Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Jury of the International Competition 2008

Zelimir Zilnik (Serbia)

Mihnea Mircan (Romania)

Alessio Cavallaro (Australia)

Shai Heredia (India)

Keith Sanborn (USA)

Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen (7,500 €)


director: Dennis Tupicoff

Australia 2007






For its masterful synthesis of social commentary, formal experimentation, and its exploration of bareback riding both within the rodeo arena and beyond.

Principal Prize (3,500 €)


director: Radu Jude

Romania 2007






For revealing an honest image of the complex emotional terrain of family life through a rigorous and understated use of cinematic means.

Principal Prize (3,500 €)

Kak stat stervoi

director: Alina Rudnitskaya

Russia 2008



For its poignant reflections on the reconstruction of femininity in post-communist Russia.

ARTE Prize for a european short film (2,500 €)


director: Neil Belouta

France 2007









For its disquieting evocation of a world emerging from the shadows of a kidnapped future.

Special Mention of the international Jury

Running Sushi

director: Mara Mattuschka and Chris Harring

Austria 2008

Special Mention of the international Jury


director: Anocha Suwichakornpong

Thailand 2007

Prize of the Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia (5,000 €)

Parlez-moi d'amour

director: Alexia Bonta

Belgium 2008








A hospital - two old women at the end of their lives. When faced with such circumstances, we usually associate them with decay and death. In Parlez moi d'amour, Belgian filmmaker Alexia Bonta shows us that this attitude may be careless, that there is a lot of experience to collect here, a knowledge relevant to all of us.

Using a formally reduced documentary approach, the director manages to make two people talk, to make them communicate their experience of life, but also their disappointments, their stubbornness and their sense of humour to the succeeding generation.

For this conversation about love and intimacy, supposedly at the wrong time in the wrong place, the jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia awards its prize to Alexia Bonta and her film Parlez moi d'amour.



The Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia 2008:

Christiane Heuwinkel (Bielefeld), Michael Girke (Herford), Klaus Gronenborn (Köln), Rainer Komers (Mülheim/Ruhr), Ruth Schiffer (Düsseldorf)

Prize of the Jury of FIPRESCI (Jury of International Film Critics)


director: Pavel Medvedev

Russia 2007







Taking the G8 summit in St. Petersburg in 2006 as an example, director Pavel Medvedev exposes the rituals of the contemporary business of politics in Nezrimoe: The tired choreography of the press, the brutal ballet of horrendous security machines, the rusty gestures of symbol politics. Like an ethnologist, he approaches the subject from the edges. Images that stand for themselves, without commentary or additional music and which no doubt belong to the large screen and invite the viewer to look again and again add up to this quite elegant film full of reserved, exact observation, full of sensitivity and which, in addition, tells us a lot about the present conditions of oligarchy and Putinism in Russia. A film of distances: as an alienating contrast, there is a graveyard and a stonemason, who chisels away at gravestones. This reminds us of Brecht and his lines on the transience of power: "At the Moldau the stones are moved/Three emperors are buried in Prague/The great one stays great, but the small one not small/The night has twelve hours and then already comes the break of day."


Jury FIPRESCI 2008: 

Anjelika Artyukh (Russia), Mark Peranson (Canada), Rüdiger Suchsland (Germany)

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (1,500 €)


director: Kawamura Yuki

Frankreich 2008



A young Japanese family is confronted with the mother's death. This impressive short feature film shows us in deeply symbolic images how little Yu and his father are borne up by the security offered by the family.


The Ecumenical Jury 2007:

Irina Grassmann (Germany), Wolfgang Luley (Germany), Christian Murer (Switzerland), Eberhard Streier (Germany), Peter F. Stucki (Switzerland)

Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury


director: Shyamal Karmakar/Sanghamitra Karmakar

Indien 2007



In an Indian boomtown, a little girl is trying to preserve its childhood world. In highly contrasting images, this documentary shows how childhood is threatened by urbanisation. 

Prize of the Cinema Jury for the best 35mm film under 15 minutes in the International and German Competition, in connection with a buying option on the awarded work by the Short Film Agency Hamburg

Jos Kaadun

director: Hannaleena Hauru

Finnland 2007







At a first glance, the finnish production Jos Kaadun tells an everyday story - nevertheless the film provides different levels of access, amongst them a documentary approach. Many fondly observed details and the high technical quality make the film a screen-filling cinematic experience.


Cinema Jury 2008:

Juliette Duret (Belgium), Ingrid Lüdeke (Germany), Christian Wichmann (Germany)

Prize of the Cinema Jury for the best 35mm film under 15 minutes in the Children's and Youth Competition, in connection with a buying option on the awarded work by the Short Film Agency Hamburg

Tôt ou tard

director: Jadwiga Kowalska

Switzerland 2007






The animation Tôt ou tard from Switzerland impresses with its simple, poetic story and with its appropriate technical realization. A film about day, night, and the power of friendship, entertaining both for children and adults.

Prize of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (500 €)


Regie: Jaan Toomik

Estland 2007



The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen awards its prize to a disturbing film which reflects, in a few precise scenes, a man's fear of commitment who can find comfort neither in his relationship nor in religious communities nor in nature.

Jury of the German Competition 2008

Maria Speth,

Cristina Nord,

Claus Löser

Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition (5,000 €)

Die Tragöden aus der Stadt

Director: Eva Könnemann

Germany 2008







Eva Könnemann's film convinced us through its complexity, its sense of humour and efficient montage. The director follows the rehearsals of a production of "Hamlet" by Fabian Hinrichs and Laurent Chétouane, which results in some intelligent interaction between Shakespeare's play and the plot of the film. The film offers profound insights into the creative process with all its contradictions, highs and lows.

We have chosen four films which illustrate an escalated social reality in different ways.

3sat-Promotional-Award -ex aequo- 3sat-Promotional-Award (2,500 €; ex aequo: 1,250 €) for a work with a particulary innovative approach. This award includes an option for 3sat to purchase the winning title and broadcast it on 3sat


Director: Xenia Yvon Lesniewski

Germany 2008









What we liked about Supersensibel was the way the director combines pop animation with the playful representation of a polymorph sexuality, adding enigmatic comments which lend the film a furious energy.

3sat-Promotional-Award -ex aequo- (2,500 €, ex aequo: 1,250 €) for a work with a particulary innovative approach. This award includes an option for 3sat to purchase the winning title and broadcast it on 3sat

I Killed the Butterflies

Director: Cyrill Lachauer

Germany 2007








I Killed the Butterflies finds archaic images for a ritual of liberation set in a wintery mountain landscape. The rough, unpolished camera corresponds to the physical immediacy of this film.

Special Mention of the Jury of the German Competition


Director: Norman Richter

Germany 2008


Eure Kinder werden so wie wir (Your Children Will Be Like Us)

Director: Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler

Germany 2007



In Heidelberg, Norman Richter takes a trip back into his family history. He reflects on memory, decline and death in quiet, precise images, circling around the pain connected with these things.

Eure Kinder werden so wie wir is one of the few films in this programme to choose a political subject. Andree Korpys and Markus Löffler film the confrontations between protesters and policemen in Gorleben and Heiligendamm as an apparently ritualised trial of strength.

Prize of the Children Jury (1,000 €)


director: Simone van Dusseldorp

Netherlands 2007







This film is funny, but it has a serious background. A boy behaves like a dog to recover his parents' attention. We think that unfortunately this is the everyday life in many families. The strong acting also convinced us.



Children Jury 2008:

Max Komes, Jasper Marten Köster, Hannah Mendrina, Fabian Spickeneder, Linnéa Doberstein

Special Mention of the Children Jury


director: Claude Luyet

Switzerland 2007



The cat and the mouse were animated in various ways. The film shows the technical and artistic possibilities and represents a "journey through time", from pencil drawings to computer animation.

Prize of the Youth Jury (1,000 €)


director: Leonardo Cadaval

Brazil 2008






Urbanity - ignorance - the rain forest. This fast-paced animated story of a Brazilian native Indian starts with a harmless hunt. The film manages, without words, to depict the conflict between civilisation and nature in fascinating animated pictures. The tension between the cultures is underlined by an intelligently adapted noise and sound design. An audiovisual masterpiece, produced almost single-handedly by the director.



Youth Jury 2008:

Deborah Tabea Luhnau, Ruth Lange, Sebastian Busch, Jannik Süselbeck, Kim Werth

Special Mention of the Youth Jury

The Sound of People

director: Simon Fitzmaurice

Ireland 2007



"The day I die the Internet arrives." The director manages to find an impressive and poetic visual language to convey his philosophical reflections on life and death.

Jury of the MuVi Award 2008

Jan Jelinek (Berlin)

Libby Durdy (Sheffield)

Roel Wouters (Amsterdam)

1st Prize (2,500 €)

Ich bin der Stricherjunge

a video by: Simone Gilges

music: Stereo Total

production: SimGil Production

label: Disko B

Germany, 2007






It has the essence of pop, it's showing friends, fashion and fun, it's spontaneous, improvised, authentic, do it yourself and shows good production values. The visual aesthetics are connected in a good way to the lo-fi sound of the song. The director seems part of the scene, at least he shares the style-codes of the band. The best stuff comes from something that you are passionate about. It's a document of the Berlin punk scene.

2nd Prize (1,500 €)

Das beste deutsche Musikvideo

director: Luigi Archetti, Bo Wiget

production: Archetti & Wiget

music: Luigi Archetti, Bo Wiget

label: Happy System

Germany, 2008





It's ironic, trippy, pretentious, obviously arty, though the music and video were going really well together. It plays with the conventions of music videos, it's an anti choreography, anti video, simple and elegant. It made us debate and since it became number two, it's not the "bestes deutsches musikvideo".

3rd Prize (1,000 €)


director: Jörg Petri

production: Jörg Petri

musik: Michael Fakesch

label: !K7 Records

Germany, 2007



The method is its strength: it focuses on one simple idea, connecting traditional craftsmanship to contemporary aesthetics, making good use of the constraints of the letterpress.

The MuVi Online Audience Award

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It goes to:

Aus meinem Kopf (Erdmöbel)

director: Sandeep Mehta

production: Sandeep Mehta

music: Erdmöbel

label: Sony BMG

Germany, 2007


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