Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Expanded Cinema

La Scala © Aglaia Konrad



Thursday, 02.05., 23 h

Festival Bar


La Scala, Aglaia Konrad, split-screen, 2016, 11'40", color, silent (ARGOS Centre for Art and Media)

Modernist architecture is the subject of Aglaia Konrad's 16mm films but rather than - and beyond - a form of architecture on film, or film on architecture, what her films propose is an investigation into the potential for film to embody the experience of architecture as sculpture.


In memory of sound engineer Gilles Laurent, who was working on the sound design and was killed in the Brussels bombs, Konrad has chosen for the film to remain silent. But silence is particularly befitting, allowing for the emphasis to be on space: the space filmed, the space of the screen, the space between the screens. (Maria Palacios Cruz).

To Live is to Tremble © Gunilla Sköld Feiler & Dror Feiler



Friday, 03.05., 23 h

Festival Bar


To Live is to Tremble, Gunilla Sköld Feiler & Dror Feiler, 2017, 2'40''color, sound (FILMFORM - The Art Film & Video Archive)

"To live is to tremble. The body quakes and twitches in constant convulsions. A vibrating, oscillating wave moves through its nerve-ends, putting the whole living being in tremors."

- Quote by Emanuel Swedenborg


It takes a moment for viewers to understand what they are watching, a bell is seldom seen from below. There is something erotic, somewhat inappropriate about the view from below - up skirt - the hanging, vibrating clappers, a bit like budding flowers in spring time, waiting to blossom. Never completely still, as to live is to tremble. It is only death that does not tremble. 

cinesexual © Ursula Mayer



Saturday, 04.05., 23 h

Festival Bar


cinesexual, Ursula Mayer, 2-projection-single screen installation, 2013, 3'44', color, silent (LUX)

Mayer cites experimental filmmaker Michael Snow's 'Two Sides to Every Story' (1974) as a point of reference for 'Cinesexual.' Mayer's film, originally conceived as two projections on either sides of a suspended screen, features transgender model Valentijn de Hingh and musician JD Samson, who also performed in her films 'Medea' and 'Gonda.' 'Cinesexual' completes a trilogy of Mayer's other films 'Medea' and 'Gonda', bringing together de Hingh and Samson into the same filmic space. A space where the apparatus of film shares the screen with the fiction it simultaneously produces. This co-existence of film fact and film fiction produces a hybrid in which both formally discreet realities become interchangeable and mutually disrupting.


Aturquesada © SoJin Chun



Sunday, 05.05., 23 h

Festival Bar


Aturquesada, SoJin Chun, 2015, 2'40'', color, sound (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre)

This performance takes place in a snowy landscape, typical during Canadian winters. This film is inspired by the emotionally violent nature of cold weather and the artist's connection to the winter Canadian landscape as an immigrant.