Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Press quotes

The organisational form of the film festival is approaching the principle of a large-scale exhibition in the art world here.

Der Standard, Austria, 7 May 2019


The Oberhausen International Short Film Festival is world-famous for its excellent programming [...]

Film Comment, USA, 10 June 2019


The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen is considered the oldest short film festival in the world and it should, in fact, be the most relevant film festival in the world, too. It has the potential.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany, 8 May 2019


Days of bliss.

filmdienst, Germany, 10 May 2019


The Oberhausen Short Film Festival comes across as history-conscious – while celebrating a thrilling modernity.

Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany, 7 May 2019


The fact that the Oberhausen Festival offers a host of intelligently compiled programmes enables the visitor to take in all kinds of films from all over the world which would otherwise certainly escape their notice.

Junge Welt, Germany, 10 May 2019


The Festival’s second forte is that it is always one short film length ahead of the present day. In the compilation of films, the discussions about the programme and in carefully curated interdisciplinary discussion panels, one encounters the discourses of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

artechock, Germany, 9 May 2019


Individual styles are not supposed to flow into each other but to stand side by side, this has long been the case in Oberhausen.

epd film, Germany, June 2019


… A whirlwind week of images, experiences and ideas.

Gravity was everywhere back then (Blog), Juni 2019


At this point, if not before, a merry and productive know-how of errors emerges as the (personal) leitmotif of the Festival, which nonetheless runs through different keys.

taz, Germany, 9 May 2019


„In this age of the decline of cinema as a gathering of people in a dark space in front of a screen, Oberhausen is very special. There are very few events like this, perhaps none. It’s very innocent.”

Mark Oliver, director, quoted in Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany, 8 May 2019


This short film festival offered trenchant social criticism.

Neues Deutschland, Germany, 10 May 2019


Thus the Oberhausen Festival with its wide spectrum of the experimental and the narrative, the serious and silly, the important and the puerile operates like a tolerance factory., Germany, 9 May 2019


The festival’s side programmes again proved to be comprehensive in its research scope and quite remarkable in terms of re-discovering the old titles., Peru, 16 May 2019


What makes Oberhausen unique and regular visits there indispensable […] are the films themselves and their makers.

artechock, Germany, 9 May 2019


The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen is Germany’s most important festival of its kind.

epd film, Germany, June 2019


Artistically speaking it was a good year in Oberhausen: the oldest short film festival in the world scored, in 2019 too, with a variety that covered everything from experimental works to documentary films to animations.

Ray online, Austria, May 2019


In Oberhausen, narrative is only one element of film aesthetics, next to image, sound, editing and others. Four or five days of experimental films clear the brain wonderfully.

filmdienst, Germany, 10 May 2019


The almost universally excellent quality of the programmes of the German Competition left a positive impression.

filmdienst, Germany, 10 May 2019


The greatest and most memorable surprise was caused by […] two young African filmmakers whose home countries have never turned up on any map of film art so far. Digital networking and comparatively low commercial pressure are indeed turning short film into an almost universal means of expression.

WAZ, Germany, 8 May 2019