Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


Artists and filmmakers are increasingly exploring other formats for presenting moving images. As a result, innovative forms are being created that are neither academic lectures, nor film screenings with discussions, nor performances as art works. The protagonists themselves effectively take over the interpretational prerogative from the discursive world of curating.

Esperanza Collado: Things Said Once


Things Said Once is an art statement and a praise for film and cinema in recognition of its history and our responsibility in the present. Written as a poem, the text is built around an understanding of cinema as experience in its spatial, temporal and communitarian or social dimensions. Things Said Once is presented both as a text and as a reading in an elaborated environment that includes a series of bodily actions that refer to film history.

Sun, 5 May, 22:00 h

Supermarkt der Ideen

Su Hui-Yu: Re-shooting. About martial law, cold war, censorship and those who were forbidden


The Taiwanese artist’s work is about exploring the connection between mass media, pop culture, memories of martial law and the post-colonial history of Taiwan. His creative sources are old publications and films, which shaped his understanding of corporeality, existence and history. He will present recent works and projects and talk about practices at the intersection of art and cinema.

Sat, 4 May, 22:00 h

Supermarkt der Ideen

Magda Tóthová: Circumstances draw the bow

In an intermedial slide performance, the artist and co-editor of illuminates the background of Ayn Rand’s ideology of rational individualism at the centre of which is the egoistic individual rising above the masses – no altruism, thank you very much. Magda Tóthová´s performance is an attempt to neutralise the growing egocentrism for one moment in order to initiate its ultimate disappearance.

Fri, 3. May, 22:00 h

Supermarkt der Ideen