Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


In its more than 60 year history, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has screened a great number of short films that are now legendary. Many of them can be found online today. So we went on an online treasure hunt and were successful.


The links we found first fed our Facebook series "Legendary Shorts", where we present one of these films every week. Because of its success and because we don't want to lose the finds again in the flood of images on the web, we will show and collect them here on our website from now on.


Contact: Sabine Niewalda

Post from 29.11.2020


This time, Robert Cahen's beautiful Corps flottants from 1997, scrreened in our 1998 International Competition.

Post from 22.11.2020


Too old even for our festival, but screened in Oberhausen in 2001 as part of our Theme programme "Out of Time": Entr'acte by René Clair from 1924, with a score by Eric Satie!


Today with Link

Post from 15.11.2020


This time, Karpo Godina's very tongue-in-cheek documentary about the different ethnic groups of the Vojvodina, Zdravi ljudi za razonodu (The Healthy People for Fun) from 1971. First screened in Oberhausen in 1971.

Post from 8.11.2020


This time, Perfect Film by Ken Jacobs from 1986, of whom we have shown a number of films over the year. It was screened in Oberhausen in 1996 as part of a programme of Found Footage films.

Post from 1.11.2020


In 1949, none other than Michelangelo Antonioni made a documentary called Sette canne, un vestito (Seven Reeds for a Dress) for the SNIA, the Italian chemical industry. Presented in Oberhausen in 1995 as part of our big programme "Corporate Film Fascination". English subtitles are available.

Post from 25.10.2020


This time Desistfilm by Stan Brakhage from 1954, the year our festival was founded. Presented in Oberhausen in a programme of "Useless Cinema" curated by Jonas Mekas in 1995.

Post from 18.10.2020


This time Portret by Sergej Loznitsa from 2002, which won the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen in 2003. An amazing and beautiful film, even in the relatively poor quality available here:

Post from 11.10.2020


A music video this time, Chris Cunningham's Come to Daddy for Aphex Twin (1997), screened in Oberhausen in 1998 in one of our first music video programmes ever.

Post from 4.10.2020


This time it's Teekond nirvaanasse (The Way to Nirvana) by Mait Laas, Estonia 2000, which won the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen in 2001.

Post from 27.9.2020


This time it's À propos de Nice by Jean Vigo (1930), screened in our Theme programme "Cities, Territories" in 1999.

Post from 20.9.2020


This time Pożar (Fire) by Witold Giersz from 1975, which was screened in our International Competition in 1976. Giersz also made our festival trailer 1965!

Post from 13.9.2020


This time, the very beautiful Dad's Stick by John Smith, which won the Arte Prize for best European Short in Oberhausen in 2013.

Post from 6.9.2020


Something else entirely this time: Pass the Gravy (1928), a silent film comedy with Max Davidson, directed by Fred Guiol and produced by Hal Roach. Screened at the opening of our 1997 festival in honour of our programme "American Comedies of the Silent Movie Era", which we presented that year with live music.

Post from 30.8.2020


This time it's Jennifer Reeder's White Trash Girl - The Devil Inside (1995), the first of three videos about the adventures of the heroic feminist outlaw. Screened in our Jennifer Reeder Profile in 2015.

Post from 23.08.2020


This time Jonathan Glazer's Rabbit in your Headlight for UNKLE (1998), screened in Oberhausen in 1999 as part of our Theme programme "Cities Territories".

Post from 16.08.2020


This time, Igra (The Play, 1962) by Dušan Vukotić, which won the Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen at the 9th West German Short Film Festival Oberhausen in 1963. Suitable for kids, too.

Post from 9.8.2020


This time it's the second film ever screened at Oberhausen: Pacific 231 by Jean Mitry (1949), to music by Arthur Honegger (the first film, ALLE MENSCHEN SIND BRÜDER, is not available online). Screened at the opening ceremony of the 1st festival on 27 October 1954!

Post from 2.8.2020


In 1987, none other than Jean-Luc Godard made two series of commercial spots for Marithé et François Girbaud, which were screened in Oberhausen in 1992 as part of our symposium on advertising film.

Post from 26.7.2020


This time Larry Jordan's animation Duo Concertantes from 1961-64, screened in Oberhausen as part of our Larry Jordan Profile in 2001.

Post from 19.7.2020


This time, Dara Birnbaum's Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (1978-79), screened in Oberhausen as part of our Theme programme "Pop Unlimited?" in 2000.

Post from 12.7.2020


This time Michel Gondry's La Lettre from 1998, which won the FICC (International Federation of Cinema Societies) Award in Oberhausen in 1999.

Post from 5.7.2020


This time Klipperty Klöpp, Andrew Kötting's debut short from 1984, screened in Oberhausen as part of our Andrew Kötting Profile programme in 2008.

Post from 28.6.2020


This time, Harun Farocki's Die Worte des Vorsitzenden (The Words of the Chairman) from 1967, last screened in Oberhausen in 2017 in our Theme programme "Social media before the Internet". A brilliant comment on how words become weapons, even without subtitles.

Post from 21.6.2020


Today Jan Lenica's A from 1965, which won the Grand Prize of the International Jury in Oberhausen in 1965.

Post from 14.6.2020


This time, Roman Coppla's video for Taxloss (Mansun), 1997, screened in our International Music Video programme 2000.

Post from 7.6.2020


This time the second part of Yael Bartana's "Polish Trilogy": Mur I Wieza (Wall and Tower) from 2009, which won the Main Prize of the International Jury and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury in 2010. With thanks to the Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej w Warszawie/ Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in Warsaw for making her films available online!

Post from 31.5.2020


This time, Gillian Wearing's 2 into 1 from 1997, which won the Prize of the Jury of the Ministry of Culture in Oberhausen in 1998.

Post from 24.05.2020


This time the wonderful Anything can happen by Marcel Łoziński, Poland 1995, which won the FICC Award in Oberhausen in 1995.

Post from 10.5.2020


This time it's Mad Mad Mad World by Noureddin Zarrinkelk, Iran 1975, which won a shared Main Prize of the International Jury in 1977.

Post from 3.5.2020


This time, Jem Cohen's Little Flags from 2000, screened in Oberhausen as part of our Jem Cohen Profile in 2001.

Post from 26.4.2020


This time Zone by Takashi Ito (1995), which won the Main Prize in Oberhausen in 1996.

Post from 19.4.2020


This time Gagarin by Alexey Charitidi, Russia 1994, which won a host of awards and was screened in Oberhausen in 1995 - in honour of the launch of Saljut 1 on 19 April 1971.

Post from 12.4.2020


This time, Edgar Reitz's amazing short Kommunikation from 1961, screened in Oberhausen in 1962, the year of the Oberhausen Manifesto of which he is a signatory.

Post from 5.4.2020


This Time Grabowski, Haus des Lebens (House of Life), 1990, by the inimitable Mariola Brillowska, winner of a Principal Prize in Oberhausen in 1991.

Post from 29.3.2020


This time the multiple award winning En el espejo del cielo by Carlos Salces, Mexico 1998, which won the FIPRESCI Prize and several others in Oberhausen in 1999.

Post from 22.3.2020


This time, we present Ion Popescu-Gopo's Șapte Arte (Seven Arts) from 1958, which received an honourable mention by the International Jury in Oberhausen in 1959.

Post from 15.3.2020


This time, Jan Švankmajer's dark and beautiful Kyvaldo, Jáma e Nadeje (The Pit, the Pendulum & Hope) from 1984, which won a main prize in Oberhausen in 1985 - one of many films by Švankmajer we screened over the years.

Post from 8.3.2020


This time: Agnès Varda's amazing short documentary Black Panthers from 1968, which won a promotional prize in Oberhausen in 1970

Post from 1.3.2020


This time Szpital, 1977, by the great Krzysztof Kieślowski. Oberhausen screened several of his films in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Post from 23.2.2020


This time, Dog Door, a music video by The Brothers Quay for Sparklehorse from 2001, screened in one of our first international music video programmes in 2002.

Post from 16.2.2020


This time Stan VanDerBeek's amazing "social satire aimed at the rockets, scientists, and competitive mania of our time", Science Friction (1959), which won the Prize for the best Experimental Film in Oberhausen in 1962.

Post from 9.2.2020


This time, the wonderfully tongue-in-cheek portrait of A City called Copenhagen by Jørgen Roos from 1960, for which he won the Prize of the VHS (Adult Education Centres) Jury in 1961.



Post from 2.2.2020


This time Piccolo by Dušan Vukotić from 1959, which won the Prize for the Best Animation in Oberhausen in 1960. Vukotić won the Academy Award for best animated short in 1962 for Surogat.

Post from 26.1.2020


This time, Surprise Boogie by Albert Pierru, France 1957, an animation produced directly on film which won a special mention in Oberhausen in 1958.

Post from 19.1.2020


This time, Bruce Conner's A Movie from 1958, screened in our Theme programme Catastrophe in 2002.

Post from 12.1.2020


This time, Par 10 Minutem Vecaks (Ten Minutes Older) by Herz Frank from 1978 - a secret observation of children watching a play. Screened in Oberhausen in the Children, Childhood, Cinema Theme programme in 2007.

Post from 5.1.2020


This time, Window Water Baby Moving, Stan Brakhage's treatment of the birth of his daughter from 1959. Screened in Oberhausen as part of the programme The Fallen Curtain in 2005.