Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Award Winners

Members of the Jury of the International Competition 2013

© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

Steve Holmgren (USA)

Victoria Ilyushkina (Russia)

Tran Luong (Vietnam)

Daniela Pérez (Mexico)

Grand Prize of the City of Oberhausen (8,000 €)

Still of "Kirik Beyaz Laleler", Aykan Safoglu

Kirik Beyaz Laleler (Off-White Tulips)

Aykan Safoglu

Germany/Turkey 2013, 24', DCP, Colour




Who does not know a woman who has dyed her hair blonde? Or, who has never had –even if in dream– an imaginary friend?

Aykan, perhaps the story of your relationship to James Baldwin is not encapsulated within the world of fiction only. Your piece, an hommage to Baldwin, actually stands in the subtle and fragile line between two worlds – the real and the creative– and also between several times/moments. By adeptly weaving images of Baldwin with your own personal exploration, Kirik Beyaz Laleler beautifully connects to viewers in a multitude of ways. We are extremely excited to share your portrait of an exile writer, with whom you share a 3 year overlap (1984-1987).

Principal Prize (4,000 €)

Still of "Ziegenort", Tomasz Popakul


Tomasz Popakul

Poland 2013, 19', DCP, Colour






The artist of this work decided to introduce his film by generously suggesting, more or less, that we all be good to each other. This message is artistically crafted and delivered through a series of animated drawings that portray many depths and several perspectives. This regional and semi-autobiographical tale is haunting in the most beautiful ways. Tomasz Popakul, thank you for taking us to the sea: through black & white frames that outline complex smouldering atmospheres without the need of a snorkel or a gas-tank.

ARTE Prize for a european short film (2,500 €)

Still of "Dad's Stick", John Smith

Dad's Stick

John Smith

Great Britan 2012, 5', HDCAM, Colour






Mr. John Smith, a ruler, a stick, a cup (and much paint along the way). It is our honour to be introduced to Mr. Tony Smith. A finely woven series of minute details enrich and enable the deep and colourful dive into the personal palimpsest of memories that are powerfully gathered in Dad's Stick.

Special Mentions of the International Jury

Still of "Rogalik", Pawel Ziemilski


Pawel Ziemilski

Poland 2012, 17'30'', DCP, Colour




Still of "Journal", Sirah Foighel Brutman/Eitan Efrat


Sirah Foighel Brutman, Eitan Efrat

Belgien 2013, 16', Blu-ray, Farbe

Still of "A onda traz, o vento leva", Gabriel Mascaro

A onda traz, o vento leva

Gabriel Mascaro

Brazil/Spain 2012, 28', DCP, Colour

Jury of the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia

Jana Debus (Köln)

Ruth Schiffer (Düsseldorf)

Georg Elben (Marl)

Maike Mia Höhne (Berlin/Hamburg)

Oliver Baumgarten (Köln)

Prize of the Jury of the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia (5,000 €)

Still of "Montaña en sombra", Lois Patiño

Montaña en sombra

Lois Patiño

Spain 2012, 14' , DCP, colour






We award a film whose narrative evolves solely from the power of images, revealing a mountain deeply scarred by human beings. With outstanding camerawork on the edge of black-and white, it exposes the contrast between a powerful nature and human activities as represented by a bizarre ski ballet. A mountain in mourning – "Montaña en sombra" by Lois Patiño.

Jury of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)

Jennifer Borrmann (Germany)

Aleksander Huser (Norway)

Tara Judah (Australia)

The International Critics' Prize (FIPRESCI Prize)

Still of "Buffalo Death Mask", Mike Hoolboom

Buffalo Death Mask

Mike Hoolboom

Canada 2013, 23', File, Colour and b/w










From a very strong program there were several impressive works, however there can only be one winner. The winning film highlights universal themes in a poignant, personal way. Through earnest dialogue and dreamlike imagery it laments sickness and death and how losing the ones you love is also losing part of yourself. A striking, warm film.

Ecumenical Jury 2013

Daniel Gassmann (Bern)

Eberhard Streier (Essen)

Irina Grassmann (Frankfurt am Main)

Fr. Petr Vacík (Czech Republic)



Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (1,500 €), sponsored by the Evangelische Kirchenkreis Oberhausen and the Katholische Filmarbeit in Deutschland

Still of "Nation Estate", Larissa Sansour

Nation Estate

Larissa Sansour

Denmark/Palestinian territories 2012, 9', DCP, Colour





This film uses the science fiction genre to cram the whole of Palestine into a skyscraper. All that's left in its sterile interiors is the nostalgic view of the former home country through the windows. Formally stylized and with a precise eye for detail the film shows a utopia of this unresolved conflict.

Special Mention of the Ecumenical Jury

Still of "Yellow Fever", Ng'endo Mukii

Yellow Fever

Ng'endo Mukii

Great Britain 2012, 7', DigiBeta, colour





The ideal of fair skin tempts many girls and women in Africa to make painful attempts to change their appearance. This film, which was also screened in the Children's and Youth Film Competition, visualizes the condition of feeling insufficient in an exciting mix of collage, animation and dance, ingeniously addressing the racist causes of this feeling of inferiority and their reinforcement by today's mass media.

ZONTA Prize to a female filmmaker in the International or German Competition (1,000 €)

Still of "Diary #2", Adina Pintilie

Diary #2

Adina Pintilie

Rumania 2013, 16', DCP, Colour






Created as an experimental set-up between actress and director, the film feels its way into the memories and physicality of its protagonist. Looks, gestures and smells combine to form a narrative of great beauty. The tension between desire and fulfilment is sketched through the history of a body; a slow affirmation of the sensual present moment begins. This set-up of a documentary-fictional improvisation has a lasting effect.

Jury German Competition 2013

David Steinitz (Munich)

Alice Koegel (Stuttgart)

Dirk Schaefer (Berlin)

Prize for the best contribution to the German Competition (5,000 €)

Still of "Neununddreißig", Patrick Richter


Patrick Richter

Germany 2012, 27', DCP, Colour





Choosing among the different genres represented in this German Competition, we have decided to award our main prize to a film whose approach was particularly touching. A film that isn't easy on the audience and a film that wasn't easy for its creators. How far can you go when you find the subject of your film in your closest environment, and where is the limit at which the camera should be switched off? The director of this film presented an unsparingly intimate home video in this Competition. A home video that pushes the boundaries of the documentary film. Thirty-nine kilos is the dream weight of the anorexic girl portrayed by the director, a girl who comes from his closest family circle. We therefore award the Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition to Patrick Richter for his film Neununddreißig.

3sat Promotional Award (2,500 €)

Still of "Beyond Love and Companionship", Lior Shamriz

Beyond Love and Compagnionship

Lior Shamriz

Germany 2012, 18', HDCAM, Colour




A jury's task is always to search for something, and during that search we came across a film which itself focuses on searching. The search for one's own identity is one of the great original cinematic themes and in this case, the quest takes us to Berlin, a city that attracts many young searchers for meaning. We meet a young woman who is confronted from outside with her own self. Everyone but her seems to have figured her out. But is it really her? The director shows what happens when you suddenly re-discover yourself, with the instincts of a true comedian who always balances over the abyss. We therefore award the 3Sat Promotional Award 2013 to Lior Shamriz for his film Beyond Love and Companionship.

Special Mention of the Jury of the German Competition

Still of "Continuity", Omer Fast


Omer Fast

Germany 2012, 41', DCP, Colour






The Jury of the German Competition traditionally awards two prizes in Oberhausen: the 3Sat Promotional Award and the Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition. This year, in addition to the two prize winners, we would like to award a special mention to a film that has already attracted a lot of attention elsewhere. This film deals with a subject addressed by many filmmakers over the past few years, but uses an unusually broad spectrum of stylistic devices: a complex mash-up of elements from film and art history, it plays an ingenious game with the audience's expectation. The latter find themselves stuck in a loop they can't escape. A perfect labyrinth. We therefore award a Special Mention to the film Continuity by Omer Fast.

NRW-Jury 2012-2014

Barbara Fischer-Rittmeyer (Dortmund|Cologne)

Jens Schneiderheinze (Münster)

Natascha Gikas (Frankfurt am Main)

Prize for the best contribution to the NRW Competition (1,000 €)

Still of Crocodiles without Saddles, Britta Wandaogo

Krokodile ohne Sattel (Crocodile without Saddles)

Britta Wandaogo

Germany 2012, 15', Blu-ray, colour






Memories do not follow a chronological order – nor does Britta Wandaogo's film. Her 12-year-old daughter Kaddi thinks about the meaning of life and the role she plays in her German and African families. The filmmaker finds material in her archive which makes long-forgotten qualities and strengths visible to Kaddi. This very personal, almost intimate dialogue between the mother's images and the daughters' words shows how memories can be cultivated to make the here and now more comprehensible.

Promotional Award of the NRW Competition (500 €)

Still of "Anfang Juni", Kerstin Neuwirth

Anfang Juni (June Begins)

Kerstin Neuwirth

Germany 2012, 11', HDCAM, colour





In strong, richly atmospheric tableaus, Kerstin Neuwirth creates a mysterious microcosm. Women of different generations wordlessly act in a large garden. We hear only the sounds of nature. What are the relations between the various persons, how does the elusive man come into it? Is it possible to escape? The filmmaker deliberately keeps the viewer at a distance to create a space for own interpretations, associations and memories.

Special Mention of the Jury of the NRW Competition

Still of "Das Tier das lügen kann", David Jansen

Das Tier das lügen kann (The Animal That Can Lie)

David Jansen

Germany 2012, 12', HDCAM, Colour




What is the meaning, the context of the mostly frightening animated images in Das Tier das lügen kann? The expulsion from paradise is prevented and still man cannot be happy? Is it the word of God that's missing? David Jansen's animated film, which has passages that are as thrilling as any crime novel, leaves the viewer disturbed and baffled. But long after one has seen it one cannot help puzzling over its meaning, while the disconcertingly strong images force themselves into one's mind. That is a kind of quality.

Jury of the Children's Film Competition

Noah, Ole, Pelin, Marie and Lea-Katharina of the Jacobischule, Oberhausen.

Prize of the Children's Jury of the International Children' Competition 1,000 € sponsored by Neue Ruhr Zeitung

Still of "Yim & Yoyo", Anna van Keimpema

Yim & Yoyo

Anna van Keimpema

Netherlands 2012, 25', DCP, Colour





Some friends really exist; others exist only in your imagination. These are just as important as the real ones, as our winning film, Yim & Yoyo by Anna van Keimpema, shows. It's incredibly how much imagination Yim has and how he makes it come alive in his images. Even his fear of speaking is overcome by a little trick of the imagination. We think that this is really admirable, and it also makes you laugh in some places.

evo Promotional Award of the Children's Jury of the International Children's Film Competition (1,000 €)

Still of "I’m Going to Mum’s", Lauren Jackson

I'm Going to Mum's

Lauren Jackson

New Zealand 2012, 12'30'', HDCAM, Colour














Parents can be friends, too. But what do you do if they don't get along any more? Jacob goes on a clothes strike. Bundled in thick layers of clothes he can hardly move – but his parents start to move towards one another again. This film shows in a very funny way that it is important to fight for the things you love.

Special Mention

Still of "Pryg-Skok", Leonid Shmelkov

Pryg-Skok (Hopfrog)

Leonid Shmelkov

Russia, 2012, 5', DCP, Colour






Our Special Mention is a tale of imagination and friendship. It takes imagination to think up the creatures that are hopping across the screen in this film. They hop together and sometimes argue. But the main thing is: everything ends well. It's impossible to describe how funny this film is, which is why we hope that Pryg-Skok by Leonid Shmelkov will be screened at many more festivals

Jury of the Youth Film Competition


Ann-Danielle, Lukas, Luisa, Melwin und Saskia vom Freiherr-von-Stein-Gymnasium, Oberhausen

Prize of the Youth Jury of the International Children's and Youth Film Competition (1,000 €), supported by the Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation


Michael Spiccia

Australia, 2012, 13'30'', 35mm, Colour






Our winning film resembles a puzzle – the story emerges only gradually over the course of the film, a story which was completely new and unknown to all of us. We follow a girl whose special talents enable her to fight her way out of the dreariness of a junk yard into a new and hopefully better life.

This extraordinary story is carried by surprising moments which made us all think and feel for the girl when we saw the film. But also by its remarkable mood which is expressed in every aspect of the production and design of this film.

Special Mention

Still of "Mila", Kristina Wagenbauer


Kristina Wagenbauer

Canada/Switzerland 2012, 17', DCP, Colour





We would like to award our Special Mention to a film whose effective arc of suspense thrilled us from the first moment. The problems the young protagonist of this story must cope with and the stark contrasts in her emotional world that this entails were visualized in a way we could all understand.

The professional quality of the production of this film with its cleverly chosen locations and the harmonious colour design have impressed and delighted us all. In this context we would also like to emphasize the brilliant music design – since music is not just a narrative device among many others in this film, but an agent at the centre of the story.

Certificate of the Ecumenical Jury for a film in the International Children's and Youth Film Competition

Still of "Quand ils dorment", Maryam Touzani

Quand ils dorment (When They Sleep)

Maryam Touzani

Morocco 2012, 18', Blu-ray, Colour






8-year-old Sara loves her grandfather. When he dies unexpectedly, she looks for a way to say goodbye despite religious conventions. The film addresses a universal theme in a culture foreign to us. Its direct camera and unpretentious narrative style make it convincing.

Members of the MuVi Award Jury 2013

Michel Klöfkorn (Germany)

Isabelle Gaudefroy (France)

Christian Höller (Austria)

15th MuVi Award shared equally by three videos (1,000 € each)

Still of "Moth Race" (Kreidler), Heinz Emigholz

Moth Race

A video by: Heinz Emigholz

Music: Kreidler

Production: Pym Films

Label: Italic Recordings

Germany 2013, 4'





Moth Race by Heinz Emigholz takes us to putative faraway places, showing us in the uniformity of transit spaces that the absurd is lurking right behind the corners of the modern age.

Still von Palimpsest (Smog), Zeljko Vidovic


A video by: Zeljko Vidovic

Music: Smog

Production: Zeljko Vidovic

Label: Domino Records

Germany 2012, 6'30''





Palimpsest, finally, goes astray in a positive sense and takes the risk of getting lost in the border regions between death and reanimation. The Turin Shroud combined with disturbing animation and accompanied by scatterings of music.

Still of "Therapeutikon" (The Schwarzenbach), Heike Aumüller


A video by: Heike Aumüller

Music: The Schwarzenbach

Production: Exquisite Mayhem

Label: ZickZack

Germany 2012, 5'30''





Therapeutikon has its fingers on the pulse of our age insofar as the state of being locked into existing conditions – and not just that of the "loonies" referred to in the lyrics – is boiled down to its visual and musical essentials. Beckett and Boy George in a de-furnished family apartment.

The MuVi Online Audience Award (500€) is endowed by Schröder Bier

Still of "Left On A Little Farm (Stan Back)", Andreas Menn

Left on a Little Farm

A video by: Andreas Menn

Samples and Sounds: Stan Back

Production Ton: Stefan Römer

Production: Andreas Menn

Germany 2012, 6'