Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

The Podium series forms an ideal complement to the competition discussions, spontaneous conversations and Q&As at the Festival, offering a place where scholars, artists, curators and authors can come together to discuss current issues relevant to the short form, whether aesthetic, economic, political or technological. Daily from 10 am – 12 noon, Festival Space - Elsässer Str. 17.

Who needs film schools and what for? 6 May


Film education is booming. A variety of schools are offering different focuses and teaching models, each of them competing fiercely with the others. But does this system really produce filmmakers? Does it recognise and foster creativity? Is the film school as a paradigm obsolete?


With Hartmut Bitomsky, Dominik Graf and Kathrin Resetarits.

Presented by: Sirkka Moeller



How green is the grass really? Financing programmes for artists’ films 7 May


Film festivals and art fairs offer new financing platforms for artists’ films, like Art:Film (Rotterdam) or On & For Production (Brussels & London). Artists who previously worked in gallery contexts can learn the rules of the game in the film world. Do such programmes broaden the horizon for artists? What are their benefits and limitations?


With Jacqui Davies, Tine Fischer, Caroline Kirberg and Marie Logie.

Presented by: Sirkka Möller

Borders of the regional 8 May


This discussion is part of the Theme programme “El pueblo”. Film scholars, experts and curators will discuss the constraints and chances of a regional programme.


With Gonzalo Aguilar (Argentina), author of Más allá del pueblo (Beyond El Pueblo), Sebastian Lopez (Amsterdam/London), e.a. Curator of the Shanghai Biennale 2004, Vinicius Navarro (Brazil), co-editor of New Documentaries in Latin America, and others.

Presented by: Federico Windhausen

Or something completely different? What do we expect of curatorial practice? 9 May


Curators promise to bring order to a world that has become incomprehensible. Current exhibitions often focus on the conceptual work of the curator rather than on experienc- ing the artworks themselves. What expectations can we frame for the communication and reception of art and film?


With Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, Andreas Siekmann and Julia Voss.

Presented by: Hilde Hoffmann

Alternative educational models in artists’ film 10 May


As student debt soars and austerity measures throw the public universities of many countries into crisis, what alternative possibilities exist for teaching and learning about artists’ film? How can festivals, art institutions, and distribution agencies offer educational programs that complement or even contest those of the university?

A panel in dialogue with the third Oberhausen Seminar.

Presented by: Erika Balsom

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