Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Supporting films

In addition to borrowing short-film programmes, you can also schedule single short films as supporting films and hire them from us. If you do this regularly, we will support you with a new bulk discount. You can borrow 10 short films a year from us (with one screening each) for 220 euros; 20 short films per year (with one screening each) cost just 350 euros (in each case plus transport + 7% tax if applicable). The German Federal Film Board (FFA) has also been encouraging the screening of short films as supporting films in Germany for several years with a subsidy of up to 80% of the verified costs for film rentals, advertising and transport.


We have put together a selection of works that function well as supporting films from the acquisitions of the past five years.

my castle your castle

Kerstin Honeit, Germany, 2017, 14'

"My Castle Your Castle" investigates the construction site of the rebuilt Berliner Stadtschloss as a place where national hegemonies supposedly transform into...

My Mamma Is Bossies

Naomi van Niekerk, South Africa, 2017, 3'

My mum’s bonkers. Out of one eye she cries Puccini, out of the other she reprimands me.

Nützliche Katastrophen

Timo Schierhorn/Mense Reents, Germany, 2018, 3'

The music video ‘Nützliche Katastrophen’ shows a fantasy (personified by a couple) of Caligula-like power in an appropriate training context. This archaic...

One Hour Real

Miriam Gossing/Lina Sieckmann, Germany/Netherlands, 2017, 12'

In its unbiased observation of the coulisses and façades of a contemporary free-time phenomenon - real-life escape games - this film raises questions of...


Maximilian Villwock, Germany, 2016, 13'

You against me. Us against the world. We do not get along anymore, but we long for each other.


Kerstin Honeit, Germany, 2018, 8'

Since 2017 the two giant panda bears Meng Meng and Jiao Qing have been hired out to the Berlin Zoo from China. Unfortunately for the Zoo, this profit seeking...

Plody mraků

Katerina Karhankova, Tschechien, 2017, 10'

The Story of a little Furry, who will make a great discovery by overcoming the fear of the unknown.

Saladdin Castique

Anssi Kasitonni, Finland, 2018, 5'

A man walks through the forest and tries to find berries. Instead, he finds an empty French dressing bottle. A genie comes out of the bottle and grants the man...


Dietrich Brüggemann, Germany, 2019, 4'

The world is upside down.

Second Chance Man

Christoph Girardet, Germany/France, 2016, 4'

Girardet's visual transfer of Second Chance Man, "a song about risk" (Stuart Staples), is part of The Waiting Room Film Project, a track by track interpretation of...

Sen Toe

Akari Eda, Japan, 2016, 7'

‘Sento’ is a Japanese public bath. This particular public bath features fascinating details such as a wall-size print of Mount Fuji, pop yellow plastic washbowls,...

small vertigos

Jo Zahn, Germany, 2016, 4'

An ensemble of playground equipment, a 20-minute break and the joys of dizziness create an involuntary choreography.<span></span>

Space Cowboy

Lennart Brede, Germany, 2015, 3'

A chubby, red-headed, mini-anarchist is about to become your idol. A sweaty, round-faced, pre-teen boy is our protagonist. Walking amongst ruins in his trackies,...


Clara Bodén, Sweden, 2018, 4'

A boy is standing near a power station in the inlands of Norrland, Sweden, by a waterfall that no longer exists. ‘The Power Grid’ is a personal film about growing...

Telefon Santrali

Sarah Drath, Germany, 2016, 7'

Under the conditions of 2015, this film tells its story in an indirect way: We are in a telephone switchboard.

Three Casualties

Jens Pecho, Germany, 2017, 7'

The video 'Three Casualties' is an investigation of three movie scenes, showing stunts that lead to the deaths of the stunt doubles performing them. In some cases...


Mareike Bernien/Alex Gerbaulet, Germany, 2017, 14'

‘Tiefenschärfe’ interrogates places in Nuremberg where the so-called National Socialist Underground (NSU) committed three murders between 2000 and 2005. It is a...

Tower XYZ

Ayo Akingbade, United Kingdom, 2016, 3'

Accompanied by a lilting soundtrack, characters wander through London's concrete jungle as an unknown female voice reflects on the current state of the city and...

The Train, the Forest

Patrick Buhr, Germany, 2017, 3'

A train ride reveals strange incidences.

Trying to forget you

Simon*e Paetau/Aérea Negrot, Germany, 2019, 7'

In the middle of the night, a broken farted finds music in the arms of beautiful strangers.