Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


International Competition

Jury of the International Competition 2004

Robert Cahen (France)

Oiotr Krajewski (Poland)

Catrin Lundgvist (Sweden)

Jayne Parker (Great Britain)

Abraham Ravett (USA)


Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen, ex aequo (3,750 € each)

Od - El camino, Martín Mejía, Colombia 2003

La Tresse de ma mère, Iris Sara Schiller, France 2003


Two Principal Prizes (3,500 € each)

WASP, Andrea Arnold, Great Britain 2003

Fabulous Creatures, Eunjung Hwang, USA 2003


ARTE Prize for a European Short Film (2,500 €)

1.35, Milan Balog, Slovak Republic


Special Mention

Acerca de la vida, Ignacio Ceruti, Cuba 2003

Three Poems by Spoon Jackson, Michel Wenzer, Sweden 2003



Jury of the North Rhine Westphalia Government Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Culture and Sports


Members of the Jury

Theda Kluth (Cologne)

Ronald Herzog (Bielefeld)

Christiane Heuwinkel (Bielefeld)

Susane Reck (Berlin)

Barbara Schweizerhof (Berlin)


Prize (10,000 €)

WASP, Andrea Arnold, Great Britain 2003


Special Mention

Grand Littoral, Valèrie Jouve, France 2003



Jury of the FIPRESCI


Members of the Jury

Laurence Boyce (Great Britain)

Rolf-Rüdiger Hamacher (Germany)

Dana Linssen (Netherlands)

Miroslaw Przylipiak (Poland)


Prize (1,500 €)

Super Documentary: Zeneisenjutsu, Kanai Katsu, Japan 2003



Ecumenical Jury


Members of the Jury

Alexander Deeg (Erlangen)

Ylva Lilijeholm (Sweden)

Wolfgang Luley (Frankfurt/Main)


Prize (1,500 €)

Britanya, Marjoleine Boonstra, Netherlands 2003


Special Mentions of the Ecumenical Jury

Les Tartines, Anthony Vouardoux/Tania Zambrano-Ovalle, Switzerland 2003

WASP, Andrea Arnold, Great Britain 2003



Prize of the Cinema Jury


Members of the Jury

Victor Ferine (Bonn)

Elke Rickert (Lüneburg)

Hélène Ségol (Paris)


Prize (Buying option on the awarded work by the Short Film Agency Hamburg)

Two Cars, One Night, Taika Waititi, New Zealand 2003



Prize of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (ex aequo, 250 € each) 

The Epilogue, William Owusu, Kenya 2003

Habana Holiday (Yo soy malo), Chris Maher, USA 2003

German Competition

Members of the Jury

Catherine Ann Berger (Zurich)

Helmut Herbst (Germany)

Ulrich Köhler (Germany)


Prize for the best contribution to the German Competition (5,000 €, donated by the Industrie- und Handelskammer zu Essen)

Living a Beautiful Life, Corinna Schnitt, Germany 2003


The 3sat-Promotional-Award, ex aequo (1,250 € each)

Krankenhaus, Micah Magee, Germany 2003

Barbershop Politics, Hannes Gieseler/Anja Schütze/Kartick Singh, Germany 2003

Children's and Youth Film Competition

Jury of the Children's Film Competition

Christopher Herbrich, Charlotte Hilburg, Jule Marie Lauterfeld, Oliver Lia, Sina Nöding


Jury of the Youth Film Competition

Marie Derißen, Vanessa Furmanski, Jennifer-Denise Scymiczek, Jochen Weiner, Moritz Zbocna



Both Prizes donated by the Kinderkanal ARD/ZDF:


Prize of the Children's Film Competition for the programmes of the 5 to 12-year-olds (1,000 €):

Seven's Eleven, Amy Iorio, USA 2003


Special Mention

Porgand, Pärtel Tall, Estonia 2003


Prize of the Youth Film Competition for the programmes of the 12 to 16-year-olds (1,000 €):

Oranges, Kristian Pithie, Australia 2003

MuVi Award for the Best German Music Video

Members of the Jury

Karl Bartos (Germany)

Pipilotti Rist (Switzerland)

Charles Petit (France) 



First Prize (2,500 €)

Let's Push Things Forward, Martin Sulzer/Andi Triendl/Julia Weiger (music: The Streets), 2004



Second Prize (1,500 €)

mugen kyuukou how to believe in jesus, Graw Böckler (music: Tujiko Noriko), 2003



Third Prize (1,000 €)

Die Zeit heilt alle Wunder, Cornelia Cornelsen/Florian Giefer (music: Wir sind Helden), 2004



Special Mention of the MuVi Jury

Working Girl, Corine Stübi (music: Amon Tobin), 2004



MuVi Online Audience Award (500 €)

Dinge von denen, Norbert Heitker (music: Die Ärzte), 2003