Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen


© Kurzfilmtage/Daniel Gasenzer

Bottecchia © Theodor Maier

Deletion © Esther Urlus



Collective endeavours in celluloid
6 +7 May


As the commercial utilisation of analogue film reaches an end, the preservation and development of photochemical and technical film procedures and collective and independent forms of film production and distribution are perhaps becoming more relevant than ever. What are the perspectives of artistic analogue film and collective ways of working in a post-cinematic reality?


In the recent past, more than 30 artists' laboratories have been established that have formed a network and present their own events in public ( While artists’ labs have always seen themselves as a parallel and self-determined form of work, with the claim to control every step of the artistic process from recording to screening, they now are becoming places in the social realm where an idea of analogue film is upheld in the face of the dictatorship of the digital.


With this new section, Oberhausen is creating the first platform for the annual presentation of current artistic and technical developments that take place in these laboratories. It aims thus to deepen a discourse about issues of production, distribution, screening and aesthetics that addresses both people involved in the creation of film and interested members of the public.


In 2018, works from the current output of L‘ Abominable (Paris), Crater Lab (Barcelona), filmkoop wien (Vienna) and filmwerkplaats (Rotterdam) will be presented.


Project coordinator: Vassily Bourikas


Contact: Eva Hegge

Labs 1

Sun, 6 May, 8.00 pm

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Sunset


VENUS DELTA, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, Austria, 2016, 03’50''
sequence_3, diallostruempf, Austria, 2018, 06’00''
Jérôme Noetinger, Canapa Stefano, France, 2018, 11’40''
69 sec project, Members Of Filmwerkplaats, Netherlands, 2017, 11’30''
Ferragosto, Alina Tretinjak, Austria/Italy, 2016, 02’05''
A proposal to project, Viktoria Schmid, Austria/USA, 2017, 02’00''
Là est la maison, Thivolle Lo/De La Heras Victor, France, 2017, 13’20''
Deletion, Esther Urlus, Netherlands, 2017, 12’00''
The eyes empty and the pupils burning with rage and desire, Luis Macías, Spain, 2017, 10’00'''

Labs 2

Mon, 7 May, 10.30 am

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Sunset


L’île de Ouessant, David Dudouit, France, 2018, 10’20''
Wasserflut, Inés García, Spain, 2018, 01’12''
Brightnessless, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Portugal/Spain, 2018, 03’05''
Intertropical vision, Adriana Vila Guevara, Spain/Venezuela, 2018, 04’00''
neomai, Magdalena Pfeifer, Austria, 2016, 03’25''
Double 8, Christiana Perschon, Austria, 2016, 03’20''
I am not there, Markus Maicher, Austria, 2017, 02’47''
How to disappear?, Carlos Peñalver, Spain, 2018, 06’00''
Die zweite Begegnung dreier Protagonisten, Guillermo Tellechea, Austria, 2017, 03’20''
Bottecchia, Theodor Maier, Italy/Austria, 2017, 01’35''
Jícaro, Rosa John, Austria, 2016, 02’00''
s.n.o.w., Jut van der Made/Ji Youn Kang, Netherlands, 2016, 02’30''
Collide on Film, Ieke Trinks, Netherlands, 2017, 05’00''
Schau’ ins Land, Moritz Ellermann, Germany, 2017, 03’36''
My Favorite Corner, Johannes Gerhart, Austria, 2018, 03’30''
Elements 1, 2, 3, Tomaž Burlin, France, 2017, 07’30''

Labs 3

Mon, 7 May, 2.30 pm

Lichtburg Filmpalast/Sunset


The Captured Light of an Instant, Lichun Tseng, Netherlands, 2017, 17’00''
Look How Beautiful the Light Moves, Stefanie Weberhofer, Austria/Canada, 2016, 03’20''
Sinken, Fabian Martin Anger/Tobias Samuel Resch, Austria, 2017, 06’30''
12 24, Raphael Reichl, Austria, 2017, 03’02''
Un grand bruit, Guillaume Mazloum, France, 2017, 39’00''
Radiant Fluxus (film performance), Miguel Puertas, Spain, 2017, 15’00''