Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

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A Different Perspective

A group of participants of the International Integration Café Oberhausen present their personal favourites from the competition films.

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© Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer

Documentary Spotlight

In the Documentary Spotlight series, the Festival invites two European film festivals to present their most interesting documentary films. DocLisboa will show, among others, Inès Oliveiras documentary thriller Vira Chudnenko and the Dokufest in Kosovo Samir Karahoda's Në Mes (In Between), the portrait of a family scattered over many countries, who build identical houses as a sign of their cohesion.

Agenda @ Pilar Palomero

EYE presents films by Henri Plaat

As an international premiere, the Eye Film Museum from Amsterdam is showing a selection of digitally restored works by filmmaker Henri Plaat (*1936). Visual experiments, absurd fictions, poetic travel films - Plaat's works show a world full of wonder and beauty, but also full of traces of the past and memories of war and destruction. Plaat observes things that others overlook, draws connections between the cruelties of World War II and movie stars of the 1930s, and finds poetic beauty in fragments and decay.

Spurs of Tango @ Henri Plaat

Festival Highlights

The best of the best: To mark the conclusion of the festival, the Oberhausen team will show their favourite films from the competitions once more.

@ Kurzfilmtage / Daniel Gasenzer



Oberhausen’s Filmgeflacker art collective will be presenting films from this year’s competitions, and the filmmakers will be invited to discuss their works with the audience.

The Goethe-Institut presents: The Nest Collective

Starting this year, Oberhausen is beginning a special cooperation with the Goethe-Institut; every year one of the German institutes abroad presents the cultural and short film scene of its host country. The Goethe-Institut in Nairobi will begin with The Nest Collective: Kenyan writer Akati Khasiani introduces the queer and feminist scene in her home country, and the web series Tuko Macho and We Need Prayers, produced by the Nest film collective, will also be screened. In addition, The Nest lets us dive into Nairobi's "unheard-of" music world in one of the online DJ sets during the festival.

An Eight-Part Dream Novella (by Katrina Daschner)

Playing with masks is the focus of Katrina Daschner's series "An Eight-Part Dream Novella" - each episode a detailed and material-obsessed staging of places and bodies, costumes and masks. An alchemistic process in which living beings, fabrics and materialities merge, hybrids are born, in which space and time, fiction and reality, and last but not least heteronormative role assignments implode.

Parole Rosette @ Katrina Daschner

The Oberhausen Selection

We will again present a programme put together by citizens of Oberhausen from films from the Festival archive.

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Award Winners of Other Festivals

On its first day, Oberhausen traditionally shows short films that have received awards at other festivals. A cross-section of the past festival season.

Dcera © Daria Kashcheeva

The One Minutes


In cooperation with the One Minutes Foundation, Oberhausen presents 41 one-minute films in two series curated for the 66th festival: "everything happened so much: archive as poem in an age of perpetual witnessing", curated by Jesse Darling and "so real, so very now", curated by Misha de Ridder.

so real, so very now © Misha de Ridder