Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Award Winner

Members of the International Jury 2016

© Kurzfilmtage / D. Gasenzer

Andrés Denegri, artist and curator, Buenos Aires

Stella Händler, producer and filmmaker, Basel

Marta Kuzma, curator and writer, Stockholm

Joanna Raczyńska, filmmaker and curator, Washington

Mika Taanila, artist and filmmaker, Helsinki

Principal Prize of the City of Oberhausen, endowed with 8,000 €

Venusia © Louise Carrin


Louise Carrin

Switzerland, 2015, 34'11'', DCP, Colour



A film that, by simple means in a single room, creates a whole universe. A static double portrait opens up to a dynamic landscape of the contemporary human condition.

Principal Prize, endowed with 4,000 €

Ang araw bago ang wakas © Lav Diaz

Ang araw bago ang wakas

(The day before the end)

Lav Diaz

Philippines 2015, 16'18'', DCP, s/w



The Principal Prize is awarded to a work of political urgency. Made by an artist known for works that unfold over many hours, this short film is both elaborate and succinct. Here, otherwise canonical text arrives as a pressing vernacular, a site of last resort.

e-flux Prize, endowed with 3,000 €

Mains Propres © Louise Botkay

Mains propres

(Washed Hands)

Louise Botkay

Brazil 2015, 8'33'', DCP, colour



A formally simple but complex film about filming and being filmed, which has a highly disturbing effect. The power of this work is built up through one of the more essential tools of cinema: framing.

Special Mentions of the International Jury

Centre of the Cyclone © Heather Trawick

20 July.2015 © Deimantas Narkevičius

Centre of the Cyclone

Heather Trawick

Canada/USA 2015, 18'20'', 16 mm, colour


20 July.2015

Deimantas Narkevičius

Lithuania 2016, 15'08'', 3D DCP, colour

Jury of the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia

© Kurzfilmtage / D. Gasenzer


Peter Braatz (Ljubljana)

Christiane Heuwinkel (Wolfsburg/Bielefeld)

Maike Mia Höhne (Berlin/Hamburg)

Markus Lenz (Köln)

Ulrike Sprenger (Konstanz)

First Prize of the Jury of the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia, endowed with 5,000 €

489 Years © Hayoun Kwon

489 Years

Hayoun Kwon

France 2016, 11'17'', DCP, colour



The film 489 Years enters the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea and takes its audience into a forest of both life and death. Following the authentic memories of a border guard, the film uses images of fantastic quality to open the viewer’s eyes to a true but hidden reality of our world. Both the cruelty and the beauty of this death zone are only suggested, and yet the film gives us an almost physical sense of the existential powerlessness and fear felt in this completely mined area. The perfection in the depiction of this space is even heightened by a vision of the destruction of the border zone. If arms destroy arms and not people, the fear may dissolve in hope. A film of great depth, brilliant beauty and social relevance. For today and even more so for tomorrow.

Second Prize of the Jury of the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of North Rhine-Westphalia, endowed with 3,000 €

If It Was © Laure Prouvost

If It Was

Laure Prouvost

Great Britain 2015, 8'52'', DCP, colour



Prouvost associates a utopia inspired by the place itself and its history with the sacred halls of art. Like the surfers on the river Isar in Munich, the viewer is swept away by a very personal, orgiastic space. If It Was formulates a radical plea for more naturalness and relevance in an art world walled in by history and commerce.

Jury of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)

Peter Kremski, Deutschland
Tina Poglajen, Slowenien
Shy K. Segev, Israel

The International Critics’ Prize (FIPRESCI Prize)

If It Was © Laure Prouvost

If It Was

Laure Prouvost

GB, 2015, 8'52'', DCP, Colour



The FIPRESCI Jury awards the International Critics Prize to the British film If It Was by Laure Prouvost for its overwhelming cinematographic transition of a popular contemporary internet technique to the big screen, pushing it up into highly poetic dimensions and linking it with a profound essayistic reflection on the freedom of art. Daringly playing with images and language and constantly seducing the audience with its subversive charm, Laure Prouvost’s multi-media inspired film lines out in an aesthetically complex and accomplished manner that art knows no boundaries. In a style that is quite her own, Laure Prouvost sets out to create an impact on the audience that is intellectual as well as emotional.

Ecumenical Jury 2016


Christian Murer (Urdorf)

Dagmar Petrick (Halle/Saale)

Thomas Schüpbach (Zürich)

Eberhard Streier (Essen)

Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, endowed with 1,500 €

489 Years © Hayoun Kwon

489 Years

Hayoun Kwon

France 2016, 11'17'', DCP, colour



In his memories a soldier takes us on an excursion in the demilitarized boarder area between South Korea and North Korea. Thrilling computer-animated sequences capture his view of a dangerous journey through a mined paradise. Beauty and horror meet here and make us aware of the ambivalence of outer and inner limits. 

ZONTA Prize to a female filmmaker in the International or German Competition, endowed with 1,000 €

Eleganssi © Virpi Suutari

Eleganssi (Elegance)

Virpi Suutari

Finland 2015, 25'42'', DCP, colour



The filmmaker portrays a closed society of men with ancient traditions, sophisticated rituals and strict values. The elegance of the film allows us as yet unseen views of the patriarchal world of the economic elite.

German Jury

© Kurzfilmtage / D. Gasenzer


Athanasios Karanikolas (Berlin)

Doris Kuhn (München)

Florian Keller (Winterthur)

Prize for the best contribution to the German Competition, endowed with 5,000 Euro



Vika Kirchenbauer

Germany, 2016, 3'24'', DCP, Colour



This film is loud and intimate. It is brutal and tender. A theoretically sophisticated, exquisitely sensual concept video. We distinguish a film that does not just show the violence of lust but literally transfers it to its audience precisely through its experimental distortion – an investigation of identity whose physicality had a visceral effect on us.

3sat-Promotional Prize, endowed with 2,500 Euro

Telefon Santrali © Sarah Drath

For a contribution with a particularly innovative approach.

In addition the award includes a buying option on the awarded work to be broadcast on 3sat.


Telefon Santrali

Sarah Drath

Germany, 2016, 7'38'', DCP, Farbe  



A room that functions like a switchboard: between the past and present, between progress and regression. We distinguish a film that creates glamorous images on a tight budget. And a director who examines a foreign country not from the comfortable exterior perspective but from the angle of its history. Devoid of exotism, ambiguous in its political comment. Even the Internet drops by for a joke.

Special Mention of the Jury of the German Competition

Sites © Volker Schreiner


Volker Schreiner

Germany, 2015, 8'26", DCP, Farbe



An awesome film because it shows us that you can find orientation in the dark, in art and nature and among skewed perspectives. It keeps surprising us even when it’s over: it used Found Footage.  

© Kurzfilmtage / D. Gasenzer

Jury of the North Rhine-Westfalia Competition


Andreas Heidenreich, curator, Darmstadt

Sylke Gottlebe, curator, Dresden

Florian Deterding, cinema director, Düsseldorf

Prize for the best contribution to the NRW Competition, endowed with 1,000 €

Ocean Hill Drive © Miriam Gossing/Lina Sieckmann


Ocean Hill Drive

Miriam Gossing/Lina Sieckmann

Deutschland 2016, 20'49"



This intensely atmospheric film develops a drawing power that is finely balanced between the surrealist and the documentary. The filmmakers trust in the expressiveness of their images, which are subtly linked to the level of sound. Impressed by the rigorousness with which Miriam Gossing and Lina Sieckmann have refined their artistic style, the jury awards the prize for the best contribution in the NRW Competition to Ocean Hill Drive.

Promotional Award of the NRW Competition, endowed with 500 €, sponsored by the NRW.Bank


Das Leben ist hart

(Live Is Rugged)

Simon Schnellmann

Germany 2015, 3', DCP, b/w 



Not a line too much, not a punch line too little - minimalist, condensed and ingenious, this filmmaker cuts to the chase.

Jury of West ART viewers

Barbara Döpp, Birte Flötgen, Veronika Kracke, Sandra Anni Lang, Philipp Peißen, Britta Schrimpf, Robert Seiffert, Ulrich Spamer

Prize of the West ART Audience Jury, endowed with 750 €, sponsored by West ART


Ein Aus Weg


Simon Steinhorst/Hannah Lotte Stragholz

Germany 2016, 19'57'', DCP, colour



It’s never boring. It’s exciting. It’s true to life. It’s authentic. And it employs a variety of cinematic means. In short, it meets all our requirements for a film to captivate us and immerse us in an unknown new world.

The animated documentary Ein Aus Weg by Simon Steinhorst and Hannah Lotte Stragholz takes 20 minutes to introduce the young convict Alex K. who asks himself questions about the meaning of life in interviews with writer and pastor Max Prost. We listen to his tales with fascination – tales of the life of a petty criminal between prison and freedom, life in ordinary society and theft, love and drugs. While Alex K. looks towards the future with a certain degree of optimism, chief inspector Werner B. soberly talks about the German judiciary system and his daily life as a policeman. His forecast for Alex’s future: he’ll commit another crime in nine months or less. He bets an ice cream cone on this.

Colourful images animated by hand, editing, sound design, music, script and the authentic story of Alex K. – we, the West ART audience jury, commend the coherent, well-executed and compelling composition of these diverse element and are glad that chief inspector Werner K. has by now lost his bet.

Jury of the Children's Film Competition

© Kurzfilmtage / D. Gasenzer

Aleyna Aydin, Allan Burfeind, Emre Gökulu, Nailany Weimer, Henrike Wilhelm

Prize of the Children's Jury of the International Children' Competition, sponsored by beckerfrance, endowed with 1,000 €

Hugo Bumfeldt © Éva Katinka Bognár

Hugo Bumfeldt

Éva Katinka Bognár

Hungary, 2015, 12'02'', DCP, Colour



It was hard for us to decide who will get the prize of the 39th international children’s film competition, that’s true – but there is one film that convinced us all from the start. It tells a tale of friendship, homesickness and grief. And of aliens who keep divers as pets instead of goldfish.The characters are colourful and unusual, the story is exciting, funny and also touching; sound and music are awesome. In addition, the film makes us think about how to treat other living creatures.

evo Promotional Award of the Children's Jury, endowed with 1,000 €, sponsored by the Energieversorgung Oberhausen AG (evo)

Novembre © Marjolaine Perreten

Novembre (November)

Marjolaine Perreten

France/Switzerland, 2015, 4', DCP, Colour




We award the evo Promotional Award to a film that is sure to put a small or big smile on every viewer’s face. It is simple, but beautifully animated. Its colours and forms create a very special mood which makes grey sky and rain look like they might pass eventually. And that’s true, after all – and until then, we have to help each other and not take the fat drops too seriously.

Special Mention of the Children's Jury

Boy-Razor © Peter Pontikis


Peter Pontikis

Sweden, 2015, 11'27", DCP, Colour




We award a special mention to a film that captivated us from the very first second. The exciting story and the young actors are simply amazing. We particularly enjoyed the colours and the camera action. Even if all ends well, this film shows that gut decisions made in anger are rarely the ones that feel good.

Guest-Children‘s Jury of the International Childrens‘s Film Festival Filem‘On in Brussels

© Kurzfilmtage / D. Gasenzer

Nicholas Biernath, Marie Møller, Franziska Stierle, Samuel Zickgraf

Prize of the Guest Children's Jury of the International Children's Film Festival Filem‘On in Brussels

Bounce © Rory Lowe/ D.C. Barclay


Rory Lowe / D.C. Barclay

Great Britain, 2015, 10'19", DCP, Colour

Jury of the Youth Film Competition

© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

Michelle Schlottmann, Fabienne Poerschke, David Heckeley, Jiyan Aycicek, Christiana Samantha Golombek

Prize of the Youth Jury, endowed with 1,000 Euros, sponsored by the Rotary Club Oberhausen

Viaduc © Patrice Laliberté

Viaduc (Overpass)

Patrice Laliberté

Canada 2016, 18'48'', DCP, Farbe




The prize of the international youth film competition goes to a film that is equally exciting and profound. We were impressed by the use of music and the cinematography, since they both help to transform thrilling scenes into real highlights. The film inspires us to look behind the facades of actions and attitudes and to question our prejudices. We want to draw particular attention to the diversity of subjects addressed by the film: family and loss, speechlessness. Every rupture can be seen as an opportunity to build bridges seems to be one of its messages. Intimate family relations are put into a context of political themes like war and patriotism.

Special Mention of the Jury of the Youth Film Competition

Pieniä kömpelöitä hellyydenosoituksia©Miia Tervo


Pieniä kömpelöitä hellyydenosoituksia

(Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness)

Miia Tervo

Finland 2015, 8'56'', DCP, Colour



We want to award the special mention of the international youth film competition to a film whose charm and wit convinced us. Embarrassments and misunderstanding that can happen in a daughter-father-relationship are shown in such an ironic and over-the-top way that they fascinate all age groups, without neglecting the serious aspects of these gender and generation relationships.

Certificate of the Ecumenical Jury for a film in the International Children's and Youth Film Competition

Viaduc © Patrice Laliberté

in connection with a recommendation for Matthias Film and the Katholisches Filmwerk to buy the film for their catalogues


Viaduc (Overpass)

Patrice Laliberté

Canada 2016, 18'48'', DCP, colour



17 year old Mathieu is out one night to spray a graffiti on a highway bridge. The reason for his action won’t be revealed until the end of an exciting film that shows in various ways the lifestyle of young people. Viaduc inspires the viewer to question own prejudices as well as superficial points of view. 

MuVi Jury 2016

© Kurzfilmtage / D. Gasenzer

Frank Dommert, Germany

Michael Fakesch, Germany

Hannah Pilarczyk, Germany

1st Prize endowed with 2,000 €


Andreas Hofstetter for All Day (Drunken Masters feat. Tropkillaz)

Germany 2015, 4'01''




The video to which we want to award the First Prize is one that the jury has watched half a dozen times by now – and would be happy to watch another dozen times, as there are so many ideas and details to be found in All Day by Andreas Hofstetter for Drunken Masters feat. Tropkillaz.


Guided by an amazing protagonist we dream our way into a visual world by which we are overpowered and repelled but also enormously entertained (in other words, much like the Internet itself). All this is played out on the highest possible level of quality – in terms of technology as well as the precision with which musical impulses are taken up and translated into visuals. A quality which, by the way, we missed in many other videos. All Day keeps piling up music and images, building up to an overkill that we enjoyed immensely.

2nd Prize endowed with 1.000 €


Guillaume Cailleau for Organ Movement (Elmer Kussiac)

Germany 2016, 11'35''




We want to award the Second Prize to a work which we found immediately convincing on the musical level and which at the same time fits perfectly into the artistic framework redefined by the Festival every year. Guillaume Cailleau’s video for Organ Movement by Elmer Kussiac takes up the band’s game with the transitions from analogue to digital, while its manipulation of the film stock uncovers astonishing parallels between acoustic and visual materiality.

Honorable Mentions

Perry (Aloa Input) © Susanne Steinmaßl

Perry (Aloa Input) © Susanne Steinmaßl


Susanne Steinmaßl for Perry (Aloa Input)

Germany 2016, 3 Min. 25 Sek.  


Katharina Duve, Ted Gaier, Schorsch Kamerun und Timo Schierhorn für If I Were a Sneaker (Die Goldenen Zitronen)

Germany 2015, 5 Min. 23 Sek.



We want to award Special Mentions to two videos that in our opinion illustrate the diversity of this competition:

The first is by Susanne Steinmaßl, whose work for the song Perry by Aloa Input sets out on a route of visual splendour on which we followed her with great pleasure.

Katharina Duve, Ted Gaier, Schorsch Kamerun and Timo Schierhorn refuse to limit themselves to one direction only. On the contrary: in If I Were a Sneaker by Die Goldenen Zitronen they vigorously stir up the visual worlds around the refugee question – the video that provoked the longest discussion among us.


MuVi Online Audience Award

Boogieman (Olli Schulz) © Jan Bonny

determined by Internet vote and endowed with 500 Euro. Sponsored by fayteq.


Jan Bonny for Boogieman (Olli Schulz)

Germany 2015, 7'40''