Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Still from Oskar Fischinger, Studie nr. 5 © Center for Visual Music

Video Or Not to Be © Kjartan Slettemark / Videokunstarkivet and collaborators

Chakra (1972) by Jordan Belson, Courtesy Center for Visual Music


This section was launched in 2013 to bring some attention to an often neglected subject: archiving and restoring experimental films.


Every year, selected archives present projects and programmes, including, so far, the Academy Film Archive (Los Angeles), the BFI National Film Archive, the Cinémathèque Française, the Eye Film Institute Amsterdam, the National Film Center (Tokyo), the Slovenska Kinoteka and the Austrian Film Museum.


Contact: Michaela Taschek


Center for Visual Music, USA

Center for Visual Music is a Los Angeles based archive devoted to abstract cinema and experimental animation. Its collections include the films of Oskar Fischinger and Jordan Belson, restored films by Jules Engel, John and James Whitney, Mary Ellen Bute and others, plus related historical documentation and artwork.


The archive also has the papers and animation drawings of Oskar Fischinger and film historian William Moritz’s research collection on experimental film.


The presentation in Oberhausen will include restored films by Jordan Belson (Chakra, Music of the Spheres) and Oskar Fischinger, recently discovered animation tests made by Fischinger in Hollywood and a video documentation of Fischinger’s Raumlichtkunst (1926/2012).

Music of the Spheres © Jordan Belson



Center for Visual Music


Presentation with film examples by Cindy Keefer


Studie nr 5, Oskar Fischinger, Germany, 1930, 3'

Squares and animation tests, Oskar Fischinger, Germany, 1934, 2'

Concerto and other animation tests, Oskar Fischinger, USA, 1945, 2'

Documentation of Oskar Fischinger's Raumlichtkunst, USA, 1926/2012, 5'

The Sun Film, John Cage/Richard Lippold, USA, 1956, 6'

Turn, Turn, Turn, Jud Yalkut, USA, 1966, 10'

LSD, Jordan Belson, USA, 1962, 4'

Chakra, Jordan Belson, USA, 1972, 6'

Music of the Spheres, Jordan Belson, USA, 1977, 10'

Centre Georges Pompidou, France

The Centre Georges Pompidou houses the collection of the Musée Nationale d’Art Moderne, which includes about 5,000 mainly experimental films from the early 20th century until today.



In Oberhausen, some true rarities of art and film history will be presented in the form of four rarely screened films by Man Ray, as well as the cinematic oeuvre of the legendary Romanian-French sculpture Constantin Brancusi, made between 1923 and 1939.

Essai cinématographique : Poison © Man Ray



Centre Georges Pompidou


Presentation with film examples by Philippe-Alain Michaud


Les Chutes des mystères du Château du Dé, Man Ray, France, 1929, 24'47"

Essai cinématographique : Autoportrait ou ce qui manqué à nous tous, Man Ray, France, ca. 1930, 10'50"

Essai cinématographique : Poison, Man Ray, France, ca. 1933, 2'40"

Essai cinématographique : Dance, Man Ray, France, 1938, 5'30"

Les Films de Brâncuşi, Constantin Brâncuşi, France, 1923-1939, 25'

Videokunstarkivet, Norway

Videokunstarkivet was initiated by the Arts Council in 2012 with the ambitious aim of finding all Norwegian video art produced since the mid-1960s, digitising old cassettes and tapes and developing an open source DAM tool to systematise information, digital files, copyrights and more.


Today, more than 2,000 works by over 500 artists are registered in the database. The principle of „open entry“ has been crucial and has resulted in many newly discovered works that weren’t recognised in their own time and change the view of existing video art „canons“.


The presentation in Oberhausen will talk about the process of setting up an archive from scratch, and show some examples of unseen treasures.

Video Or Not To Be © Kjartan Slettemark





Presentation with film examples by Per Platou


I See, I Hear, I Act, Terje Munthe, Norway/Germany, 1983, 3'

Video Baby, Morten Børresen, Norway, 1981, 1'48"

Video Distinctions, Kjell Bjørgeengen, Norway/USA, 1985, 4'35"

Katteperformance/ Skulpturer på by'n, Ann-Elise Pettersen Hyndøy, Norway, unknown, 11'34"

Video Or Not To Be, Kjartan Slettemark, Norway/Sweden, 1985, 22'


The programme in the past: Academy Film Archive, Los Angeles (2015); Austrian Film Museum, Wien (2015); BFI National Archive, London (2015); Cinémathèque Française, Paris (2013); Eye Film, Amsterdam (2014); Filmoteka Muzeum, Warschau (2014); Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge (2014); National Film Center, Tokyo  (2015); Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley (2013); Slovenska Kinoteka, Ljubljana (2013); The Temenos Archive, Zürich (2014)