Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


The Fourth Television 27 April 2012


A talk on television without ratings pressure — courageous, elitist and anarchical; on the future of the medium beyond the destruction of publicness by the public television "idiot machines"; on utopian television and alternatives on the Internet, in art projects, in short film. 


with Constanze Kurz, Chaos Computer Club (Hamburg); Dana Linssen, de filmkrant (Amsterdam); Claudius Seidl, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (Berlin). 

Moderated by: Rüdiger Suchsland, author and film critic (Berlin) 



Whatever Happened to Bildungsauftrag? - Teaching Cinema On TV and the Web 28 April 2012


In the 1970s, public TV channels in Germany initiated an astonishing number of ambitious instructional programmes about cinema. What happened to this rich legacy? Can traces of it be found in the blossoming genre of the analytic video essay on vimeo or YouTube? 


Film Studies in Motion


with Kevin B. Lee, dGenerate Films (Chicago) and Volker Pantenburg, film scholar (Berlin/Weimar). 



Mavericks, Mouvements, Manifestos 29 April 2012


A discussion on temporary affiliations between filmmakers, artists and intellectuals who make themselves heard through manifestos, rallying cries and declarations of intent — and whether they’re fit to face present-day challenges. 


with Margit Czenki, artist and filmmaker (Hamburg); Sarah Günter, film scholar (Frankfurt/M.); Irit Neidhardt, mec film (Berlin); Jed Rapfogel, Anthology Film Archives (New York) 

Moderated by: Ralph Eue, curator of "Mavericks, Mouvements, Manifestos" (Berlin) 



Found Footage- Lost In the Web? 30 April 2012


Where does the found-footage film stand in the age of remix culture? How does this artistic practice distinguish itself from the flood of online images and user-generated content? Are orphan films suddenly becoming pop stars? 


with Abigail Child, media artist and author (New York); Johann Lurf, filmmaker and artist (Vienna); Andréa Picard, curator and author (Toronto); Michele Pierson, film scholar and author (London). 

Moderated by: Wilbirg Brainin-Donnenberg, curator and author (Vienna) 



Curator - Vocation or Occupation? 1 May 2012


Curators are omnipresent today. But how does one become a film curator? Are they the new DJs, or are academic studies required? 


with Ben Gibson, London Film School; Dorothee Richter, Zurich University of the Arts; Dietmar Schwärzler, curator (Vienna); Bettina Steinbrügge, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere (Vienna). 

Moderated by: Sirkka Möller, curator (Berlin)