Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


In its more than 60 year history, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has screened a great number of short films that are now legendary. Many of them can be found online today. So we went on an online treasure hunt and were successful.


The links we found first fed our Facebook series "Legendary Shorts", where we present one of these films every week. Because of its success and because we don't want to lose the finds again in the flood of images on the web, we will show and collect them here on our website from now on.


Contact: Sabine Niewalda

Post from 17.3.2019


This time Gadające głowy (Talking Heads) by Krzysztof Kieslowski (1980), which was screened in Oberhausen in 1980.

Post from 10.3.2019


Here's a very early film by the brilliant Andrea Arnold: Dog (2001), which we screened in our Children's and Youth Film Competition in 2002.

Post from 3.3.2019


This time Norman McLaren's Rhythmetic from 1956, which was screened at our fourth (!) Festival in 1958 - and had won the Silver Bear in Berlin in 1956.

Post from 24.2.2019


This time Valie Export's Syntagma from 1984, screened in our International Competition in 1985.

Post from 17.2.2019


This time a true classic: The Girl Chewing Gum by John Smith from 1976. Over the years we've screened many of John Smith's films, this one in 2002 in the John Smith Profile programme.

Post from 10.2.2019


This time it's a film for children (and adults) from 1997: Christa Moesker's Sientje, which we screened in our International Competition and our Children's Film Competition in 1998.

Post from 3.2.2019


This time: 89 mm od Europy by Marcel Łoziński from 1993. A beautiful documentary look at the 89 mm difference in track gauge between European and Russian railroads. It won the Main Prize and the FICC Prize in Oberhausen in 1993 and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short in 1995.

Post from 27.1.2019


This time: Nice Time by Alain Tanner and Claude Goretta from 1957, shot over 25 weekends at London's Piccadilly Circus. Screened in Oberhausen in 1958, where it won an Honourary Recognition by the International Jury.

Post from 20.1.2019


This time, in honour of the 100th anniversary of the introduction of women's suffrage in Germany on 19 January 1919: Le Mouvement de libération des femmes iraniennes - année zero, Groupe Politique et Psychoanalyse, France/Iran 1979, screened in Oberhausen in 2008 as part of our Border-Crossers and Trouble-Makers Theme programme.

Post from 13.1.2019


This time Jem Cohen's This Is a History of New York from 1987, screened in Oberhausen as part of our Jem Cohen profile in 2001.

Post from 6.1.2019


This time: Craig Baldwin's Wild Gunman from 1978, screened in our Craig Baldwin Profile in 2000.