Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Green © Luther Price

Specijalni Vlakovi © Krsto Papić

Gletscher © Helga Fanderl

The Bohemian Rhaspsody Project © Ho Tzu Nyen

The Artist © Laure Prouvost


Luther Price


American artist Luther Price has produced one of the most remarkable bodies of work in experimental cinema. Originally trained as a sculptor, Price became known for his Super-8 films made in the 1980s and 90s, notable for their emotional power, incorporating elements of performance and autobiography. He then shifted to 16mm, creating new films through re-editing, painting, scratching and erasing old footage, leaving the prints to decay, or abrading their optical soundtracks to introduce unnerving sonic patterns. He has also exhibited slides, pressing bits of dirt, insects, and film between glass plates to create complex visual compositions. Oberhausen will present the first European retrospective of Price's work, compiled by Ed Halter.

Krelja, Krsto Papić and Zoran Tadić


Following programmes featuring films by Žilnik, Godina, Makavejev and the Sarajevo Documentary School, here comes another rediscovery from the Yugoslav documentary film scene in the 1960s and 70s: simultaneously with the "Black Wave" in Serbia, Croatia was also producing socially committed, sensitive and very modern work. These films take a surprisingly critical look at socialism and bureaucracy, and also at the first streams of "guest workers" migrating to Germany. The programme will show works by Petar Krelja, Krsto Papic and Zoran Tadic that have in many cases not been seen outside of Croatia for decades. Oberhausen is screening mostly new prints.

Helga Fanderl


Under the title "Constellations", Helga Fanderl will present a selection from the hundreds of Super 8 films in her oeuvre, which is marked in equal terms by great sensuality and rigour. The programmes she has compiled are highly idiosyncratic constructs, relating the works in fresh new ways. What matters here is how perception and sensation come together at the crucial moment of filming, shaping an original form of temporality.

Ho Tzu Nyen


Ho Tzu Nyen (Singapore), who works at the crossroads between classic cinematic narrative and installation, is one of Southeast Asia's most internationally acclaimed young artists. Oberhausen will be presenting for the first time in Europe an extensive overview of his extraordinary body of work, which runs the gamut from a culturally critical video essay like Utama – Every Name in History is I to the minimalist loop Newton.

Laure Prouvost


Laure Prouvost's work is characterised by a subversion of the narrative tropes of filmmaking. Drawing viewers into seemingly personal stories, heightened by Prouvost's use of handheld cameras and whispered voiceovers, their truth status is quickly undermined by surrealist interjections of image and text which insistently challenge our ability to piece together narrative elements. Prouvost has won several prizes in Oberhausen.