Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Press quotes



But even in the solitude of one’s living room, this 66th Oberhausen edition was rich and captivating.

Écran Noir, France, 4 June 2020


Although there’s nothing we need more in this austere time than the rapturous opulence of such magnificent short films.

Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany, 13 May 2020


I was overwhelmed by the breadth of the international program, with its dizzying, often undifferentiated, mix of documentaries, animation, narrative, and formally experimental shorts.

Bright Lights Film Journal, USA, 22 May 2020


One of its strongest editions in recent memory.

Cineaste, USA, August 2020 two most important awards this year brilliantly represent the broad spectrum of cinematic forms that Oberhausen with its necessarily fragmented programme traditionally stands for.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany, 20 May 2020


The online edition not only caters to those who faithfully make the annual pilgrimage to Oberhausen, but also offers the chance to promote experimental film art to a broader audience.

Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany, 18 May 2020


Despite the increased sense of dislocation, Oberhausen’s indisputable global sprawl and breathless open-mindedness to diverse artistic styles and concerns – from children’s and artist’s films to music video and web series – remained a useful reminder of its durable status as one of the most important festivals of its kind.

The Brooklyn Rail, USA, July/August 2020

A heterogeneity that [...], always surprisingly, underlines the immense creativity beyond the mainstream.

epd film, July 2020


The short film is more suitable for the net than almost every other film format. Its shortness is not only well suited to the viewing habits of a younger audience in particular, it is also, unlike feature-length films, subject to far fewer restrictions concerning release windows.

Spiegel Online, Germany, 13 May 2020


What the Oberhausen Festival is presenting online is not a makeshift alternative to a festival but a complete online festival.

die tageszeitung, Germany, 13 May 2020!5681873&s=kurzfilmtage/


But Oberhausen is not a festival as museum. Rather, it is radically open to the present.

Cargo, Germany, June 2020


The Oberhausen Short Film Festival is without doubt one of the most likeable and international film festivals in the German-speaking world.

ray Filmmagazin, Austria, May 2020


The first online edition of the Oberhausen Short Film Festival turned out to be a success. Appropriately, the films were about borderline experiences and the joys of being alone.

Der Standard, Austria, 19 May 2020


[A] celebration of cinematic vision, voice and spectacle that astounds with the novel and the cutting edge., 19 June 2020


In fact, it’s this combination of poetry and social analysis that was always the core competence of the Oberhausen Festival.

Neues Deutschland, Germany, 20 May 2020


The 66th Short Film Festival was certainly a wonderful, but above all an important experience, since it made us painfully aware of why it must take place in the Oberhausen cinemas again next year. And when it does, again with the aesthetic power of inspiring curation, but most definitely with the political power of the films., Germany, 19 May 2020


[T]he unusual format of this year’s festival was oddly suited to its selection of experimental films., May 2020


The “Oberhausen” community has long been a metaphor for a certain culture of the moving image rather than a place on the map. The opportunity to watch the programme online was taken in almost 100 countries.

Frankfurter Rundschau, Germany, 20 May 2020


The festival films remind us time and again that every element that makes up a film: sound, image, text overlays, narrative voice, are all capable of carrying a film but are often condemned in everyday cinema to miss their potential.

die tageszeitung, Germany, 13 May 2020!5681873&s=kurzfilmtage/


[The festival] managed to organise its 66th edition from 13 to 18 May online with creativity and technical excellence.

De Culto Magazine, Spain, 7 June 2020




International Competition


Refusing to be simply a best of selection of the “best” short films of the past months (which is to say those that were already screened everywhere), the competition in fact united a diverse and exciting mix of strange and out-of-the-ordinary films, including conceptual documentaries, video installations, experimental essays and radical formal studies.

Écran Noir, France, 4 June 2020


The International Competition offered the greatest concentration of masterpieces.

Neues Deutschland, Germany, 20 May 2020





[A]a great bonus point of the festival was its showcase for specialized experimental cinema distributors (featuring names such as LUX, Light Cone and Sixpack). These are very useful not just for curators and programmers but, in this specific context, a chance for cinephiles to catch a glimpse of important catalogs., Romania, 27 May 2020



Children’s and Youth Cinema


The general willingness to accept a life that is stressful, complicated and rich in contradictions even at a young age was a distinguishing mark of the Oberhausen film programmes for young viewers., Germany, 31 May 2020



Susannah Gent


Gent, a taxidermist, understands that, like a photograph as described by Barthes – the stuffed cadaver and the representational moving image function both a transgression of death and memento mori – a reminder of its inescapability., 19 June 2020





An opulent forum of debates and video letters from all over the world.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, 24 April 2020


With its commissioned series [Can and should one make films now?], Oberhausen has provided compelling proof that filmmaking is exactly the right form of thinking about life and has given the essay a convincing vitality boost. If anything is to remain after Corona, please let it be this thoughtful form of lightness., 14 May 2020