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Accreditation is now possible!
- For accreditation requirements please see below -

We are working with a new accreditation system called Filmchief. If you have been accredited before or if your address is in our database, the system may recognise your e-mail. When you fill in the form, you will be asked to create an account with a personal password known only to you. Please check and/or fill in your data as carefully and completely as possible.




Once completed, your accreditation request will be checked by us. Your accreditation is not valid unless explicitly confirmed by e-mail by the festival.

Accreditation deadline is 28 April, 2017.


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us.

Accreditations may be obtained by:
- persons and institutions with an obvious occupational interest in visiting the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
- no more than three persons per organisation

Individual students of film studies, film schools etc. will not be accredited.


Accreditation fee: 45 €
payable in cash upon arrival

(on-site accreditation will be possible only in well-justified exceptional cases at a fee of 60 €)


The accreditation includes free entry to all festival programmes except closed events (opening and closing ceremony etc.) and a festival catalogue.


Press accreditation is free of charge if a copy of published articles or a letter of assignment for 2017 is presented. Calendar and events schedule entries do not count as coverage. Please contact our press office if you have any questions.