Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Profiles 2008

Patrice Kirchhofer


French filmmaker Patrice Kirchhofer takes film back to its glowing physical materiality. His radical investigations originate in the moving picture machine itself, in the dialectical relationship between motion and standstill, emergence and disappearance. He has been experimenting with his optical and philosophical toys since the 1970s. Kirchhofer's work has been shaped by modern serial music; his films are powerful without aiming to overwhelm. The experimental series Chromaticité, Densité optique, Anorexie as well as his unfinished films and his involvement in the self-organisation of the 'other' cinema are an expression of a radical renunciation of all media and market machinations.


5 May 2008

Andrew Kötting


Andrew Kötting is one of Britain's most intriguing artists, endowed with the visionary curiosity and hybrid creativity exemplified by Derek Jarman. His 25 year oeuvre to date has moved from early live-art inflected, often absurdist pieces, ripe with skewed mythologies, through darkly comic shorts teasing out the melancholy surrealism at the heart of contemporary Englishness to two resolutely independent features. Throughout, he has also written and performed, created for digital platforms and the gallery. His refusal to adopt conventional ideas of closure around artworks, underpinned by an outlaw intelligence and pranksterish wit, marks out his work as both energising and important. Oberhausen will present two programmes of his short work, from the early Keatonesque Klipperty Klopp (1984) through the riverside antics of Jaunt (1995) to the disturbing intensity of Invalids (2000).


2 May 2008

Lis Rhodes

Lis Rhodes


The work of British artist Lis Rhodes investigates and proposes a radical questioning of the cultural, social and political hierarchies within which we live and in which we are complicit - as citizens and as viewers. Her films and videos assume a dramatic range of forms, from hand-made abstraction, meditations on perception and gender to the essay film and expanded cinema. Astute and rigorously structured it is a rarely surveyed body of work. This screening will include her two important works Light Reading (1979) and A Cold Draft (1988). In addition to her work as an artist Lis Rhodes was a formative influence in the early London Filmmakers' Co-op. She was a founder member of Circles Women's Film and Video Distribution (1979) and continues to be actively engaged in its latter-day manifestation Cinenova.


4 May 2008

Akram Zaatari

Akram Zaatari


After curating Radical Closure for our festival in 2006, video artist Akram Zaatari now returns to Oberhausen with a programme of his own works. Zaatari's videos revolve around capturing complex phenomena, they are sensual and abstract, impressionistic and rigorously structured and it is through these contradictions and inconsistencies that they develop their irresistible power. A co-founder of the Arab Image Foundation, Zaatari is an archivist who always questions the images he presents. Two programmes range from his first unfinished Wassat Bayrout (1992), a document of Beirut after the war, to his tribute to movement in cinema, Video in 5 Movements (2006), based on Super 8 home movies shot by a still photographer (in pre-war Lebanon).


5 + 6 May 2008