Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Open Screening

In 2009 the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen showed its first programme created entirely by the filmmakers themselves: the Open Screening.


Here all filmmakers who submitted a work for the competitions that did not make the shortlist and which is no longer than 15 minutes still have the opportunity to present their film at the festival.


The only requirement for participation is that you present your film in Oberhausen personally (the Festival will not bear any travel and accommodation expenses). 


Since the programme volume is limited, you must register your film by e-mail if you want to take part in the Open Screening. Participation is based strictly on the order of registration. The application deadline will be announced by email. Each filmmaker may register one piece of work only. We will not reimburse any travel expenses. Screening format is DCP.


The Open Screening will take place on one evening during the Short Film Festival at our festival cinema Lichtburg Filmpalast.

Open Screening 1

Bunker on Kummerstrasse (Grief Street) ©Susanne Dietz



small charge, Florian Steidel, Germany, 2019, 13'35"

Ganva, Florian Bittner, Germany, 2019, 6'00"

Bunker on Kummerstrasse (Grief Street), Susanne Dietz, Germany/UK, 2018, 11'28"

Der Berg, Rodrigo Gardella, Germany, 2019, 10'40"

VOICE IN THE ATTIC - Biz, B. C. Bogey, Germany, 2018, 4'48"

SUNDAY 11.00-12.00, Stelios Koukouvitakis, Greece/UK, 2018, 10'27"

FLYING DREAMS, Marc Eggers, Germany, 2018, 4'48"

Klerikale Modenschau II, Marie-Luise O´Byrne-Brandl, Germany, 2018, 11'08"

Schnittstelle_Interface, Magdalena Pfeifer, Austria, 2019, 7'00"

Open Cage, Tied Dove, Atiye Lax/Mokhtar Aslani, Germany/Iran, 2019, 12'53"


Sun, 5 May, 19:30 h

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Star

La Coleur de nos ombres © Antoine Bui



ReCoder of Life, Stefan Römer, Germany, 2019, 14'30''

Drama, Viola Maiwald/Malte Radtki/Felix Buchardt, Germany, 2018, 5'18''

But Don't Vanish, Barbara Karsch-Chaieb, Germany/USA, 2018, 12'12''

Magnitude, Kai Welf Hoyme, Germany, 2019, 10'22''

La Coleur de nos ombres, Antoine Bui, France, 2018, 6'32''

Shot, Mariano Falabretti, Germany, 2018, 11'25''

Frequencies II, Clara Pistner, Germany, 2019, 6'12''

court-métrage I: L'Homme Borgne (qui regarde), Theo Warnier, Netherlands, 2019, 10'55''

Of Pets & Dinner, Kew Lin, UK, 2019, 6'31''

The animal that therefore I am, Bea de Visser, Netherlands, 2019, 10'37"


Sun, 5 May, 22:00 h

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Star