Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Lancia Thema © Josef Dabernig

Requiem © Sun Xun

Possibilities, or Bluebeard and Me © Raquel Chalfi

Excuse-Me-Brother © Jeanne Faust

Opp ned er alt abstrakt, sa pappa © Anne Haugsgjerd


Apart from the major subject-related THEME, the Festival has presented through the years also PROFILES of important filmmakers and institutions, some of whom have dealt with the short form for decades.  


Contact: Michaela Taschek

Josef Dabernig, Austria
8, 9 + 10 May


The works of filmmaker-slash-artist Josef Dabernig often recall two giants of comedy: Buster Keaton and Jacques Tati – but against the backdrop of a somewhat tattered modernity. In buildings and landscapes on the brink of vanishing, rituals from football and family life are stoically played out (Wisla, 1996; Lancia Thema, 2005; River Plate, 2013), consoling kernels of truth are laconically wrung from the madness of fashionable manager idioms (Proposal for a New Kunsthaus, not further developed, 2004) or homage is meticulously paid to content lifted for example from stadium tickets (Ticket Content, 2014). Oberhausen pays tribute to this body of work with a comprehensive showcase of films, performances, slide shows and readings.

automatic © Josef Dabernig/G.R.A.M.


Josef Dabernig 1

Attending: Josef Dabernig


Petržalka, Austria, 1991, 3'

Gehfilmen 6, Thomas Baumann/Josef Dabernig/Martin Kaltner, Austria, 1994, 17'

Jogging, Austria, 2000, 11'

Wisla, Austria, 1996, 8'

Ticket Content, Austria, 2014, 15'

Einfluss der Darmgifte auf das Auge – aus der 2008 im JRP|Ringier Kunstverlag AG erschienenen Faksimilierung einer 1977 realisierten und sich in der Sammlung des mumok, Wien befindlichen handschriftlichen Kopie der 1975 veröffentlichten 5. Auflage des 1920 erstmals im Verlag Neues Leben Bad Goisern, OÖ erschienen Buches von Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr „Schönheit und Verdauung oder die Verjüngung des Menschen nur durch sachgemäße Wartung des Darmes“, Austria, 2016, 8'

automatic,Josef Dabernig/G.R.A.M., Austria, 2002, 7'

Parking, Austria, 2003, 6'


Hotel Roccalba © Josef Dabernig


Josef Dabernig 2

Attending: Josef Dabernig


Durch Italien, Austria, 1989, 3'

Lancia Thema, Austria, 2005, 17'

Hotel Roccalba, Austria, 2008, 10'

WARS, Austria, 2001, 10'

River Plate, Austria, 2013, 16'

Stabat Mater, Austria/Switzerland/Germany, 2016, 12'


excursus on fitness © Josef Dabernig


Josef Dabernig 3

Attending: Josef Dabernig


Herna, Austria, 2010, 17'

Aquarena, Josef Dabernig/Isabella Hollauf, Austria, 2007, 19'

excursus on fitness, Austria, 2010, 12'

Hypercrisis, Austria, 2011, 17'

Proposal for a New Kunsthaus, not further developed, Austria, 2004, 4'


Sun Xun, China
7 + 8 May

His work revolves around history as recounted and manipulated by the media, from newspapers and books to television. Sun Xun combines his distinctive painting and drawing style with different animation techniques in an ongoing process of experimentation. One of the most original new artists and filmmakers from China, Sun Xun has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums from Beijing to New York, his films were selected by renowned international film festivals. Oberhausen has presented his films early on, starting with Shock of Time (2006) in 2007 through to What Happened in Past Dragon Year (2014) at the 2015 festival. The festival will bring the first European retrospective of his works to the screen.

People's Republic of Zoo © Sun Xun


Sun Xun 1

Attending: Sun Xun


Shock of Time, China, 2006, 5'29"

Mythos, China, 2006, 12'37"

People's Republic of Zoo, China, 2009, 7'49"

Clown’s Revolution, China, 2010, 10'10"

21KE, China, 2010, 27'05"

Magician Party and Dead Crow, China, 2013, 9'43"

Coal Spell © Sun Xun


Sun Xun 2

Attending: Sun Xun


The New China, China, 2008, 5'19"

Lie, China, 2006, 7'20"

Coal Spell, China, 2008, 7'56"

Heroes No Longer, China, 2008, 9'04"

Requiem, China, 2007, 7'21"

Some Actions Which Haven’t Been Defined Yet in The Revolution, China, 2011, 12'22"

Beyond-ism, China, 2010, 8'08"

What Happened in Past Dragon Year, China, 2014, 8'38"


Raquel Chalfi, Israel
9 May

She is one of the best-known Israeli poets, but remains one of the hidden secrets of Israeli cinema. In her films Raquel Chalfi weaves together poetry and cinema, exploring the subconscious, myths and legends. Oberhausen will present the first ever European retrospective of her cinematic work. The programme will also include a reading by Chalfi of her poems and a presentation and discussion of her latest project, an investigation into the work of her mother, Miriam Chalfi.

Possibilities, or Bluebeard and Me © Raquel Chalfi


Raquel Chalfi 1

attending: Raquel Chalfi

Bobo and the Hairstyling Industry, Israel, 1969, 8'

Possibilities, or Bluebeard and Me, Israel, 1983, 48'

Haloma, Israel, 1987, 19'

Poems, a reading by Raquel Chalfi


The Hidden Fountain - The World of Miriam Chalfi © Raquel Chalfi


Raquel Chalfi 2

Attending: Raquel Chalfi


Raquel Chalfi presents her work-in-progress
The Hidden Fountain - The World of Miriam Chalfi


Jeanne Faust, Germany
6 May

Her works are on view at both film festivals and international art galleries and museums, from Museum Ludwig to the Styrian Autumn festival. Jeanne Faust works with gaps, allusions and supposedly familiar elements that set in motion reflections on how we interpret the images we see. Oberhausen has shown her films on many occasions since 1995 and will now present a retrospective of her entire oeuvre.

excuse me brother © Jeanne Faust


Jeanne Faust

Attending: Jeanne Faust


Rodeo, Germany, 1998, 9'

Répéter alba negra/Weiße Nächte üben, Jeanne Faust/Jörn Zehe, Germany, 2007, 7'08"

Strauss.Ok, Germany, 2012, 4'37"

Excuse Me Brother, Germany, 2007, 7'05"

Interview, Germany, 2002, 9'

IV, Germany, 2005, 10'17"

Reconstructing Damon Albarn in Kinshasa, Germany, 2010, 9'47"

Said Death to Passion, Jeanne Faust/Jörn Zehe, Germany, 2008, 4'

The Mansion, Germany, 2005, 9'29"

IN ROM © Jeanne Faust


Jeanne Faust Loop


IN ROM/ Ross Araja wird für das Gucci Shooting vorbereitet

Germany, 2014, 4’12’’ (Loop)

Anne Haugsgjerd, Norway
6 + 7 May

In 2015, Anne Haugsgjerd visited Oberhausen with her most recent film, Upside Down Everything is Abstract, My Father Said (2014). This year the festival is presenting the first complete retrospective of her works outside Norway. Most of her films are essayistic, humorous and self-exposing hybrids where fiction meets documentary – a genre that has become immensely popular today, but in which she made groundbreaking work as early as the 1980s.

I Wanna Be Loved By You © Anne Haugsgjerd


Anne Haugsgjerd 1

Attending: Anne Haugsgjerd


I Wanna Be Loved By You, Norway, 1994, 10'

Anna, Norway, 1996, 7'

En øy i solen, Norway, 1998, 25'

Aileen, min rødhårete venninne, Norway, 2000, 34'

Flink pike... sitt pent! © Anne Haugsgjerd


Anne Haugsgjerd 2

Attending: Anne Haugsgjerd


Livet på Frogner, Norway, 1986, 22'

Flink pike... sitt pent!, Norway, 1991, 17'

Opp Ned er Alt Abstrakt… sa pappa, Norway, 2014, 31'30"


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