Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Picture Again © Linda Christanell

Woolly Town - Woolly Head © Vera Neubauer

Asphalto © Ilppo Pohjola

Confessions Coming Soon © Roee Rosen

Linda Christanell


Artist and filmmaker Linda Christanell has been regarded as a key figure in the Austrian avant-garde since the mid-1960s. After focusing initially on photography and performance, Christanell began in 1975 to work in the medium of film as well. Her works – such as For You (1984) and NS-Trilogie (1996 - 2000) – revolve around the interconnections between memory and longing, desire and violence, sensuality and transience. Oberhausen will present the most extensive retrospective of Christanell's films in the past 15 years. 

Vera Neubauer


Czech-born but UK-based filmmaker Vera Neubauer's work is highly diverse yet consistently challenging. From her early radical experiments in narrative structure, and innovative techniques – combining animation with live-action, collage, cut-outs and knitted films – her films have sometimes provoked extreme reactions. Her critique of the way ideology, myth, fairytales, history and politics inflect the narratives we use to mediate lived experience combines relentless curiosity, sometimes startling imagination, and provocative humour. Four programmes of short films. 

Ilppo Pohjola


Ilppo Pohjola makes a curious, even mysterious case in recent Finnish film art. The known part of his production consists of only four films. He studied in London and New York and worked as a graphic designer and photographer before he gained international fame for his portrait of Tom of Finland, Daddy and the Muscle Academy (1991). P(l)ain truth (1993) is a fierce take on the subject of sex change. The road movie Asphalto (1998) and routemaster (1999 - 2002), the definitive racing film, complete Pohjola's oeuvre so far. Pohjola has also produced the cinematic works of Eija-Liisa Ahtila since 1993.

Roee Rosen


"Perversion! Fraud! Corruption! Sacrilege! Nothing you have ever seen on screen can prepare you for the work of Roee Rosen!" (from Confessions Coming Soon, 2007). In breathtaking twists and turns, the artist sets off through the Garden of Evil, hurling our desires for identity, truth and spectacle back in our faces. Historical and theological consciousness, narrative imagination, erotic and psychological parables culminate in an evocative, political body of work. Oberhausen will feature the most comprehensive retrospective on this artist to date.