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Celluloid Expanded


Since 2018, this section has been presenting artists’ laboratories and collectives from all over the world that work with celluloid and independent production models. This year, on the occasion of the visit of Film Farm to Oberhausen, the section will highlight workshops, which play an important role for almost all labs. Labs from across the world were invited to present works that have emerged from current workshops – including the results of the Film Farm Workshop (see Workshops).

One focus of this third edition is Expanded cinema from Canada. For the first time in Europe, Oberhausen will present the rich and diverse landscape of Canadian artist laboratories on this scale. The works examine the field of tension between abstraction and representation, deal with film history,
migration or the act of seeing. They use hand-operated16mm projectors and 16mm loops, weave film strips into quilts, or combine lecture and performance.


An artist talk, moderated by Erin Weisgerber, as well as lectures by Maximilian Le Cain (filmmaker and film critic), Marie Losier (filmmaker and curator) and Jessica Sarah Rinland( filmmaker), presented by Vassily Bourikas, complete this section.


Curated by: Vassily Bourikas.


Contact: Jessica Manstetten

Participating Labs


Double Negative Collective (Malena Szlam)

Experimental Media Outsiders (Lindsay McIntyre)

Film Farm (Philip Hoffmann, Scott Miller Berry u.a.)

Iris Film Collective (Alex MacKenzie)

Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (John Price)

Winnipeg Film Group and Saskatchewan Film Pool (Heidi Phillips und Ian Campbell)