Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

original title Don't
German title
English title Don't
director Daniel Freitag
country Germany
year 2017
genre Music Video
running time 4 minutes
festival year 2018
competition MuVi Award
In a silver catsuit and with a cigarette Sandra Hüller plays a superhero, whose glorious days seem to be long gone. The personal song deals with love, missed chances and finally letting go. These topics also appear in the video, with communication (or it
market catalogue yes
distribution yes
archive yes
format language U/T Ton Signatur
URL English 2018-1601
DCP English Stereo #18-V-10319-dcp
BluRay English Stereo #18-V-10320-blu (pf)
DVD English Stereo #18-V-10321-dvd (pf)