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Home © Daniel Mulloy (Short Matters 2)

Abriss Prosper - Ein Förderturm wird demontiert © Jörg Keweloh (Bilder aus dem Ruhrgebiet)

Kokon © Till Kleinert and Tom Akinleminu (50 Jahre DFFB)


Artist Web Series


TV is coming back big time, especially in the form of web series. A specific new sub-genre are artist web series that address the artworld’s problems of inequality, commodification, institutional and structural shortcomings and the role of artists in all this, usually balancing between bitter mockery and visionary critical thinking. Led by Estonian curator and art critic Rebeka Põldsam, this podium will discuss the issues, contexts and production of web series with artists from Europe and America.

Examples will be screened from 12 to 15 May in the Sunset theatre: 


How To by Jaakko Pallasvuo

Friday, 12 May from 12:00 to 21:30 pm


How To (ongoing series since 2011) by Jaakko Pallasvuo, represents clichés of the international art world that characterise the myth of success. Success in the commercial art world looks sparkling and shiny for the attention it gets and hollow for its aesthetic formality. How To exposes the fact that some artists tend to use social inequality as a subject matter of their work simply to show off their human kindness. Nevertheless, they do not often make any efforts to participate in bringing about actual change to improve equality and justice for the marginalised. In the end, the series suggests that everyone in the arts is diligent about deciding whom to criticise and who might be useful in the future. Pallasvuo’s series offers a rather nihilistic view on repairing inequality in the world today. On the other hand, it emphasises the importance of politics on an everyday level.

The programme was put together by curator Rebeka Põldsam (Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia).


Touching the Art by Casey Jane Ellison

Saturday, 13 May from 12:00 to 21:30 pm


Touching the Art (2014-2015) by Casey Jane Ellison in collaboration with Ovation TV introduces the American all-successful art world and its queer stars. The first season takes place at Art Basel in Miami, showing the high life and boredom offered to different art visitors of the city. The second season is a talk show with experts of the art industry. Ellison raises common issues surrounding contemporary art that are usually not discussed publicly in art circles, e.g. having no feel of defending all-female panels, love-hate relationship with arts among the art workers, etc. At Oberhausen you can only see Season 2 of the series, while the rest is available online. Touching the Art is a good example of a collaboration between an artist and a private corporation, where art world inside jokes start to gain perspectives that speak in wider audience parlance.

The programme was put together by curator Rebeka Põldsam (Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia).


Zhe Zhe by Leah Hennessy and friends

Sunday, 14 May from 12:00 to 21:30 pm


Zhe Zhe (2014-2017) was written by Leah Hennessy and made in close collaboration with a group of artists and friends. Zhe Zhe is a comic fantasy about the glamorous misadventures of two fame-starved wannabes, Mona de Liza and Jean D’Arc, known to their imaginary fans as “Zhe Zhe” (pronounced ʒi ʒi). The two protagonists are draggy campy “girls” who would do anything for a moment in the spotlight, even if it means venturing out into the mass hysteria of post-apocalipstick New York to do battle with vegan fascists, celebutante video artists, trust-fun-derground benefactor blonds, seductive comedians, nostalgic punks, Donald Trump(s), slactivist political protesters, transplant cool hunters, and the Middle Eastern oil industry. It could be said that the Zhe Zhe series is, on the one hand, asking what happens to art in an accelerated neoliberal competitive society. At the same time, they are providing a possible solution to the competition issue by making fun stuff with a group of friends and have even more fun by sharing it with happy audiences, who will share it with their friends and maybe start doing their own web series as it is obviously so much fun to work hard on something together.

The programme was put together by curator Rebeka Põldsam (Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia).


Happy Art by Kadi Estland

Monday, 15 May from 12:00 to 21:30 pm


Happy Art (2004) by Kadi Estland was produced for a gallery exhibition before the internet became the biggest channel for a huge part of video art. In a long trailer cut for Oberhausen one can get a glimpse of the show, its structure, collaboration with private capital and power relations in the Estonian art scene. It was first applied to the late-night talk show ‘Happy Hour’ led by legendary Estonian host Urmas Ott who interviewed hundreds of Estonian public figures through the decades.

Artist Kadi Estland has borrowed Mr. Ott’s questions to his guests and applied them to somewhat similar art world figures. In the end, one can see that Kadi Estland was looked at as a representative of all young artists at that time, was therefore treated as an annoying element by most of her guests who latently expressed an intolerant attitude towards artists as a disruptive needy force. Some guests simply lied and others didn’t attend. Among other issues this early series leaves us with the question of how an artist should behave in this kind of art world hierarchy?

The programme was put together by curator Rebeka Põldsam (Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia).

Award Winners of Other Festivals

On its first day, Oberhausen traditionally shows short films that have received awards at other festivals. A cross-section of the past festival season.

Thu, 11 May, 17.00h

Lichtburg Filmpalast

Tickets online

Short Matters!  


Three programmes featuring interesting European short films, all of them nominees for the European Short Film Award 2016.


12, 14+15 May 18.00h

Kino im Walzenlager



Oberhausen’s Filmgeflacker art collective will be presenting films from this year’s competitions, and the filmmakers will be invited to discuss their works with the audience.


Fri, 12 May, 20.00h

Kino im Walzenlager

Free admission, donations welcome

Performed Identity

Screening by the imai Foundation


The imai Foundation shows five works by international artists that engage with processes of identity formation. Film programme and discussion.


Fri, 12 May, 22.30h

Kino im Walzenlager

The Oberhausen Selection


We will again present a programme put together by citizens of Oberhausen from films from the Festivalarchive.


Sun, 14 May, 16.00h

Kino im Walzenlager

Here and There

Films from the Oberhausen archive


In this current distribution programme, we cast a new look at the living situation of migrants in Germany today.


Sat, 13 May, 22.30h

Kino im Walzenlager

Nightmares of the Sun–The One Minutes  


Oberhausen presents the current The One Minutes series "Nightmares of the Sun", partly curated by Khavn. Since 1998, more than 17,000 one minute-long video works have been produced in this series.


Sun, 14 May, 20.00h

Kino im Walzenlager

Emerging Artists


Eight outstanding films by the next generation of German artists and filmmakers. A project by AG Kurzfilm with German Films.


Sun, 14 May, 22.30h

Kino im Walzenlager

Images From the Ruhr Area


In the 80s, the Medienzentrum Ruhr in Essen was the hub for alternative media production in the Ruhr area. The LWL-Medienzentrum für Westfalen is now restoring its almost-forgotten holdings and shows a selection of works containing rare insights into life in the Ruhr area back then. Presentation and introduction by project director Dirk Fey.


Mon, 15 May, 20.00h

Kino im Walzenlager



During the festival, spots, shortvideos dealing with facets of the NSU complex will be shown at the Petit Café. The spots are part of the tribunal "NSU-Komplex auflösen!" ("Unravelling the NSU Complex") at Schauspiel Köln.


Daily 10-18.00 h

50 years DFFB


Since it opened in 1966, several thousand films have been made at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). For the DFFB's 50th anniversary, we show selected films from the past 10 years that were screened at Oberhausen, in the presence of some of the directors and guests.


Sun, 14 May, 12.30h

Lichtburg Filmpalast

Tickets online