Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

International Competition

The world's oldest international short film competition presents contemporary short film in all its diversity. In addition to established names, it is also the place to discover filmmakers who have not yet made an international appearance. The competition selection includes artistic contributions from all genres that explore the cinematic freedom of the short form. The competition also pays special attention to works from countries with low audiovisual production capacities.


Only German festival premieres are eligible for the International Competition, including numerous world premieres. The films selected by an independent commission from well over 6,000 submissions compete for prizes worth a total of 25,500 euros.



Contact: Hilke Doering

Members of the International Competition Jury in the last few years were: Steve Anker, USA (2012); Branka Benčić, Croatia (2011); João Garçao Borges, Portugal (2009); Vassily Bourikas, Greece (2014); Clarissa Chikiamco, Singapore (2019); George Clark, Great Britain (2015); Katie Davies, Great Britain (2018); Ekaterina Degot, Germany (2017); Andrés Denegri, Argentina (2016); Javier H. Estrada, Spain (2019); Amrit Gangar, India (2009); John Gianvito, USA (2014); Michael Glawogger, Austria (2011); Angela Haardt, Germany (2009); Stella Händler, Switzerland (2016); Birgit Hein, Germany (2012); Jörg Heiser, Germany (2019); Shai Heredia, India (2014); Steve Holmgren, USA (2013); Mike Hoolboom, Canada (2009); Kathy Rae Huffman, Germany (2009); Victoria Ilyushkina, Russia (2013); William E. Jones, USA (2011); Karina Karaeva, Russia (2012); Kati Kivinen, Finland (2015); Marta Kuzma, Sweden (2016); Joan Legalamitlwa, South Africa (2011); Tran Luong, Vietnam (2013); Kawai Masayuki, Japan (2012); Kristy Matheson, Australia (2018); Mara Mattuschka, Austria (2010); Bjørn Melhus, Germany (2014); Petar Milat, Croatia (2018); Peter Nestler, Sweden (2017); Maria Pallier, Spain (2010); Park Chan-kyong, South Korea (2015); Ellen Pau, PR China (2010); Daniela Pérez, Mexico (2013); Andréa Picard, Canada (2015); Adina Pintilie, Romania (2019); Marta Ponsa, Spain (2015); Adam Pugh, Great Britain (2010); Daniel Queiroz, Brazil (2018); Joanna Raczyńska, USA (2016); Kathrin Rhomberg, Austria (2017); Roee Rosen, Israel (2012); Aleksandra Sekulić, Serbia (2014); Timo Soppela, Finland (2018); Mika Taanila, Finland (2016); Jaan Toomik, Estonia (2017); Salla Tykkä, Finland (2019); Sari Volanen, Finland (2011); Fred Worden, USA (2010); Chi-hui Yang, USA (2017).