Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Post from 30.12.2018


This time, Antoine Bardou Jacquet's semiotic clip for Alex Gopher's The Child from 1999, screened in Oberhausen in 2000:

Post from 23.12.2018


An amazing find for Christmas: this is the film for which George Lucas - yes, the man behind Star Wars - won the prize for best experimental short in Oberhausen in 1968: THX 1138 4 EB (1967).

Post from 16.12.2018


This time a short by Chinese director Jia Zhanke, He Shang de ai qing (Cry Me a River) from 2008, screened in our International Competition 2009. It's in two parts, but well worth watching:

 Post from 9.12.2018


This time a film that was banned in France for 40 years: René Vautier's Afrique 50 from 1950 - too early even for Oberhausen, but screened in Oberhausen in 2008 as part of the "Border-Crossers and Trouble-Makers" Theme programme. French original with English subtitles.

Post from 2.12.2018


This Time: Schatten (Shadows) by Hansjürgen Pohland, one of the signatories of the Oberhausen Manifesto, screened in Oberhausen in 2012 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary.

Post from 25.11.2018


This time: Mothlight by Stan Brakhage (1963), which we screened in 2005 and in 2011, both as part of our Theme programmes (The Fallen Curtain and Shooting Animals). 

Post from 18.11.2018


This time, more than 20 years old but, sadly, still topical: Filme gegen rechte Gewalt: Handicap (Films Against Right-Wing Violence: Handicap) by Caspar- Jan Hogerzeil from 1998, awarded a Jury Prize within the framework of the 3sat Promotional Prize in our German Competition 1999

Post from 11.11.2018


This time, Helmut Herbst's satirical animation Schwarz-Weiß-Rot from 1963, a black satire on the Kaiser, Nazis and the tabloid "Bild", which won several awards in Oberhausen in 1964.

Post from 4.11.2018


This time a great music video by Roel Wouters: ZZZ IS PLAYING: GRIP (ZZZ) from 2007, screened in our international music video programme and Children's and Youth Film Competition 2008. Enjoy!

Post from 28.10.208


This time: SSAKI (Mammals) by Roman Polanski from 1962, which won the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen in 1963.

Post from 21.10.2018


This time: Dream Work by Peter Tscherkassky (2001), the third part of his Cinemascope Trilogy. Winner of the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen in 2002.

Post from 14.10.2018


This time: Jean Mitry's Symphonie Mecanique from 1955 (music: Pierre Boulez), screened in Oberhausen in 1956 (the third edition!). It was judged "particularly remarkable" by a committee of film journalists.

Post from 7.10.2018


This time it's John Maybury's clip for Marc Almond's Waifs and Strays from 1990, which we screened as part of our John Maybury profile in 2002.

Post from 30.9.2018


This time: Water Pulu 1869-1896 by Ladislav Galeta (1988), which won a special mention of the International Jury at Oberhausen in 1988. (The concentration on the ball is reminiscent of Hellmuth Costard's immortal Football as never before, only Costard, of course, focused on George Best...)

Post from 23.9.2018


This time: Brutalität in Stein by Alexander Kluge and Peter Schamoni from 1961, which won the main prize of the international jury in Oberhausen in the same year.

Post from 16.9.2018


This time a short by none other than François Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, Une Histoire D'eau from 1961, screened in Oberhausen in 1961.

Post from 9.9.2018


This time David OReilly's amazing animation Please say something from 2009, which won the first prize in our German Competition 2009 (ex aequo with Michel Klöfkorn's n.n.).

Post from 2.9.2018


Not so far into the past this time with Cyriak's video Cirrus for Bonobo (2013), screened in Oberhausen in the same year. Adam Harper writes about Cyriak in our book "after youtube", original version of his text here: ,

Post from 26.8.2018


This time one of the truly legendary shorts of all time: Meshes of the afternoon by Maya Deren, 1943, with the original soundtrack by Teiji Ito. We have had a copy in our archive forever and screened the film in 1997.

Post from 19.8.2018


This time: Bert Haanstra's Glass from 1958, which won the First Prize of the International Jury (and the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject) in 1959. Breathtaking!

Post from 12.8.2018


This time: LBJ, Santiago Álvarez' satire on Lyndon B. Johnson from 1968. Polemic and incendiary. Screened in Oberhausen in 1969, when it received a Recognition by the Filmothek der Jugend.

Post from 5.8.2018


This time: James Herberts beautiful video for Low (REM) from 1991, screened in Oberhausen in 1999 as part of our James Herbert Profile programme.

Post from 29.7.2018


This time: Nice Time by Claude Goretta and Alain Tanner (1957), which won a Special Mention of the International Jury in 1958.

Post from 22.7.2018


A great summer film this time: Une Robe d'Été by François Ozon (1996). which won the Prize of the Protestant Jury in Oberhausen in 1997.

Post from 15.7.2018

This time: Ballad of the Skeletons, with Allen Ginsberg, directed by Gus van Sant, Music by Paul McCartney & Philip Glass & Lenny Kaye, from 1997, which won a Special Mention in Oberhausen in 1998.

Post from 8.7.2018


This time: Zbigniew Rybczyński's Tango from 1980, winner of the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen and the FIPRESCI-Prize in 1981, and: the first Polish Oscar-winner in 1980.

Post from 1.7.2018


This Time, Jorge Furtado's still heartbreaking economic lesson Ilha Das Flores from 1989, screened in Oberhausen in 2003 as part of the "re<lokal>ization" programme.

Post from 24.6.2018


This time: Les Astronautes by Walerian Borowczyk and Chris Marker from 1959, which won the FIPRESCI Prize in Oberhausen in 1960. Amazing animation!

Post from 17.6.2018


This time: Jørgen Leth's Det perfekte Menneske (The Perfect Human) from 1967, winner of the Main Prize in Oberhausen in 1968.

Post from 10.6.2018


This time: Jan Švankmajer's very early Byt from 1968, which won the Grand Prize of the International Jury in Oberhausen in 1969.

Post from 3.6.2018


This time: Adolf Winkelmann's Kassel 9.12.67, 11.54H. Scheduled to be screened in Oberhausen in 1968, but withdrawn by the filmmaker following the scandal around Hellmuth Costard's BESONDERS WERTVOLL.

Post from 27.5.2018


This time Werner Schroeter's Maria Callas Portrait from 1968, screened in Oberhausen as part of a Profile dedicated to Schroeter in 1999.

Post from 20.5.2018


This time, in honour of our 20th MuVi Award and its complementary MuVi International Selection: Chris Cunningham's Windowlicker for Aphex Twin (1999), screened in Oberhausen in 1999 in the very first international music video selection presented here.

Post from 13.5.2018


This time: Chris Marker's La Sixième Face du Pentagone from 1968, winner of the Fipresci Prize at Oberhausen in 1968.

Post from 6.5.2018


A foretaste of today’s Theme programme “Leaving the Cinema”: Adamo Vergine’s legendary Ciao Ciao (1967). The experimental short film will be screening in Oberhausen today 6 May, 14.30 h at the LICHTBURG FILMPALAST, Oberhausen.

Post from 29.4.2018


A foretaste of our Theme programme “Leaving the Cinema”: Helmut Herbst’s animated film Schwarz-Weiß-Rot (1964). The animated short film was first screened in Oberhausen in 1964 and will be screening again on 3 May, 16 h at the Lichtburg Filmpalast.

Post from 22.4.2018


Looking forward to our new section re-selected? Here’s a Hungarian short film we will be screening in this programme: Elégia (1965) by Huszárik Zoltán. Warning: Graphic content! 

4 May, 20 h at Lichtburg Filmpalast Oberhausen.

Post from 15.4.2018


A foretaste of our Theme programme "Leaving the Cinema": Kurt Kren’s 15/67 TV (1967), a silent black and white short film screening in Oberhausen on 6 May, 14.30 h at the Lichtburg Filmpalast.

Post from 8.4.2018


This time: Martin Scorsese's classic The Big Shave, produced in 1967 and screened in Oberhausen in 1968. Attention, it ger fairly bloody!

Post from 1.4.2018


This time: ... à Valparaiso from 1963, directed by Joris Ivens and written by none other than Chris Marker. French OV, but amazing even if you don't unterstand the occasional voice over. Screened in Oberhausen in 1964. Happy Easter!

Post from 25.3.2018


This time: Gonzalez' Take Me To Broadway, a clip from 2001 by Nina Rohde, which won the MuVi Award for best German music video in 2002. Enjoy!

Post from 18.3.2018


This time: Lindsay Anderson's O Dreamland, shot in 1953 (around the time he made THURSDAY'S CHILDREN), but shleved untill 1956 and one of the most personal Free Cinema films. Screened in Oberhausen in 1958.

Post from 11.3.2018

This time Werner Herzog's Letzte Worte (Last Words) from 1968, which won a Main Prize of the International Jury in Oberhausen in 1968.

Post from 8.3.2018


It's International Women's Day today, so here's a LEGENDARY SHORTS special: Agnès Varda Officiel's Réponse des femmes from 1975. With admiration for her amazing career and congratulations on being the first female filmmaker to win an honorary lifetime achievement award from the Academy even as she was nominated for Best Documentary Feature for VISAGES VILLAGES, directed by Varda and JR.

Post from 4.3.2018


This time the winner of the very first MuVi Award, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year: Star Escalator (Sensorama), produced and directed by Michel Klöfkorn and Oliver Husain in 1998, screened and awarded in Oberhausen in 1999.

Post from 25.2.2018


Today a week ago Yoko Ono celebrated her 85th birthday, so here's a belated Happy Birthday: her short Walking On Thin Ice from 1981, screened in Oberhausen as part of our Japanese Short Film Retrospective 1994.

Post from 18.2.2018


This week it's Bill Viola's The Reflecting Pool from 1977, screened in Oberhausen in 2001 as part of our programme "Out of Time". The quality isn't perfect, but the work is still amazing!

Post from 11.2.2018


This time: Kenneth Anger's breathtakingly beautiful Eaux d'artifice from 1953, screened in Oberhausen in 1959 and again in 1995 in a personal selection by Jonas Mekas to celebrate 100 years of cinema.

Post from 4.2.2018


From the depths of the internet: Vivienne Dick's She Has Her Gun All Ready from 1978, with Pat Place and Lydia Lunch, screened in Oberhausen in 2010 as part of our No Wave Profile.

Post from 28.1.2018


From the depths of the internet and from Burkina Faso: Idrissa Ouedraogo's 1983 short Les Écuelles, screened in Oberhausen in 1993

Post from 21.1.2018

From the depths of the internet: Yuriy Norshteyn's lovely animation Ezik v Tumane (Hedgehog in the Fog) from 1975, screened in Oberhausen in 1996.

Post from 14.1.2018

From the depths of the internet: Mike Mills' The Architecture of Reassurance from 2000, prize winner in Oberhausen in 2000.

Post from 7.1.2018

From the depths of the internet: Norman McLaren and Evelyn Lambart's Short and Suite (1959) to a wonderful piece of Jazz music by Eldon Rathburn, screened in Oberhausen in 1960.