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MuVi Award

Sketch Artist @ Loretta Fahrenholz

From MTV and YouTube to the big screen: with the MuVi Award for the best German Music Video, Oberhausen launched the world's first festival prize for music videos in 1999. Over the years, the MuVi Award has become a meeting place and forum for filmmakers, the trade press and the short film scene - a place to make discoveries and be discovered. Above all, it has developed into a real audience favourite.


The profile of the MuVi Award is clearly defined: the Festival pleads for the exceptional visual form. Only current music videos directed or produced in Germany are eligible for the competition.

Nolove @ Sergey Kushnir

An independent committee selects ten to twelve candidates from the submissions, who are invited and screened in the festival programme. The nominated videos are also available online for one month to vote for the MuVi Online Audience Award, organised since 2002 with changing cooperation partners. 


In addition to the MuVi Award for the Beste German Music Video the Festival will launch an award für international music videos in 2021. The two music video competitions will present the same line-up both online and in the cinema.


From 1 to 4 May 2021, the Festival will present its new online sections; from 5 May Oberhausen is planning to show the traditional competitions in the cinemas. As always, the MuVi Prize for the best German music video will be awarded on Saturday after the screening.


Contact: Jessica Manstetten

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Members of the juries of the last few years


Eric D. Clark, USA (2019); Max Dax, Germany (2020); Dj Hell, Germany (2018); Jan Ehlen, Germany (2019); Adam Harper, UK, (2020); Agnese Logina, Latvia (2020); Marisa Olson, USA (2018);  Liz Pelly, USA (2019); Simon Reynolds, USA (2018); more