place where a biblical landscape and western myths converge, there is a house, part biker hangout, part mountain farm. It welcomes all beings who traverse...

I Think You´re a Little Confused

Iku Ogawa, Japan, 2016, 8'

One day, a letter takes a blood sausage to his friend, liver sausage. So, he sets off …

Ice Spider

Cheryl Rondeau, Canada, 2018, 3'

This experimental short is about the Arctic Wolf Spider, a genus of arachnid common across the North. Climate change has resulted in larger populations and...

Ich bin hier

Mariola Brillowska, Germany, 2016, 3'

Danny, Damian and Caroline pile into the house, backwards, but with a sure sense of direction. They say that they are here and that music is important to them....

If I were a Sneaker

Ted Gaier, Schorsch Kamerun/Timo Schierhorn, Katharina Duve/Timo Duve, Germany, 2015, 5'

The lyrics illuminate the juxtaposition between Europe’s closed-door immigration policies and the free global movement of consumer items. Visually, we are invited...


Xiaowei Zhao, China (People's Republic)/China, 2015, 11'

The movie tells an individual’s feeling of wandering as well as how he gets lost in the desert of time and seeks the opposite bank. Time and time again, he returns...


Kiyama Mizuki, Japan, 2018, 2'

The borderland between sleeping and waking is the moment when the daughter melds into her father.

Ma Mama (Toto Bona Lokua)

Katy Wang, United Kingdom, 2017, 3'

Two lovers explore a patterned jungle world and meet some animal friends along the way.

The Magical Dimension

Gudrun Krebitz, Germany, 2018, 7'

„You can always be in two places at once, did you know? The real world and the magical world." The voice on the phone whispers in your ear -there's a way to alter...

Mains Propres

Louise Botkay Courcier, Brazil, 2015, 8'

In the so called post-colonial era, the poor countries continue to be subjected ton the same group of countries that colonised them. In Europe everybody pretends...

Um musical

Tarcísio Lara Puiati/Tarcísio Lara Puiati, Brazil, 2016, 4'

We haven't gone viral.


Christine Gensheimer, Germany, 2018, 3'

The camera moves in on a disturbingly normal home, closer and closer; the door opens as if by magic, and the camera flies through a maze of repetitive rooms. The...