Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Jury of the International Competition 2010

© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

Adam Pugh (Great Britain)

Ellen Pau (PR China)

Maria Pallier (Spain)

Mara Mattuschka (Austria)

Fred Worden (USA)

Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen (7,500 €)

Madam & Little Boy

Magnus Bärtås

Sweden 2009, 28', HDV, colour




For the scope of its ambitions, its resourceful enlisting of the powers of cinema; for its unearthing of the fantastical, true-life story of Choi Eun-hee (Madame Choi) and her fated trajectory through both North and South Korean 20th century history; for its scrupulous weighting of the large and the small, the poetic and the political, the terrifying and the familiar; for its seamless weave of specific moments, broad and repeating historical pathologies, plain facts and cinematic epiphanies, the international jury awards the Grand Prize to Madame & Little Boy.

Principal Prize (3,500 €)

Mur i wieza

Yael Bartana

Israel/Netherlands/Poland 2009, 16', HDCAM, colour




A surprising approach that exposes and satirises the strategies and style of propaganda films; an engaging, expectation-twisting and mind-opening experience for the viewer, and a masterclass in cultural studies. For providing a heterodoxical point of view on a highly-charged political issue and exposing its extreme complexity in a critical, yet potentially conciliatory way, the other Main Prize goes to Mur i wieza by Yael Bartana.

Principal Prize (3,500 €)


Laure Prouvost

Great Britain 2009, 9', DVCAM, colour






For its bravura interrogation of authorship and reflexivity, and intellectual generosity in dealing with the conceptual with subversive humour and wilful absurdism, the main prize goes to Laure Prouvost for Monolog.

ARTE Prize for a european short film (2,500 €)

Flag Mountain

John Smith

Great Britain 2010, 9', DVCAM, colour



Impressively simple, spot on and as exact as a mathematical formula, Flag Mountain by John Smith draws an accurate caricature of nationalism.

Special Mentions of the international Jury

Filmas apie nežinomą menininkę

Laura Garbštienė

Lithuania 2009, 11', 16mm, colour








Must one suffer in our success-oriented society today, even develop a guilty conscience, if one stays unsuccessful and unknown? In her film about an unknown artist, Laura Garbštienė creates the unforgettable, tragicomical character of an outsider who tries in vain to be part of high society. The film is fresh, authentic and as ingenious as in the first days of cinema.

Travelling Fields

Inger Line Hansen

Norway 2009, 9', 35mm, colour








For a simple experiment of turning the camera upside down, the film renders a refreshing perspective of rustic architecture and bleak habitat. The tracking of the camera fuses beautifully with nature’s motion to conjure up a monumental horizon for the cinema screen.

Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia

Stefan Westerwelle (Cologne)
Christiane Heuwinkel (Bielefeld)
Barbara Engelbach (Cologne)
Ulrike Sprenger (Konstanz)
Nikolaj Nikitin (Cologne)

Prize of the Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia (5,000 €)

Definitively Unfinished

Pavel Braila

Moldova 2009, 14'30'', Beta SP, colour





The Film Definitively Unfinished begins at the end: it tells about the end of cinema in Moldavia; about the end of the short history of the travelling video carriages and about the blazing failure of the first independent Moldavian film project. In its formal realisation, which is as clever as it is confident, the film shows itself as a tri-fold end-credit and at the same time as a departure for the beautiful land of eternally unfinished works.


Members of the Jury
Barbara Engelbach (Cologne), Christiane Heuwinkel (Bielefeld), Nikolaj Nikitin (Cologne), Ulrike Sprenger (Constance), Stefan Westerwelle (Cologne)

Special Mention

Rendez-vous à Stella-Plage

Shalimar Preuss

France 2009, 18', 35mm, colour





A special mention by the Jury of the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia  goes to the film Rendez-vous à Stella-Plage by Shalimar Preuss. Two stories about closeness and distance, about wanting to keep hold and having to let go, which are independent of each other, are linked in the associative basic structure of this film.

The International Critics' Prize (FIPRESCI Prize)

Filmas apie nežinomą menininkę

Laura Garbštienė

Lithuania 2009, 11', 16mm, colour








Deceptively rough in style, but multilayered and light on its feet, the film expresses its pathos, its wit, and its politics through performance.


Members of the Jury
Claudia Lenssen (Berlin), Gözde Onaran (Istanbul, Turkey), Jonathan Rosenbaum (Chicago, USA)

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (1,500 €)

Mur i wieza

Yael Bartana

Israel/Netherlands/Poland 2009, 16', HDCAM, colour






A group of Jews follow the call to re-establish Jewish life in Poland by building a Kibbuz where the Warsaw ghetto used to be. A provocative satire and a parody on old propaganda films, this film shows the creation of a political sculpture against anti-Semitism, nationalism and forgetting.


Members of the Jury
Brigitte Affolter (Biel, Switzerland), Achim Forst (Mainz), Bernadette Meier (Zurich, Switzerland), Eberhard Streier (Essen)

Special Mention

Electric Light Wonderland

Susanna Wallin

Great Britain 2009, 12', HDCAM, colour




A caring single father engages with the desires and needs of his two adolescent sons. In a subtle visual language and empathetic close-ups, the film talks about mutual respect and trust between father and sons.

Prize of the Cinema Jury, in connection with two buying options on the awarded works by the Short Film Agency Hamburg

you and me

Karsten Krause

Germany 2009, 4', DV, colour








A love poem by e. e. cummings illustrated by Super 8 home movies. We see a woman who visibly enjoys the man's eyes on her through the camera. Their married bliss is repeatedly staged against the backdrop of spectacular postcard landscapes spanning a period of 40 years. Great minimalist cinema in narrow gauge format.


Members of the Jury

Alexandra Gramatke (Hamburg), Jörg Jacob (Kaiserslautern), Paul Müller (Regensburg)

Prize of the Cinema Jury

Bjørn Melhus
Germany 2008, 3,5 min, DV, colour




This film extracts the essence of action movies. Their soundtracks provide the rhythm for the strobe light effects where planes of different colours dance on the screen. The filmmaker edits all this so originally and extraordinarily that the spectator who allows himself to be immersed in this experience takes off with the starting helicopter, is shaken thoroughly and at last gently lowered back into his or her cinema seat.

Special Mention

Fly in the Sky

Vera Neubauer

Great Britain 2010, 5', Beta SP, colour




The total picture: a former abbey as a place of idyllic silence and withdrawal from the world. The dirty details: imprisonment, desperate attempts to escape. No one here gets out alive. Insect horror and sacral art enter into a sleazy union.

Prize of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (500 €)

Hand Soap

Oyama Kei

Japan 2008, 16', HDCAM, colour






When the jury decisions are known, the festival's selection committee traditionally awards a prize intended to draw attention to a work that we think is particularly relevant. The Japanese animation Hand Soap uses extraordinary techniques to find impressive images for the physical-psychological experience of an adolescent boy. We are happy to award the 500 € prize to Oyama Kei.



Jury for the German Competition 2010

Gabrielle Schultz (Oberhausen/Vienna)
Züli Aladag (Berlin)
Christine Dollhofer (Linz)

Prize for the best contribution to the German Competition, (5,000 €)

Gesang der Jünglinge

Andree Korpys, Markus Löffler

Germany 2009, 14'30'', Beta SP, colour




A shot, an electric shock, a scream. Impotence and loss of control. A surprising and stylistically reduced film with a strong concept that focuses on this one moment. The film provokes physical reactions and makes us experience the vulnerability of man.

3sat-Promotional-Award, (2,500 €) for a contribution with a particularly innovative approach. In addition the award includes a buying option on the awarded work to be broadcast on 3sat.

Nach Klara (After Klara)

Stefan Butzmühlen

Germany 2010, 15', Digi Beta, colour




A young man experiences what it is like to be desired. Light snapshots from the life of a young man who is searching for sexual orientation but unable to abandon himself to anything but the passing moment.

Special Mention of the Jury of the German Competition

Shadows Inside

Moana Vonstadl

Germany 2009, 6', Digi Beta, b/w






This black and white animation convinces by its coherent conception, condensed atmosphere and artistic implementation.

Special Mention of the Jury of the German Competition


Eldar Grigorian

Germany 2010, 23', Digi Beta, b/w




An epic narrative distinguished by its lucid visual language and its
respectful approach to its characters.

Jury of the NRW Competition

Ute Mader (Leverkusen)
Gabi Hinderberger (Bochum)
Dirk Steinkühler (Cologne)

First Prize of the NRW Competition, (1,000 €), sponsored by the NRW.BANK

Holding Still

Florian Riegel
Germany 2010, 26'30'', HDCAM, colour




A film that develops its narrative slowly. Edited to reveal nothing predictable, it takes its audience right into the tensions of a moving story that gradually unfolds to achieve its full power. The fact that the author takes up this story and the way he does it, even though he came across it by chance, is testimony to his ability to recognise an impressive subject and treat it with respect. A thoughtful cinematography steers us through its own images and the protagonist's, which are her means of access to her world via her laptop. At the end, the perspective expands once more to include the outside world and gives us a moment of respite.

Second Prize of the NRW Competition (500 €), sponsored by the NRW.BANK


Angélique Dubois
Germany 2009, 29', HDCAM, colour



The impressive portrait of an industrial town at a turning point. The legends of industry are determined by different values today. The director takes a bold risk in using a western movie mood as a foil for the city and succeeds. She uses dialogues from various movies, while the city provides the backdrop and local actors perform the parts. Even if this concept is not always perfectly realised, the film works on many levels, not least by its impressive and unusual images of the city of Leverkusen.

Special Mention

Driving Élodie
Lars Henning
Germany 2009, 18'30'', 35mm, colour




Desire. Illusion. Projection. Cinema can be all this. And so can this film which, set among the members of a film team, looks for the right motifs and finds them. Extremely atmospheric images tell the story of an encounter between a reticent set driver and his passenger, a beautiful French actress. It is not a modern fairy-tale but a well-rounded short distance road movie taking some -- apparent -- detours.

Jury of the Children's and Youth Film Competition

Representative 'Neue Ruhr Zeitung', Nadine Breuer (Director of the Children's and Youth Film Competition), Osiris Luciano (Award winner), Marvin Kleine-Vogelpoth, Chantal Hecken, Sarah Bovenkerk, Delia Porth, Paula Limberg, Bartosz Czaja, Lena Slavik, Kira Weifenbach, Ahsen Akkaya, Representative of the Peter-Ustinov-Foundation

Prize of the Children Jury (1,000 €), sponsored by Neue Ruhr Zeitung

Jongens zijn we

Tomas Kaan

Netherlands 2009, 17'30'', Digi Beta, colour



We gave the first prize to the film Jongens zijn we because it is really funny and exciting and because it is about real friendship and sticking together. The boys experiment a lot and have fun together, and they get up to a lot of mischief.


Members of the Jury:
Ahsen Akkaya (10), Sarah Bovenkerk (9), Marvin Kleine-Vogelpoth (9), Paula Limberg (), Lena Slavik (9)

Special Mention of the Children Jury

Das Kleine und das Biest

Uwe Heidschötter, Johannes Weiland

Germany 2009, 7', Digi Beta, colour




We gave the second prize, a special mention, to the film Der Kleine und das Biest, because the characters in this film looked funny and the whole film was very funny, too. We liked the colours. It is very interesting, too, and we all thought the animation was beautiful. The music was very good, too.

Prize of the Youth Jury (EUR 1,000), sponsored by Peter Ustinov Stiftung


Osiris Luciano

Mexico 2010, 15', 35mm, colour




We decided on a film that is structured like a book, since one chapter is closed and another opens during the film. It is a film that suits all age levels because everyone can identify with this situation. In addition, the film leaves some space for our own imagination. By its intimate atmosphere, the film shows that upheavals and change are part of life and not necessarily negative.


Members of the Jury:
Bartosz Czaja (17), Chantal Hecken (17), Jasmin Liesemanns (16), Delia Porth (16), Kira Weifenbach (16)

Special Mention of the Youth Jury


Ingo Monitor

Germany 2009, 24'30'', HD, colour






For our first special mention we chose a film that tells a very touching story. It works with beautiful colours and you can recognise changes in the situations by the colours. In many scenes of the film you can imagine what is going to happen yourself – or something like it. Congratulations and a great compliment to the film that we also liked very much, Eni!

Special Mention of the Youth Jury


Chris Dundon

Great Britain 2009, 18', HD, colour




The jury could not agree on one special mention, which is why there is a second one this year. It goes to Chris Dundon’s film bro, a perceptive study of a family with a mentally disabled son. Chris Dundon manages to look at the problems of all concerned parties: the problems of a single mother of a disabled and a healthy son, but also the problems of the healthy son who bears a lot of the responsibility for taking care of his brother.

Jury of the MuVi Award 2010

Lillevan (Germany)
Carine LeMalet (France)
Eric Pfeil (Germany)

1st Prize (2,500 €)

Lightning Strikes

a film by: Sönke Held

music: Felix Kubin

production: Sönke Held

label: Raum für Projektion

Germany, 2009



The first prize goes, almost without discussion, to Sönke Held for Lightning Strikes. More than any of the other selected works, this video manages to create its own, self-contained world. We also applaud its stylistically confident use of minimal digital technology, and the way it presents Felix Kubin as a character – a cross between Klaus Nomi and expressionist film star.

2nd Prize (1,500 €)

Bit by Bit 

a film by: Felix Hüffelmann and Philip Frowein

music: Comfort Fit

production: Nachteule Productions

label: Tokyo Dawn Records

Germany, 2009


The second prize goes to Felix Hüffelmann und Philip Frowein for Bit by Bit, because their video is an excellent example for the straightforward realisation of a simple idea. The video teaches, almost admonishes us, how hard it is to construct an adult personality in unprotected freedom. Incidentally, we could all identify easily with the gradual dilapidation of the flat.

3rd Prize (1,000 €)

u_08-1 (future past perfect pt.3)

a film by: Carsten Nicolai and Simon Mayer

music: alva noto feat. Anne-James Chaton

production: Studio Carsten Nicolai

label: raster-noton

Germany, 2009


The third prize goes to Carsten Nicolai and Simon Mayer for u 08-1, because it is a good example of how visuals and music can be made to interlock in a playful way. The video gets extra credits for stylising a soda vending machine to make it look like an old-fashioned computer interface, as some of the jury members are fans of both vending machines and old-fashioned computer interfaces.

The MuVi Online Audience Award (500 €)

The MuVi Online Audience Award is determined by the all internet users who cast their votes at






It goes to:



a video by Gitti & Kitti

production: Gitti & Kitti

music: Pappkameraden

Germany, 2009


The winner of the MuVi Online Audience Award is chosen by Internet users who cast their votes at (in co-operation with