Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Open Screening

Inherited Memories @ Len Murusalu

In 2009 the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen showed its first programme created entirely by the filmmakers themselves: the Open Screening.


Here all filmmakers who submitted a work for the competitions that did not make the shortlist and which is no longer than 15 minutes still have the opportunity to present their film at the festival.


Since the programme volume is limited, you must register your film by if you want to take part in the Open Screening. The programme slots are filled solely on the basis of the order of registration - usually in less than a minute.


Contact: Jessica Manstetten

Open Screening 1

Mein zerissenes Gedächtnis, Daniela Maria Hirsch/David Gaehtgens, 2020, 09'25'', Germany

Face it Again, Liam Flynn, 2019, 13'39'', Ireland

Ex Patria, Scott Cobb, 2020, 07'30'', USA

Undark, Jeremy Bolen, 2020, 03'31'', USA

We are living monuments, Christine Ayo, 2019, 08'47'', Uganda

Nevezuchiy, Marcos Mereles, 2019, 02'57'', Russia

El Bar, Carlett Decker, 2019, 11'29'', Ecuador

fever is a bliss, Ine Lamers, 2020, 06'57'', Russia/Netherlands

Purposefully Systematic, Sam Mercer, 2020, 08'15'', UK

Der Doomer, Johannes Hülsemann, 2020, 08'21'', Germany

Supply, Pierre Yves Clouin, 2019, 00'53'', France

看门人 (Doorkeeper), Xianyi Zhang, 2019, 04'55'', China

Mamma Dorme, Daniela Lucato, 2019, 12'06'', Germany/Italy



Open Screening 2

Onirico, Nicole Hauck/Salva Tinajero, 2019, 14'40'', Germany

PANDORA, Matthias Lerch, 2020, 0659'', Germany

ROOTS, Hussina Raja, 2019, 03'47'', UK

Etudes á Huningue / Bâle ou l´arbre pour domir, Lutz P. Kayser, 2019, 10'35'', Germany/Switzerland/France

¡Que viva , Giulia Savorani, 2019, 01'30'', Italy

Taming of Enkidu, Pırıltı Onukar/Lukas Geier, 2020, 05'44'', Turkey/Estonia/Germany

Pistacchi, Luca Sorgato, 2019, 13'44'', Italy

Gate X, Lioba von den Driesch, 2020, 04'10'', Germany

Muttertändelei, Marios Mettis, 2019, 09'43'', Cyprus

La prophétesse, Marco Joubert, 2019, 02'20'', Canada

Shimmer, Betty Blitz, 2019, 04'00'', Austria

Lust, Alexe Landgren, 2019, 13'28'', Sweden

Inherited Memories, Len Murusalu, 2019, 15'00'', Estonia/UK