Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


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The Podium series forms an ideal complement to the competition discussions, spontaneous conversations and Q&As at the Festival, offering a place where scholars, artists, curators and authors can come together to discuss current issues relevant to the short form, whether aesthetic, economic, political or technologica.

Between marketing and art: the cinema of coming attractions


This discussion will examine the language, use, and reuse of trailers as independent cultural markers, both in their intended form as ephemeral advertisements and via their appropriation as raw material for artists. A panel of experts and filmmakers will explore the complexities of the cinematic realm of coming attractions and the ways in which it has influenced their work. Moderated by curators Cassie Blake and Mark Toscano.

Podium 1


Fri, 3 May, 10:00 h

Festival Space

Video-on-Demand: new opportunities for filmmakers and festivals?


Compared to other distribution channels such as cinema and TV, VoD's market share in film distribution is growing exponentially and extremely dynamically. Can festivals also make good use of VoD? Which platform models are suitable? What experience has already been gained? Which future cooperations are conceivable? Moderated by curator and journalist Reinhard Wolf.

Podium 2


Sat, 4 May, 10:00 h

Festival Space

Rebooting the celluloid agenda?


Against all expectations, the activity of photochemical labs is not in the process of being completely discontinued. Recently it has even regained momentum. It is a fact that some filmmakers still want to shoot on celluloid. But film archives might provide the other side of the explanation... An archivist, a conservator and a lab technician discuss the issue, moderated by film programmer Katia Rossini.

Podium 3


Sun, 5 May, 10:00 h

Festival Space

Are film festivals the place for 360° and Virtual Reality?


While the cinema is facing more and more competition, Virtual Reality is sure to attract attention today. Even film festivals are setting up their own sections for this purpose. But what does cinema have in common with this new form of moving images in terms of media history? Are film festivals the right place for this? Moderated by filmmaker Christiane Büchner.

Podium 4


Mon, 6 May, 10:00 h

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Star