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Oberhausen continues its exploration of the future of cinema with a ten-part programme curated by Ian White that focuses on the relationship between cinema and the museum. The traditional gallery and cinema are inadequate vehicles for artists' film and video. The museum cannot assimilate works whose meaning is contingent upon the operations of cinema. Cinema cannot develop a sustainable infrastructure for artists' work. And yet the number of artists working with the moving image continues to rise.


 "Kinomuseum" examines and re-imagines the responses - and their cultural context - of both institutions to artists' work. Concerned not only with what we see but how we see it, the project proposes a radical alignment between viewing and critical thinking. "Kinomuseum" imagines a new museum rising from the foundations of the cinema auditorium.


Five of the ten programmes are curated by Ian White. Five international guest curators select one programme each, attempting to construct this unique, imaginary museum in the cinema itself: Achim Borchardt-Hume (Curator, Tate, London), AA Bronson (artist, New York), Mary Kelly (artist, Los Angeles), Mark Leckey (artist, London) and Emily Pethick (Director, Casco Projects, Utrecht).


The curator:

Ian White is Adjunct Film Curator for Whitechapel Art Gallery, London and also works on independent projects. He is a writer and artist.

Children, Childhood, Cinema

Children, Childhood, Cinema


Oberhausen has been showing short films for children for 30 years now. But who still remembers the details of his childhood? That feeling of boundless joy, oblivious to the rest of the world, or the experience of powerlessness? Rather than a retrospective, to celebrate this anniversary curator Marcel Schwierin has put together five programmes that remind the adult viewer what it was like to be a child. Belying the still widespread cliché of the carefree days of childhood, the programme opens up a more ambivalent vista on this formative period in every person's life. The selection of films shown range from Uli Versum's 'Faszinierendes Puppenhaus' (1987), in which a doll's house becomes the stage for an existential childhood drama, to Herz Frank's 'Ten Minutes Older' (1978), a look at children on their first visit to the theatre, to 'Brats' (1930), in which Laurel & Hardy can be seen in double roles as both fathers and sons.


The curator

Marcel Schwierin, freelance curator and filmmaker.


He has curated events including the Werkleitz biennials and publishes an Internet database for experimental film and video art: Oberhausen 2005 "The Fallen Curtain".



Opening: Line of View, 3 May, 19 h

Par 10 minutem vecaks (10 Minuten älter), Herz Frank, UdSSR 1978, 10'

Summer Lightnings, Victor Alimpiev, Russia 2004, 2'30''

Why Don't You Love Me? (Phoenix Tapes #4), Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, Germany 1999, 8'30''

Milk of Amnesia, Jeffrey Scher, USA 1992, 5'40''


Mother, Father, Mother 4 May, 12.30 h

Mother's Day, James Broughton, USA 1948, 22'

Land of Mist, Suvi Andrea Helminen, Denmark 2003, 26'

WASP, Andrea Arnold, Great Britain 2003, 23'


Teacher Can You Here Me? 4 May, 17 h

Babies on Parade, Universal-International Newsreel, USA 1950, 1'

Dva Zakona, Vefik Hadzismajlovic, Jugoslawia 1968, 10'

Außenseiter, Medienprojekt Wuppertal, Germany 2004, 14'

Summer Lightnings, Victor Alimpiev, Russia 2004, 3'

Gay or Not, Wai Yee Chan & Yee Nam Lou, China 2004, 22'

Upside-Down or Phantomas in the Province, Veniamin Tronin, Russia 2005, 20'

The Oral Thing, Bjørn Melhus, Germany 2001, 9'


Girls Girls Girls 5 May 12.30 h

Toward Emotional Maturity, Knickerbocker Productions, USA 1954, 11'

Einwicklung mit Julia, Ulrike Rosenbach, Germany 1973, 5'

Pancia - Frauchen, Iwona Siekierzynska, Poland 1995, 15'

About a Girl, Brian Percival, Great Britain 2001, 10'

Masha, Dana Goldberg, Israel 2005, 10'

Leonie Saint, Jana Debus, Germany 2006, 13'


In a Material World 5. Mai 17 Uhr

The Little Match Seller, James Williamson, Great Britain 1902, 3'

Eine Million Kredit ist normal, sagt mein Großvater, Gabriele Mathes, Austria 2006, 22'

Station, Martin Brand, Germany 2005, 15'

One Black/One White, Hung-Chih Peng, Taiwan 2001, 3'

Rabbit, Run Wrake, Great Britain 2005, 9'

Magnificent Ray, Sarah Miles, Great Britain 2000, 23'


Size Does Matter 6 May 12.30 h

Yozhik v tumane (Igel im Nebel), Yuri Norstein, UdSSR 1975, 11'

Brats, James Parrott (Laurel & Hardy), USA 1930, 20'

Faszinierendes Puppenhaus, Uli Versum, Germany, 1987, 9'

L'outil n'est pas toujours un marteau, Sylvie Laliberté, Canada 1999, 9'

Kshy, Tra, Ghya, Amit Dutta, India 2004, 22'


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